Student loans are available to help students pay for the cost of their education.

Colleges and Universities can be very expensive to attend, but with the help of student loans, many young people are able to attend and pay for schooling.  It can be a good low interest way to pay for school.

Student Loans usually have a lower interest rate then other forms of debt, and are typically issued by the government.  Typical credit card interest rates can be 15% and even much higher.  Lines of credit and other forms of credit are usually 12% and higher.  You can find student loans at a much lower interest rate.

Determining the amount you need to borrow is important.  Borrowing too much will make your repayment process longer and more difficult.  Borrowing too little may cause you to have to turn to other forms of high interest credit in order to pay for the remainder of your schooling.

Student loans are often deferred until a certain duration of time has passed after you graduate.  This means you will not have to start making payments until usually about 6 months after you graduate.

Many times student loans can be supplemented by grants which do no need to be repaid.