KeyBank’s Checking Account Rewards Promotions

With so many banks who offer checking accounts, most financial institutions launch promotions to get the interest of the consumer. One bank that’s offering more for their checking account is Key Bank.

KeyBank is a community based financial institution that has been helping a lot of people and even companies. They have been providing a lot of financial services such as checking accounts, credit cards, savings, investments, loans, and more.

One type of personal checking account that many would consider is the Key Express Checking Account. What are its details? First, it does not require a monthly service maintenance charge when the account holder will deposit at least $500. Another option is when the owner will make seven transactions in the account. Another advantage of this checking is that there is no monthly fee for the debit cards. Those who will have the checking accounts will be able to access their accounts 24/7 because of the online banking services they offer.

There are also many people who would go for this account because of their KeyBank relationship rewards. Owners will be able to redeem the points they make to a wide selection of hottest and brand new items. When they will always use their checking accounts, they will be able to get different gift cards from famous retailers and restaurants. Travel airline tickets are also available as well as electronics and appliances. These are just some of the possible rewards that checking account holders can get which for sure will make them very happy.

Convenience of Key Bank’s World Master Credit Card

People always want the most convenient means of paying for especially when it comes to bills, clothing, and food. There are many things to pay for in this modern world and thus many people would prefer to use credit cards instead of cash. Since most establishments today accept credit cards, this piece of plastic has gone a long way in replacing the use of hard cash. This is then the reason why banks offer different credit cards for people to get and apply for.

One of the banks that have good credit card offerings is Key Bank. This is a Cleveland based company that is also known to be one of the largest banks in the nation. Some of the services they offer are related with commercial and investment banking as well as consumer finance. One of the services they offer is their World Master Credit Card.

Key Bank’s World Master credit card offers safety and convenience to its owners or holders. They can simply bring this anywhere they go and use it anytime they want to. Some of the features of this card includes a no annual fee which means less expenses at the start of the year. The introductory APR is 0%. This is accounted for the first 6 cycles of billing and after these cycles, the APR will be variable from 9.99%- 20.99%. The APR will be based on the credit worthiness of the credit card holder. On the other hand, in terms of interest for the purchases, the due date for those who will be using it is 24-30 days after the closing of billing cycle, giving enough time for those who are eager to keep up with their payments. Aside from the no annual fee, 2,500 points worth of bonuses will be redeemable to an amount of $25.

With these benefits and features, the World Master Credit Card from Key Bank is one to beat.

Last Minute Christmas Shopping with Key Bank Gift Cards

It’s almost Christmas Eve and everyone’s just scrambling about for some last minute holiday shopping. Shopping malls get so crowded, you find yourself taking more time to push your way through rather than buying the gifts themselves. Plus, there’s no escaping the confusion of what exactly to get your loved ones. Instead of getting yourself into this mess and buying all the wrong gifts, the perfect solution would be to allow your loved ones to buy their own gifts. Not only do you save yourself the hassle of the holiday rush, but your loved ones can get exactly what they want.

Since giving outright cash can seem a little tacky and thoughtless, convert your greens to something that’s more gift giving worthy. A Master Card Gift Card. It’s the perfect alternative to giving gift cards that are specific to only one store, or cash and checks. The card is applicable to just about anyone, and can be used just about anywhere.

Key Bank MasterCard Gift Card

So where can you get these magical cards? Well, they are available at your local Key Bank Branch. Below are the details:

* Denominations for as low as $25 are available, up to $2,500
* Card is ready for use during the time of purchase, making sure your loved one is free of extra work and hassle. Shop right away!
* Can be used in locations where Debit MasterCard cards are accepted, ATMS with STAR and Cirrus acceptance marks, and at all KeyBank ATMS.
* Card can be used for as long as the balance is still available or up until the card expires.

How Much Is The Card?

There are fees associated with the acquisition of the card. The card issuance fee is $3.95, ATM Withdrawals for $1.00, ATM Balance Inquiry at $0.25, Refund Processing Fee at $9.95, and Monthly Maintenance Fee at $2.50. Don’t be intimidated by the monthly maintenance fee since it is charged on any unused balance twelve months after the card was issued or after the expiration date.

When Does The Card Expire?

The Card expires until the “Good Thru” date that is shown on the card. Card holders are encouraged to use up the amount within the card before the balance expires.

The Key Bank Possibilities Card MasterCard Gift Card is the perfect gift to give for the holiday season, especially for those who were too busy to shop in advance. For sure it won’t cease to put a smile on the face of your loved one this Christmas.

Free Ipod Touch With KeyBank Checking Account

Missed the last ipod touch checking account promotion? Well, you’re in luck because there’s another one this year! If you weren’t able to avail of the ipod promotions from Bank of the West and Bank of Greene Country last year, Key Bank can make it all up to you. Key Bank is sporting a promotion that gives you a free ipod touch if you open a checking account with them online. Basically, here’s what you need to do:

• Go to and open a qualifying checking account online while entering their offer
code of ONTT0311

• Within the first three months, make at least 10 payments or purchases every month immediately after opening the account

• Within three months of account opening, make three direct deposits each of $500 or more.

The checking accounts available for this offer are personal checking such as Key Express checking, Key Advantage Checking Account, Key Privilege Checking Account, and Key Privilege Select Checking Account. Business checking accoutns are Key Business Free Checking, Key Business Reward Checking, Key Business Checking, Key Business Money Market Checking, and Key Sweep Checking.

There is of course some fine print. Per qualifying account, the limit is one gift per individual. Direct deposit transactions are limited to payroll, Social Security, government benefits and pension.

Unfortunately, this promotion isn’t available to all. This will only cover individuals and businesses in the following areas: Eastern OH, Oregon, Seattle Cascades, Capital Region NY, Michigan, Maine, Cleveland, South Puget Sound, Rochester, Northwest OH and Central NY. Also, this offer is not available to persons who opened a Key Bank checking account in the past 12 months. Promotion is valid only until June 24, 2011.

If everything looks good to you then cheers! You’re on your way to acquiring an iPod Touch of your own. Don’t miss out on this opportunity, you wouldn’t want to have to wait another year.

Key Bank Offers Checking Account Bonus Up To $225

keybank checking bonusKey Bank has two great checking account bonus offers today! Depending on the type of account you open or can open, you will be eligible to earn $125 or $225 in cash.

To earn the $125 cash bonus from Key Bank you have to open either their ‘Key Express Free Checking Account” or the “Key Advantage Money Market Checking.” Currently the money market account in our state is paying an interest rate of about 0.05% APY, your state may offer better rates.

How To Get The $125:

To make the $125 bonus you must make one debit card transaction and a combination of either two direct deposits or automated payments each of $100 or more.

To earn the $225 cash bonus from Key Bank you have to open either their “Key Privilege Checking Account” or their “Key Privilege Select Checking Account.”

  • The “Key Privilege” account puts both your banking account and investment account together.
  • The “Key Privilege Select” account offers its customers premium solutions and personal services. So to get the $225 bonus you must be a high roller. They make it hard to get bonuses from banks, or at least high bonuses.

How To Get the $225:

To make the $225 bonus you must qualify for their higher end checking account and then make one debit card transaction and a combination of either two direct deposits or automated payments each of $100 or more.

This deal is good until November 20, 2009 and may not be offered to you. Check out Key Bank’s promo page for more details and eligibility. Key bank operates out of many states in the west and most recently Colorado. Be sure to check the promo page to see if you are able to sign up from your state.