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Want higher earnings for lesser risk? Certificates of Deposits may be the right kind of investment for you. CD’s give you a higher interest rate without having to sacrifice security. Once you’re locked in to an interest rate, you’re guaranteed to earn interest on your money depending on the length of your term. Investments can be all about the rates which is why it’s doubly important to get a CD from an institution that gives higher returns and one that you can trust. One bank that does this for you is Central Bank.

All About Central Bank

Central Co-Operative Bank was its legal name when the bank started in the year 1915. It was then a chartered co-operative bank in Massachusetts that was focused on deposits, savings, and mortgage loans. But as the years went on, it started to offer other financial services to accommodate the needs of their consumers. It grew through different merges and soon became a public company in October 1986. Today, Central Bank is much known for its full community services with operations that involve lending, checking, deposits, retails, and more business and banking related accounts.

Certificate of Deposits at Central Bank

Those who are interested should know that the minimum amount to open a certificate of deposit account at Central Bank is only $1,000. For those who want their special CD promotions, they can select the 22 month CD term with an interest rate of 1.09% and an annual percentage yield or APY of 1.10%. The next choice will be the 30 month CD with a rate of 1.35% and an APY or 1.35%. Those who want the regular certificate of deposit rates should visit the bank and inquire more about it because they do have other terms that they provide to their clients.

In the end, it is very important to open a certificate of deposit account especially at Central Bank so that one can save enough not just for today but for the future.

Living a comfortable life in the future is highly determined by the amount of money you’ve saved up and earned for yourself in the past. One of the smartest ways to let your money earn more while still keeping yourself secure is by investing in certificates of deposit. And where else better to get a high earning CD than with American Bank.

Quick Glance at American Bank

American Bank is known all over the nation and is considered to be one of the finest financial institutions around the globe especially with regards to the financial services they offer to their valued customers. They have operations in around 40 countries and have clients from more than 150 countries worldwide. With their reputation and scope, its not hard to transact business with American Bank.

Standard Certificate of Deposits

American Bank offers a wide variety of terms for their certificate of deposits but the rates will depend mostly on the deposited amount. An example deposited amount often ranges from $10,000 to $24,999. For the shorter terms of 28 days to 11 months, the CD interest rate and the annual percentage yield or APY are 0.15%. For the 12 months to 17 months, the APY and the rate is 0.20% while 0.35% for both the APY and interest rate for the 24 to 35 month CD. There is also the 48 to 59 month CD with an APY and interest rate of 0.55% and for the longest term which is the 120 months, the annual percentage yield and interest rate is 0.75%.

These rates change depending on the fluctuations of the market. It is then important to lock into a rate while it still gives the biggest yields.

Premier Certificate of Deposits at Presidential Online Bank

Saturday, September 22nd, 2012

Got some extra cash to save? Instead of keeping it in your regular savings account, why not place it in an investment that offers bigger interest rates, but still with a fixed rate guarantee? If you’re looking for a place to put your money in a risk averse and secure area, why not place it in a certificate of deposit? The longer the term you choose, the higher your rate and return. One place to grow your money securely is at Presidential Online Bank’s certificates of deposit.

All About Presidential Online Bank

Presidential Online Bank started in October 6, 1995. This was established in order to facilitate the online banking needs of people all over the nation. As we all know, people find it very easy and convenient when they do their financial transactions on the internet because they can do it anytime of the day without having to spend time in transportation. This makes the Presidential Online Bank very effective with all the service financial products they offer like certificate of deposits, loans, savings, credit cards, and etc. Those who want to immediately open certificates of deposit can instantly do it in this bank.

Certificate of deposits come in different terms which people can choose. These terms vary thus people can choose whether they want shorter or longer periods. Choosing what is right for their money is very important because this will be the basis for the interest rate and the annual percentage yield. The shortest term offered by Presidential Online Bank is the 30 day period with a rate and annual percentage yield or APY of 0.25%. Next is the 182 days period with an APY and rate of 0.50% and then the one year CD term with an interest rate and APY of 0.75%. There is also the 2 year period with an APY and rate of 1.00%. And the longest term they have is the 5 year term with a rate of 1.49% and an annual percentage yield of 1.50%.

In conclusion, saving money through certificate of deposits will allow people to earn without having to lift a finger. Depositors can simply expect guaranteed returns upon the time of maturity.

All those working under the Department of Defense can have a clearer and brighter future because of a Credit Union that provides them a good place to invest. Navy Federal Credit Union is offering certificates of deposit at high rates to help DoD employees have a more secure financial future. Here, employees can enjoy saving as well as investing at the same time.

Navy Federal Credit Union has more than three million members from all over the nation since 1933. They perform excellent financial services that potential and present members can avail of and choose from. This is known as a primary institution with $49,370,838,303 in total assets as of 2012. Basing on the numbers, Navy Federal Credit Union has proved the effectiveness of its program and services. Indeed those individuals who are eligible for membership at this Credit Union has got it good.

In terms of their certificate of deposits, their rates are updated and very competitive. People can choose between the short and long terms depending on which term suits them best. To those who will pick the shorter term, they can pick the three month period. With a $1,000 minimum amount, the APY or annual percentage yield is 0.50% while for those who will open with a minimum amount of $50,000 the APY is 0.60%. By giving a higher interest rate for bigger amounts, members are encouraged to save more and reap bigger rewards in interest. For the one year term and a minimum deposit of $1,000, the APY is 0.85%. On the other hand, people can also pick the three year period with an annual percentage yield of 1.25% for both the minimum deposits of $1,000 and $10,000.  These are just some of the terms that people can lock in with. In conclusion, employees or family members under the Department of Defense should definitely check out Navy Federal Credit Union. In this way, they will have a good future ahead.

High Potential Certificates of Deposit at Discover Bank

Thursday, September 6th, 2012

Saving is the best solution for people who want to be financially secure all the time. There are many banks and other financial institutions that offer different kinds of services for individuals who want to save up some cash. Instead of keeping your hard earned money in a regular savings account that only offers minimal interest, why not invest it in a Certificate of Deposit? CDs are basically secure with a fixed interest rate. The longer the term you choose, the higher your interest rate and the more your money will grow.

One bank that offers CDs is Discover Bank. Aside from CDs, Discover Bank also offers other services such as credit and debit cards, loans, online savings, and even money market. Those who really need financial services will be able to get what they need from Discover bank.

The Certificate of deposits at Discover Bank is FDIC insured up to the allowed maximum amount by law and has a very convenient and easy renewal once the term matures. In terms of the initial deposit, the minimum amount is as low as $2,500 and can be funded by an existing bank account whether online or not. Today, the latest rates they have are definitely a good grab. Those who want to choose a shorter period can choose the 6 months term with an interest rate of 0.75% and an APY or annual percentage yield of 0.75% as well. For their 12 months term, the APY and interest rate is 0.90% and 0.95% for both the APY and interest rate for the 18 months period.  1.34% interest rate and an APY of 1.35% for the term of 3 years and 1.98% rate and APY of 2.00% for the 7 years term. There are still many other terms that people can choose  from once they will decide to open a CD account with Discover Bank.

One of the reasons why people hesitate to invest in Certificates of Deposit is because of the long lock in period depending on your term. After all, you never know if you’re going to need the money. But now, people need not worry about having to lock in their cash for extended periods because it’s now possible to invest in a CD for as short as 7 days.

One of the banks offering CDs is Grand Bank.  This bank has been considered to be one of the fast growing financial institutions in the nation since they are known to provide quality services to its customers as well as catering and helping people to solve their financial issues. Indeed, those who want the best rates for certificate of deposits can find it in this bank.

The latest terms and rates by Grand Bank are competitive and well updated. For those people who want to open a shorter term such as 7 to 30 days, the minimum amount to apply is only $1,000. The interest rate for this term is 0.19% with the same percentage for the annual percentage yield or APY. With the same minimum amount, the rate and APY for the 3 months term is 0.25%. For the six months term, the rate and annual percentage yield is 0.70%. On the other hand, for the longer term such as the one year CD the APY and interest rate is 0.70%. And 0.75% is for the 18 months term. Lastly, those who will choose the 48 months term will have a rate of 1.34% with an annual percentage yield of 1.35%. These are just some of the certificate of deposits’ terms that people who are interested can possibly choose. For those who want to put their money in banks then a CD is the right solution for them.

If you have $10,000 or less in extra savings then it would be a better idea to invest your money in a certificate of deposit than just a regular savings account. There are many banks that offer good rates for their customerto and Citibank is certainly one of those banks. Citibank is a solid bank that has been providing quality financial services to people. The services they provide include savings accounts, debit and credit cards, mortgages, loans, checking accounts, and many more. Citibank is a leading bank globally with 200 million client accounts and it does businesses in over 160 countries. This proves the near infallible system that the bank has established for itself.

Citibank’s certificate of deposit is a great deal for those who have amounts of $10,000 and less. People will be assured of competitive CD interest rates whether it is for short or long terms.

How it Works:

First, the interest rate of the CD will be paid on a monthly basis or at maturity if the term is one year or less but for those certificate of deposits with terms of more than a year then the interest is really paid per month. And lastly, the CDS are renewed automatically after maturity and thus the owner of the CD will be able to choose whether he or she would want to renew or even select another term.

As of today, those who will be choosing the three month term will have an interest rate and APY of 0.15%. For the 7 month term, the APY and interest is 0.20% while for the one year term, the interest and annual percentage is 0.25%. These are just some of the rates and terms that people can choose from.

Getting to Know the Jump Up CD at Northrim Bank

Tuesday, August 21st, 2012

Are you interested in getting a certificate of deposit instead of just keeping your money in a regular savings account? If the answer is yes, then you definitely should go ahead and do it. Investing in CDs is a great way to grow your money because it’s safe, secure and it also offers a fixed interest rate which offers guaranteed returns. There are a lot of banks that can provide the best rates when it comes to CDs but one of the banks that gives satisfactory returns is Northrim Bank.

All About Northrim Bank

Northrim Bank is located in Anchorage, Alaska and is committed to providing its customers with first class service. Businesses, professionals, as well as individuals that need guidance with regards to their finances can find advise and quality service in Northrim Bank. Those who are located in Alaska and who are interested in applying for a certificate of deposits or CD should be open in doing it at this bank.

Certificate of Deposits

One of their well known CDs is the Jump Up CD. This is a good choice for those who would want to increase their earnings as interest rates will also rise. For those who will be selecting the one year term then the APY or annual percentage yield is 0.20%. The 18 months term will have an APY of 0.25% while 0.30% is for the 2 years terms. The last in this kind of CD is the 3 years term with an annual percentage yield of 0.40%. And the minimum amount to open such certificate of deposit is only $500. Next kind is the regular CD which is a good choice for those who will be choosing a shorter term. There is also the Alaska Certificate of deposit which is good for those who have bigger amounts to save.

Opening a certificate of deposit is one of the safest and easiest ways to grow your money. Those who have extra cash at hand can be comfortable in the thought that their hard earned money is growing in interest without the risk of being lost. Certificate of deposits are offered by many banks and other financial institutions. People who are interested can immediately inquire the available terms and minimum deposits. In this way, it will be so much easier for them to open and start their CD investment.

One bank that people can go to is First Interstate Bank. This is a multi-state company that is worth $7.1 billion. Its main headquarters is located in Billings, Montana and has been evolving since the year 1968. First Interstate Bank strives to provide the best services through their high performance capacities and capabilities. The customers of this bank can surely attest to what the offers are in terms financial services and just like any other possible clients, those who want to have certificate of deposits should open here.

Certificate of Deposits

Investing in this kind of special saving is a good way to maximize one’s finances. Those who want to open certificate of deposits should start by choosing the right term. A minimum amount of $1,000 is required in opening an account for the CD terms of 3-60 months and for the 1-2 month term, the required minimum amount is $10,000. Those who will choose the term of seven months will have a rate of 0.40% as well as the annual percentage yield or the APY. For the 12 months term, the APY as well as the interest rate is 0.60%. Next is the 25 month certificate of deposit term with an APY and rate of 0.75%. And lastly is the 37 month term with rate and APY of 0.90%. These rates have been well updated by First Interstate Bank which will prove that they want their clients to be satisfied with the services they have especially in terms of certificates of deposits.

Certificates of Deposits Specials at Chase

Tuesday, July 24th, 2012

With so many banks and financial institutions, consumers can get confused as to which bank offers the best rates in terms of certificates of deposits. However, one bank that customers can rely on is Chase.

For those who are still looking for the best place to open a certificate of deposit or for those who have multiple accounts already but would want another institution in saving or keeping their money, they can try out Chase. Certificate of deposits are the best solution for those who want to save enough money and let it earn some interest. With Chase, the rates are well updated and they can assure that the money is safe and sound. The company is FDIC insured which means your money is safe for up to $250,000.

With regards to their certificate of deposits, they offer the Chase CD Specials. This is the common choice for many especially to those who have the ability to invest big amounts. The minimum opening deposit of the Chase CD Specials is $10,000. Those who are able to provide this amount can enjoy higher rates and bigger returns. The first term or the shortest term they have is the 9 month period. This has an APY or annual percentage yield of 0.25% while for the 12- month term, the APY is 0.45%. Other terms include the 36 month with an APY of 0.65%; the 60 month term with an APY of 0.90% and lastly is the 120 month with an APY of 1.75%. Those who really want to save their money will definitely find the right solution at Chase.

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