Grab First Citizen Bank’s Free Checking Accounts

Need a hassle free checking account? First Citizen’s Bank is offering a checking account that doesn’t require you to keep a maintaining balance nor does it charge monthly fees. If this sounds like a checking account that fits your needs then it may be time to see what First Citizen’s Bank has to offer.

First Citizens bank was established on March 1, 1898 and was formerly called as Bank of Smithfield. With its lengthy history, this bank is known for its integrity especially in dealing with their clients. They provide financial services to those that need it.

Free Checking Account

If you want a hassle free account, it would be best for you to apply for the free checking account at First Citizen bank. This kind of checking account will fit anyone. Why is this so? It is because the free checking account is easy and convenient to use that will also help in managing the holder’s money efficiently and securely. It does not have any monthly fees and has no minimum balance requirement once the account holder or owner will sign up with e statements. As the name itself suggest, it is a free checking. It also has free VISA debit card and free bill pay online banking with an option of getting an overdraft protection. In terms of deposit, the initial amount to getting such a checking account is only $1. This will then allow anybody to open the account if they really want to.

For those who badly need a new checking account then this is the answer they are looking for. It is not just about the free features of the account but it is also about getting an account with the smallest amount of money as possible.

Republic Bank’s Advantage Checking: Spread The Word and Get A Bonus

Want to earn extra cash by signing up for a checking account? With Republic Bank, getting extra cash is easy. All you have to do is let your friends know and once you sign up, you get a quick $50 bonus. There’s a lot to love with Republic Bank’s checking account so it wouldn’t be hard to get your friends to sign up as well. After all, everybody needs a checking account nowadays.

Republic Bank is for personal, commercial, and small business banking that provides quality services to those who will be in need of financial assistance. They make sure that they give excellent and quality services to their customers as well as to their future clients. They have different kinds of checking accounts but if there is one kind that people would be interested in, it would be their Advantage checking.

The Advantage checking account’s minimum opening deposit is only $50 with unlimited check writing. Owners of this kind of checking account will be able write checks anytime they would want to. For the balances of this account, the interest rate and the annual percentage yield is 0.05%. Another feature that comes with this checking is the free ATM Republic Bank transactions.

Once again, their promotion allows account holders to earn an extra $50 once any of their referrals sign up to the checking account as well. All they have to do is submit a coupon when opening any checking account and after this is validated, the one who recommended it plus the applicant will be eligible to receive the bonus. That’s how easy you and your friends can earn an extra $50. So go ahead and enjoy this opportunity by simply spreading the word.

Happier with Southern Bank’s Gold Checking Account

It’s a lot more satisfying to learn that you can get good benefits and features in a checking account. Checking accounts have become a necessity especially for those who need it to get their salaries conveniently and also for those who make large payments frequently. These are also extremely useful for those who are running businesses. So where can you get a checking account with extra perks?

One financial institution that offers different types of checking accounts is Southern Bank.  They provide and offer genuine customer service and they value their clients financial status well. They have good quality services like mortgages loans, savings, checking, and a lot more. Those who will need any financial assistance will surely be able to get it at this bank.

Gold Checking Account Facts

One feature that many people could not refuse from Southern Banks Gold checking account is the free checks. Those who will apply for this kind of account will be able to grab branded checks specially made for members only without paying any extra charges. The second feature is the interest on all available balances in the account. As long as the owner can maintain a positive balance on the account then he or she will be able to receive updated interests. With the personalized or specially made checks, the account holder is allowed unlimited checking. He or she will not have a minimum balance requirement or any check charges as well. Also, with this checking account owners will be able to acquire travel accidental death insurance worth $10,000. There is also the personal identity protection in cases of theft and loss of the checking.

Many people will certainly prefer the Gold checking account because of the perks that come with it. They can simply enjoy huge discounts from local and national retailers when they will apply for this checking account.

Apply for Your Own CompassLink Checking Account at BBVA Compass

There are certainly a lot of advantages when you have your own checking account. Not only is this account useful for individuals who often make large payments, but it’s also convenient for those who receive their salaries in the form of a paycheck. Instead of having to manually deposit your paycheck to your savings account, you can have a direct deposit done to your checking account. Some people even choose to have multiple checking accounts for the sake of convenience. If you still don’t have one, or are planning to get another one, you may want to check out the CompassLink Checking Account from BBVA Compass.

All About BBVA Compass

BBVA Compass is one of the United States leading banking systems that operate throughout the whole nation. It is in the top 20 biggest commercial banks with their three major and business units such as retail banking, wealth management, and then of course their corporate banking. Any type of individual, business, or company can find what they need when it comes to financial services. BBVA Compass has 716 branches including states such as New Mexico, California, Arizona, Texas, Colorado, and Alabama. Some of the services they offer aside from their checking accounts include consumer loans, credit cards, mortgages, loans, and as well as small and international services.

CompassLink Checking Account

As of today, the CompassLink Checking account is one of their most popular products. This kind of checking account provides benefits and rewards for every account holder.

The minimum opening deposit for the CompassLink checking account is only $25 and its balance will earn the right interest. With regards to the monthly service charge, it will be waived when the account owner will be able to meet some requirements such as maintaining $5,000 as collected balance in the CompassLink account or maintaining the same amount of $5,000 to the checking account in combination with Preferred Money Market.

Given the flexibility of the account, it’s not hard to keep a checking account with BBVA Compass.

Easy Access to Portfolio Checking at First Source Bank

Checking accounts are essential to those who are in business and to any individual who constantly need to make payments or large transactions. Business needs convenience and accuracy which is why it is important to get a checking account from a bank that prevents hassles and set backs. One bank people can count on when it comes to checking accounts is First Source Bank.

All About First Source Bank

First Source Bank was established in South Bend, Indiana in the year 1863. They have continued to provide their clients with a friendly and convenient banking system for almost 140 years. They understand and listen to the needs of their customers in order to give them the right services. Today, First Source Bank has proved that they are the largest controlled financial company on the local department. With regards to their assets, they have a whopping $4.49 billion and 75 banking operation centers in about 17 countries.

Today, one of the major offerings they have with regards to their checking account is the Portfolio checking. This kind of checking will help account owners to have earnings, convenience, and security. In terms of earnings, First Source Bank provides money market rates on the minimum and maintaining daily balance in the account. The higher the account’s balance is, the higher the possibility of earning more returns. Convenience on the other hand will allow the flexibility of unlimited writing of checks, online banking system since account owners can check anytime they want, MAX bill pay, and debit card usage. These will really provide convenience to owners because they can do this anytime they would want to. And the last is security because the Portfolio checking is FDIC insured.

In conclusion, if you want an easy access to checking accounts you should open and apply for the Portfolio checking account at First Source Bank for you to avail of the earnings, convenience, and of course security this type of checking account offers.

First Security Banks Simplified Teal Advantage Checking

To those people who are in search of the best checking account promotion, they should try the ones from First Security Bank. There are many kinds of checking accounts this bank has to offer but one of their most appealing is the simplified Teal Advantage checking.

All About First Security Bank

First Security Bank has total assets of $4.193 billion and a total capital of $520 million. With just these numbers alone we can bank on the stability of the institution. Other services they offer aside from checking accounts include mortgage loans, business and personal banking, credit cards, and many more. Those who will need such services will really be able to find the solutions with First Security Bank. And indeed, one of the famous services they have is the Teal Advantage Checking account.

Simplified Teal Advantage Checking Account

The Simplified Teal Advantage Checking Account is a premium account with good interest rates as well as rewards account holders can acquire. It is also known to be a simplified account because of the features it has. One feature is the 24/7 free telephone banking. Account holders who have questions or concerns regarding their account will be able to get immediate answers. Some of the other special features include free online banking and bills payment, free security cash card, free cashier’s check, free custom checks, free services for notaries, and a no annual fee First Security credit card for account holders.

No other checking account offers so much in terms of freebies with just account opening. For those who want the full package, they should then apply for First Security Bank’s Teal advantage checking.

Financial Commitment with American Savings Bank’s Free Checking Account

Checking accounts provide convenience for those who need to pay large sums on a regular basis. Clientele such as these usually operate on tight schedules which is why it is absolutely necessary to get a checking account with a bank that provides fast service. One such bank that provides good service is American Savings Bank. Aside from that, they are also currently offering a checking account without the monthly fees.

A bank that is committed in providing the best in terms of checking accounts is ASB or American Savings Bank. This financial company started 85 years ago and has become one of Hawaii’s leading financial institutions. They have branches nationwide and have different banking services like online banking to facilitate its customers. The bank itself participates in community activities which allows them to know their customers better and also for them to give assistance to their clients. ASB’s services are indeed the answer to any financial issues people have to face just like when they want to open new checking accounts.

American Savings Bank’s Free Checking

Those people who want a new checking account can try out what ASB has to offer. One good promotion they have is the free checking account wherein there is no monthly fee for its services. Other important features include the fact that it does not have a minimum balance requirement as well as a minimum opening deposit. All online bill payments and e-statements are also free. Account owners would not have to worry about paying a single dime because all of these are free of charge. And lastly, a free Visa Gold Debit card is handed to those who will apply for this checking account with travel rewards as well. These are some of the extra perks with ASB’s free checking account.

For those looking for a checking account without the added fees, American Savings Bank free checking account may be the account for you.

Investing in Bonus Interest Checking at Bank United

Bank United is the place to go to when people want to open checking accounts. This kind of account offers convenience to consumers since it allows them to transact in big amounts. With so many banks and financial institutions offering this service, why choose Bank United?

About Bank United

This bank was established on May 21, 2009 with the leading capabilities of John A. Kanas. Today, it is known to be one of the well capitalized banks in the nation with an investment of $900 milliion. Despite being a relatively new bank, Bank United has more than 90 branches in the whole country with a whopping $11 billion in total assets. With such credentials, their main focus is to establish good connections to their customer base. And today, one of their best offering in terms of their services is the bonus interest checking.

Bonus Interest Checking

When people decide to open a bonus interest checking account, they will be able to earn as much as $15 every month. This earning is possible because Bank United offers a 1% bonus when the account holders will pay via direct deposits monthly. Examples of these are pension payments, social security benefits, payrolls, and interest transfers. Some other features include competitive interest rates, free official and standard checks, traveler’s checks, free ATM transactions, free online bill pay and banking, and free Visa Check service. Aside from this, the monthly fee of $15 for its maintenance is waived once the minimum balance requirement is met. There are also 5 free non-Bank United transactions and for the exce ss of this, the charge is only $2. For those who want to open this checking account, holders will need to make a minimum deposit of $1,000. This amount is reasonable given the nature of the account.

Get a Chance to win a $10,000 Scholarship at Fifth Third Bank’s Checking Account Promotion

Having trouble paying college tuition fees? Or are you looking for ways to ea that student loan? instead of working on getting a third job, you may want to open a checking account in Fifth Third Bank instead. Right now, Fifth Third Bank offers a good chance for students to have a brighter future by possibly winning a scholarship worth $10,000. This can be done by simply opening a Fifth Third Bank Essential Checking Account. Sounds easy right?

Benefits with the Checking Account

It is not just all about winning the scholarship but also gaining benefits with this kind of checking account. Those who will be availing of the account will not have to worry about the maintaining balance because there is none. There are also no monthly fees and service charges which will allow students to save their money in return. Students will also have five free ATM Fifth Third transactions in each month. There are also free mobile and e-mail alerts for the students as well as their parents. In this way, parents will then be able to check the accounts of their children.

Those who are planning on opening an account should follow the specific requirements. Students or applicants should be at least 18 years old with a U.S. address and should be a U.S. citizen. Other information that should be provided includes the social security number, e-mail address, and the driver’s license. This is how easy students can join this checking account promotion. So to those who want to qualify and maybe win the scholarship, you should pass the requirements now.

Checking Account Promotion Package at Wells Fargo with their PMA Premier Checking

Wells Fargo is one of the leading financial institutions in the whole nation as of today. Many individuals have invested with this company because they know their money is safe and secured. Wells Fargo provides some of the best financial solutions for people through the different services they offer such as checking, savings, credit cards, loans, commercial businesses, and more.

Right now the major choice for many is specifically the PMA Premier Checking account. Why is this so? It is because of the high level of advantages as well as the benefits that account holders can gain. Those who are looking for the best checking account will certainly find satisfaction in this one. So what are its benefits? First and foremost, this checking account can earn bonus interest rates for other linked accounts within Wells Fargo such as savings account and CD’s under the same account holder’s name. If have a good checking account record then the company will give them bonuses through the other accounts they hold. And not just that, there will be no monthly service fees for the other linked accounts. There will also be discounts in interest rates which will definitely be of great help to those who have loans.

In terms of rates and fees, those checking accounts with a balance of $0- $4,999.00 will have an APY of 0.01%. Accounts with $50,000- $99,999.99 will have an APY of 0.05% and a balance of $10,000 or more will have an annual percentage yield of 0.15%. These are huge already because there are some banks that do not have APYs and interests which discourage a lot of people to open checking accounts with them. On the other hand to those who are concerned with the service fee, it is actually $30 monthly but it will be given for free when owners meet specific requirements such as having more qualified bank link deposits within Wells Fargo.

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