The United States is at another economic downfall as reports on consumer spending have revealed low numbers. As we well know, when the economy goes down, so does everything else, including the housing market. Since real estate prices are dipping again, then that also means mortgage rates are also falling. This could be a good opportunity for refinancing, or even for getting a new mortgage for savvy real estate investors and home buyers.

The national average for mortgage rates as of today is 4.54% on a 30 year fixed mortgage. The question is, where can we go to get a rate like that, or even lower? Below are the top 10 banks with rate just below the national average.

1. Quicken Loans - Although known for their good mortgage rates and fast service, Quicken Loans gave out a rate just a little lower than the national average. Their 30 year fixed mortgage rate is currently at 4.538%, with APR fees at $1,843 and estimated cost of $2,108.

2. Citizens Financial Bank – Just a few points below the national average, Citizens Financial Bank offers a 4.537% mortgage rate. Fees in APR is $1,800 and estimated cost is around $2,108.

3. First Savings Bank of Hegewisch – This bank offers a rate notches lower than the average with a 4.507% rate, fees in APR of a low $325, and estimated payment of about $2,108.

4. Asset Mutual Mortgage Inc. – Asset Mutual is one of your local lenders that give out a personal touch. Their mortgage rate is currently at 4.400%

5. – One of the good things about this lender is their live rates. What you see is what you get. Ahclending is giving out a low 4.290% mortgage rate. Fees in APR is $1,995, and estimated payment is $2,046.

6. Amerisave – Also known for its easygoing mortgage rates, Amerisave does it again with a 4.290% APR. Fees in APR is $1,995, and estimated payment is $2,046. Amerisave is also one of the trusted lenders with billions already funded.

7. Interbank Mortgage Company – Giving out a good rate of 4.260%, Interbank also has lesser fees in APR with only $499. Estimated payment is $2,046.

8. American Interbanc.Com – Boasting a low APR of 4.250%, American has mortgage rates way below the national average. Plus there are $0 fees in APR. This institution was also named as the “most honest lender” by America’s Watchdog.

9. Seckel Capital – Another lender that gives the rate of 4.250% is Seckel Capital. Once again, fees in APR are $0, and the estimated payment is $2,046. Quotes are available online.

10. – Aimloan is slowly being known for its ability to continuously provide good rates for lenders. One reason for this is because of low transaction fees since everything is done online. Aimloan gives the lowest mortgage rate of 4.164% APR. Fees in APR however are $1,950, and the estimated payment is $2,016.

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