Premier Certificate of Deposits at Presidential Online Bank

Got some extra cash to save? Instead of keeping it in your regular savings account, why not place it in an investment that offers bigger interest rates, but still with a fixed rate guarantee? If you’re looking for a place to put your money in a risk averse and secure area, why not place it in a certificate of deposit? The longer the term you choose, the higher your rate and return. One place to grow your money securely is at Presidential Online Bank’s certificates of deposit.

All About Presidential Online Bank

Presidential Online Bank started in October 6, 1995. This was established in order to facilitate the online banking needs of people all over the nation. As we all know, people find it very easy and convenient when they do their financial transactions on the internet because they can do it anytime of the day without having to spend time in transportation. This makes the Presidential Online Bank very effective with all the service financial products they offer like certificate of deposits, loans, savings, credit cards, and etc. Those who want to immediately open certificates of deposit can instantly do it in this bank.

Certificate of deposits come in different terms which people can choose. These terms vary thus people can choose whether they want shorter or longer periods. Choosing what is right for their money is very important because this will be the basis for the interest rate and the annual percentage yield. The shortest term offered by Presidential Online Bank is the 30 day period with a rate and annual percentage yield or APY of 0.25%. Next is the 182 days period with an APY and rate of 0.50% and then the one year CD term with an interest rate and APY of 0.75%. There is also the 2 year period with an APY and rate of 1.00%. And the longest term they have is the 5 year term with a rate of 1.49% and an annual percentage yield of 1.50%.

In conclusion, saving money through certificate of deposits will allow people to earn without having to lift a finger. Depositors can simply expect guaranteed returns upon the time of maturity.

The Certificate of Deposit Specials at Chase

Many people know Chase as a huge financial institution that has been providing the best banking services. They have been considered as one of the leading financial firms globally. Since people generally trust the bank’s name and reputation, many would often go to Chase when it comes to opening certificates of deposit.

The Regular Chase Certificate of Deposit

Chase actually has two kinds of certificate of deposit accounts. The regular account requires an opening and minimum deposit of $1,000. When the account holder chooses the 6 month term then the APY or the annual percentage yield is 0.20%. For the 12 month term, the APY is 0.25% and 0.35% for the 18 month term. On the other hand, those who will be choosing the 24 month term will have an APY of 0.40% and the last APY which is 0.50% is for the term of 36 months.

Chase Certificate of Deposit Specials

A maintaining and opening balance for this second kind is $10,000. Many may be hesitant about the amount but once they find out about the rates then they will surely change their minds. An APY or annual percentage yield of 0.30% for the 9 month term while for the 13 month term, the APY is 0.45%. The 36 month term or program will have an APY of 0.75% and 1.01% APY for the 60 month term. And the last term for this kind of certificate of deposit by Chase is 120 months with an APY of 1.75%.

These are then the terms or programs that people can choose or pick when they want to have certificate of deposit accounts for their lives and for their future.

Certificate of Deposits at Quaint Oak’s Financial Savings

Saving using piggy banks will never be enough for those who want to save sufficient money for the future. This is the main reason why people would want to open certificate of deposit accounts. There are many banks and other financial institutions or groups that offer certificate of deposits for those who are interested and willing to make their money earn interest. In this way, their money will increase its worth in a specified time. Since there are so many banks today, it is best to choose or select the one that will have the best interest rates and the best terms or programs for the CDs.

One institution that we can consider is Quaint Oak Financial Savings. This is a community bank that makes things simpler and easier in terms of financial problems and issues. Their main goal is to help clients build and attain financial security by saving which is why they have different terms of certificates of deposits for families to choose from. They serve their customers with utmost respect and this is also the reason why their clients keep investing more. They provide excellent customer service and competitive rates.

CD Rates

The most recent rates they have effective on June 22, 2012 include the 6 months term with an interest rate of 0.44% and an APY or annual percentage yield of 0.45%. For those who will be choosing the 12 months term, the interest rate is 0.74% and APY of 0.75%. While the interest rate for the 18 months term is 0.83% and the APY is 0.85%. For the longer terms like the 24 months will have an APY of 1.05% and an interest rate of 1.03%. And the last term which is the 36 months has an interest rate of 1.42% and a 1.45% APY. The minimum deposit for the CDs is $500 which is a small amount yet a great way to earn and save more.

Discover Bank’s Certificates of Deposit: The Smart Move

Discover Bank is one of the most trusted financial institutions in the United States. Because of its reputation and quality service, many American families choose to bank with Discover. The services they have are committed to excellence and convenience which makes it easy for people to go directly to them and inquire about their products. One of their most popular services are certificates of deposits.

Those who want to have a safe place to put their money can almost always find security and reliability in certificates of deposits. CD’s provide a fixed interest rate which often gets higher with a longer term. Discover Bank offers great certificates of deposit rates that guarantee amazing returns. The terms are flexible and in varying ranges for more choices. Another benefit of opening a CD account with Discover Bank is that once the deposit matures, the owner can easily transfer it to other accounts.

Discover Bank’s CD Terms and Conditions

The minimum deposit for those who are planning on opening an account is only $2,500 which is lower compared to other bank requirements in the country. In terms of rates, the latest they have as of June 12, 2012 is 1.75 % APY for the five year term. For those individuals who want shorter terms like six months, the interest rate is 0.75% with an APY of also 0.75% while for those who want the 12 months term, the APY and interest rate is 0.90%. The three years term will have an interest rate of 1.34% with an APY of 1.35% and the four years term will have an interest rate of 1.54% and an APY of 1.55%. When a certain CD will mature, Discover Bank will notify the account holder three weeks before the maturity of the CD so that the owner can decide whether to continue for another term or withdraw the amount.

Saving Enough through Certificates of Deposits at Ally Financial Banking

Certificates of deposits are important investments to a lot of people today. It’s a great way to earn without lifting a finger since all you have to do is submit your money to the bank, and your money just grows even if you forget about it. Because of how competitive banks and credit unions can be, many people are carefully discerning who gives the best rates so that they will earn bigger interest and profits compared to the others. One such bank that offers great rates is Ally Financial Bank.

All About Ally Financial Bank

Ally Financial started off by providing financial services for automotive customers in the early years it was founded. After many successful transactions, they eventually expanded to insurance, commercial finance, banking, and mortgages. Today, they have become quite known in providing better rates compared to other financial institutions in terms of certificates of deposits. They offer different terms for those individuals and families that are interested in opening such an account.

Certificate of Deposits

The certificates of deposits in Ally Financial Bank are offered to everybody since there is no minimum amount or deposit in opening an account. Those who will be funding within the first ten days of opening the certificate of deposit account will have the highest rate for the CD term of choice. This means that the higher the rate, the bigger the earnings or savings will be. The annual national average as of this moment for the certificates of deposit is 0.32% APY while in the Ally Financial Bank, they offer 1.03% APY. So an example for this certificate of deposit earning is when one will deposit $25,000. If this person will choose the 6 months term then he or she will have an interest and APY rate of 0.74% with estimated earnings of $92.92. When he or she will choose the 12 months term, the interest rate will be 1.02%, APY of 1.03%, and the deposit will earn $256.30. Just imagine how your earnings will increase when opening a CD in Ally Financial Bank.

What are you waiting for? If you’re looking for high earning CD rates, Ally Bank is the place to go.

Invest In A CD Account With CNB Bank Direct’s Competitive Rates

Certificates of deposit have a good reputation these days, mainly due to the rising interest rates many lenders now offer. CNB Direct Bank puts your money into use so that you can exceed expectation for your money’s growth during a CD maturity.

How the Rates Compare

Some of the best national rates come from KeySource Bank and Doral Bank Direct which tie up at a 1.15% APY for a 1-year term. Another high offering is the 1.08% APY from CIT Bank. With these values, it seems pretty clear that these high-rollers have some competition with CNB Bank. Although the 1-year fixed APY of 1.00% from CNB compare to be slightly lesser than what the mentioned lenders offer, it still places significantly ahead of the current national rate of 0.69%.

There are two other maturity terms they offer – the 18-month and 24-month CD. At 1.05% APY, CNB’s 18-month offer may look a little disheartening, considering that KeySource gives a 1.20% APY for the same term. Local deals such as Gulf Coast Credit Union’s 1.65% APY in Texas and Veridian Credit Union’s 1.45% APY seem to be better deals.

However, the 2-year offer sheds some light and plus points for CNB Bank. It gives a fixed APY of 1.50%. Considering that competitors only provide the same service at 1.20% or lower, this is already a great deal in itself. An assurance that this is so is the fact that this amount is at par with the national average of 1.49%. A considerably small difference, but important nonetheless.

Terms and Conditions

Application for this certificate can be done online. For a minimum initial deposit of $25,000, you can start planning for the things you want or need to buy for when the term matures. Maximum amount for deposit is at $250,000.

For each interest incurred from the maturity of the certificate, the amount is added to the account. Another option is fro this to be transferred to your existing CNB Bank savings account.

About CNB Bank Direct

Although relatively new in the business, CNB Bank has grown into an institution that caters to mainly citizens in Ohio. It started out in 2008, requiring only $1 for anyone who wanted to open a savings account. CNB Bank Direct is all about the people, and its dedication to service can be seen most evidently in making sure they are able to assist them in their financial needs.

Montauk Credit Union leads the CD rate offerings

You may already be aware that opening a certificate of deposit account in credit unions may significantly yield higher interest rates than conventional banks. This is because both differ in their offering policies. Banks generally take higher risks in the money market game, and this is why they tend to hold on more to your money. Credit unions are generally smaller, and they are only able to use your money for other members of the union as well. Thus, they generate higher interest rates.

Ahead of Everyone

If you’re thinking about opening a new certificate of deposit account in a credit union, you might as well go for the institution that offers competitive rates. One such lending institution you can go to is Montauk Credit Union. Currently, they offer a 1.00% growth on your 1-year CD term.

As with other CD services, you can get to choose the type of CD offering. This means you can go either short-term, such as 12 months, or long-term leading up to 7 years. The APY rates for each term, is of course variable.

An 18-month CD yields 1.25% APY, while for a 2-year CD, you get 1.50% APY. For the 3-year, 4-year, and 5-year agreement, you have the following rates in respective order: 1.75%, 2.25%, and 2.50%. Its highest rate offering is at 2.75%, which comes upon opening a 7-year CD account.

Although Montauk Credit Union currently does not lead the CD rates pack, its rates are competitive nonetheless. If we take a look at Melrose Credit Union’s 1-year CD, it has an APY of 1.10%. Another well-credited company is First Jersey Credit Union’s 1.005% APY for the same term. Clearly, Montauk isn’t far behind, and you can still get high return for your money.

To start your account, it is important to maintain a minimum balance and initial deposit of $50,000. Allow your money to grow for the specified period of time, and you’ll be getting more than what you’ve paid for.

Once you decide to open an account with Montauk, you are first assigned a savings account. Membership is for free, but you will be required an initial deposit of $25 in your savings account. After this, you can then proceed to opening your CD account.

About Montauk Credit Union

Montauk Credit Union is primarily base din New York, but it offers membership to anyone, with its “open charter” policy. This allows them to greatly expand their services, giving their consumers more value and greater access when it comes to growing their money.

Navy Federal Credit Union 12 Month CD Rate At 3%

Navy Federal Credit UnionNavy Federal Credit Union is offering a 12 month CD rate of 3%, which is currently the highest yielding 12 month CD. It’s call the Special EasyStart Certificate and comes with a few stipulations. This CD requires a minimum deposit of $50 and has a maximum of $3,000. By putting the maximum deposit of $3,000 at 3% for 12 months, you would end up making $91.25 by the end of the 12 months. These are not the best rates, but if you are planning on holding onto your money, these rates are better than almost all savings account rates and earnings are guaranteed.

Be sure to visit the Navy Federal Credit Union’s website to learn more about this Special CD offer. You can also find the best CD rates by viewing our CD rates page.

CD Rates Continue Their Slide Down, But For How Long?

Over the past few years interest rates have fallen to record lows. Low interest rates are good if you are in the market to buy a house, refinance your current mortgage or car loan, but for most of us we have seen our interest rates increase on our credit cards (Thank you CitiCards for the increased rate from 14% to 29.99%, even though I have perfect credit and never missed a payment) and our interest rates fall on our certificate of deposits, to record lows.

By taking a look back just a few months we can see that interest rates are still falling. We reported on February 22, 2011 that Walden Savings Bank had a 6 Month CD at 0.75% with a minimum deposit of $1,000. That same certificate of deposit sits at 0.60% for the 6 Month term. We also reported on April 6th, 2011 that Aurora Bank had the current best 1 year CD rate at 1.25%. Now just over two months later that same CD from Aurora is down to 1.21%.

Even the longer term CD’s are seeing drops in interest rates. The 24 Month CD from SalemFive ($10,000 minimum deposit) has dropped from 1.75% on February 21st 2011 to 1.30% on June 23rd 2011. Most major banks have been lowering their rates, while many credit unions such as Melrose Credit Union out of New York has held their rates steady for the most part. Melrose’s 2 year CD has been at 1.66% APY since February. In fact Melrose holds the top spot for the 24 month CD at 1.66% with a minimum deposit of $5,000. This is a credit union that has opened its door’s to anyone located within the USA. You will want to visit their website to view their terms and conditions for opening an account.

Thus far CD rates have fallen throughout the year, while some have held steady. If you plan on investing money into any CD, its best to research as much as you can before making a decision on which bank and term to go with. You can easily find a list of the best CD rates from our CD Rate table for your research. In an unstable economy, rates can continue to fall, so it could be wise to put your money in a higher interest, longer term CD or it could be just as bad to be stuck in a CD with a low interest rate while CD rates increase.

*We cannot make any financial advise and take no responsibility for the actions people take from visiting our website. Please consult your financial advisor before making any investment decisions.

Best 1 month CD from Lone Star Bank

Looking for a place to store your money for the short term? Lone Star Bank in Texas is giving out a great deal on 1 month CD’s. With a rate of 0.65% APY, this 1 month CD beats even some provider’s 3 month CD rates.

Here’s what happens when you place your money in a certificate of deposit. Generally, you get to earn more with the higher interest rates, and with only a 1 month term, there’s no need to worry about having your money locked in when you need it the most. Plus, you can always opt to lengthen or continue the term if you don’t have any plans of using your money just yet.

Lone Star Bank gives the biggest return on a 1 month certificate of deposit, with other institutions giving only .15 to .30% interest. The minimum deposit for this CD is only $1,000 and with your money compounded daily, you get to earn more.

As the name suggests, Lone Star Bank is one that originates in Texas. Their claim is that they do banking in a personal, and Texan style way. Lone Star Bank originated in the 1920’s in Moulton, and has since gone strong. Branches can be found in Moulton, Shiner, Brazoria, Gonzales, Austin and North Austin. It’s FDIC insured and offers a wide range of banking services.

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