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Lending Designed for Mortgage Shoppers at AmeriSave

Wednesday, October 10th, 2012

Looking for the best mortgage rate? Amerisave may be the right lending company for you. Mortgage rates are essential because it determines how much you’ll be paying to your lending institution in terms of interest. Over the years this amount could easily add up and the smallest difference in rates could mean thousands of dollars in difference. Instead of worrying over huge bills and payments, why not get a mortgage at a trusted lending institution such as Amerisave.

All About AmeriSave

Amerisave is one of the biggest lenders in the whole United States. They have operations in all of the 50 states with hundreds of helpful employees that help and assist their clients well. They make it easy and convenient for people to shop when it comes to mortgages. Some customers have even tried locking in just a few minutes with their mortgage loans because it is very easy to request and apply in AmeriSave. The customers are assured they are assisted well all throughout the whole process of acquiring the mortgage. Some of the mortgage products they have are the USDA, Non-conforming, and VA. They do still have other very useful products that people can apply for.

Today’s Rates

As of today October 10, 2012, the latest rates are very good compared to the national average which is 3.52%. With their 30 year fixed term of loans up to $417,000, the interest rate is 2.875% and the annual percentage rate or APR of 3.187%. For the 15 year fixed term, the interest rate is 2.250% with an APR of 2.693%. They also offer the 7 year ARM with an annual percentage rate of 2.948% and an interest rate of 1.875%. And the last is the 5 year ARM with the rate of 1.875% and an APR of 3.040%.

Great Earning Opportunity at Central Bank’s Certificate of Deposits

Saturday, October 6th, 2012

Want higher earnings for lesser risk? Certificates of Deposits may be the right kind of investment for you. CD’s give you a higher interest rate without having to sacrifice security. Once you’re locked in to an interest rate, you’re guaranteed to earn interest on your money depending on the length of your term. Investments can be all about the rates which is why it’s doubly important to get a CD from an institution that gives higher returns and one that you can trust. One bank that does this for you is Central Bank.

All About Central Bank

Central Co-Operative Bank was its legal name when the bank started in the year 1915. It was then a chartered co-operative bank in Massachusetts that was focused on deposits, savings, and mortgage loans. But as the years went on, it started to offer other financial services to accommodate the needs of their consumers. It grew through different merges and soon became a public company in October 1986. Today, Central Bank is much known for its full community services with operations that involve lending, checking, deposits, retails, and more business and banking related accounts.

Certificate of Deposits at Central Bank

Those who are interested should know that the minimum amount to open a certificate of deposit account at Central Bank is only $1,000. For those who want their special CD promotions, they can select the 22 month CD term with an interest rate of 1.09% and an annual percentage yield or APY of 1.10%. The next choice will be the 30 month CD with a rate of 1.35% and an APY or 1.35%. Those who want the regular certificate of deposit rates should visit the bank and inquire more about it because they do have other terms that they provide to their clients.

In the end, it is very important to open a certificate of deposit account especially at Central Bank so that one can save enough not just for today but for the future.

Quicken Loans: Mortgage Rates and Customer Satisfaction

Friday, October 5th, 2012

Mortgage rates are of primary importance when deciding to purchase a new property. This determines your monthly payments several years down the road. For those who use mortgages on a commercial scale, mortgage rates also determine the length of your ROI or basically your net income every month. For those who need to get the most affordable rates, then Quicken Loans may be the institution to give you that. With the right mortgage rates, your housing and commercial needs will be made more affordable.

About Quicken Loans

Quicken Loans is one of America’s biggest online lenders according to the National Mortgage News. They have helped and assisted a lot of American families from all over the nation. They have been in business for the past 27 years and they continue to stand strong today. In 2011, they funded around 30 billion dollars in loans which is a record in their company. And lastly, they ranked top in highest customer satisfaction for loans and mortgages. Indeed, they do not just offer the best rates but the best mortgage services people can find in this nation.

Mortgage Rates

As of today, the rate for their 30 year fixed mortgage is 3.50% with an annual percentage rate or APR of 3.723%. Those who want the shorter term which is the 15 year fixed, the APR is 3.239% and an interest rate of 2.75%. And the 7 Year ARM with a rate of 2.625% and an annual percentage rate of 3.219%.

These rates are surely competitive and with the kind of service that they give, consumers can expect the most out of their mortgage.

$100 Cash Back Bonus with Bank of America VISA Signature Card

Thursday, October 4th, 2012

Who wants an extra $100? We know we all do. And now getting extra cash into your pocket is made easy with Bank of America’s Visa Signature Card. Not only can you enjoy premium features on a card from a reliable bank, but you can also get cash back rewards that are sure to get you excited.

Bank of America is considered to be one of the largest institutions in the world. With operations in almost 40 countries, they are indeed one of the finest banks providing quality financial services to the people. The different services they have ranges from corporate banking, investment, to personal banking. For those who need convenience, security and extra perks on their banking needs, then Bank of America would surely be a good choice.

Right now Bank of America is offering a whopping $100 cash back with their VISA signature card. Those who are interested should make a minimum purchases worth $500 within the first 90 days of opening the credit card account. The owners of the card can also earn 1% of cash back on every kind of purchase, 3% on gas, and 2% on any groceries.  And a big $10 bonus when the account owner will redeem the cash backs into savings account or checking. This is considerably beneficial for those who also own other accounts in Bank of America.

To those who want this kind of credit card, why not apply for it now while a promotion is going on? Credit cards from BOA are certainly worth your time and money.

Your Choice: Standard Certificate of Deposit Terms at American Bank

Tuesday, October 2nd, 2012

Living a comfortable life in the future is highly determined by the amount of money you’ve saved up and earned for yourself in the past. One of the smartest ways to let your money earn more while still keeping yourself secure is by investing in certificates of deposit. And where else better to get a high earning CD than with American Bank.

Quick Glance at American Bank

American Bank is known all over the nation and is considered to be one of the finest financial institutions around the globe especially with regards to the financial services they offer to their valued customers. They have operations in around 40 countries and have clients from more than 150 countries worldwide. With their reputation and scope, its not hard to transact business with American Bank.

Standard Certificate of Deposits

American Bank offers a wide variety of terms for their certificate of deposits but the rates will depend mostly on the deposited amount. An example deposited amount often ranges from $10,000 to $24,999. For the shorter terms of 28 days to 11 months, the CD interest rate and the annual percentage yield or APY are 0.15%. For the 12 months to 17 months, the APY and the rate is 0.20% while 0.35% for both the APY and interest rate for the 24 to 35 month CD. There is also the 48 to 59 month CD with an APY and interest rate of 0.55% and for the longest term which is the 120 months, the annual percentage yield and interest rate is 0.75%.

These rates change depending on the fluctuations of the market. It is then important to lock into a rate while it still gives the biggest yields.

Concrete Mortgage Rates at

Monday, October 1st, 2012

Getting the right mortgage rate is crucial for those who have plans of purchasing a home or even for those who are thinking of refinancing. There’s just a different feeling when it comes to owning your own home which is why even those who have little budget still try to make ends meet just to get their own space. One lending company that can help you get a mortgage rate that’s right for your pocket is

All About is a direct lending company that helps people with mortgages and loans. They started in 2006 and has continued to make every loan easy and simple. They are a direct lender which only means they do not have any middlemen like banks. Processing is quick and can give you the financing that you need without having to wait for long processing time. Aside from this, mortgage rates are also competitive and affordable.

Concrete Mortgage Rates

The rates as of October 2, 2012 with loans up to $417,000 are better as compared to the national average which is 3.55%. To those who will be choosing the 30 year fixed term, the rate is 2.875% with an annual percentage rate or APR of 3.081%. For the 15 year fixed term on the other hand, the rate is 2.250% with an APR of 2.623%. Others can also choose the 5/1 ARM term with an annual percentage rate of 2.375% and an interest rate of 3.094%. With these rates, people who are interested in getting mortgages can easily enjoy more affordable monthly payments in the long run.

High Rates at First Citizen Bank’s Certificates of Deposit

Saturday, September 29th, 2012

Any smart saver will know that interest rates make all the difference when it comes to saving your money. Not all of us are fond of risk which is why many of us choose to keep our money safe in a place that not only guarantees security, but also guarantees fixed returns. For those who want the best growth for their money but still with the assurance of security, one place to keep your hard earned cash will be at certificates of deposit. And where can you get a CD with great rates? One place would be First Citizen’s Bank.

First Citizen Bank was opened in 1898 with its headquarters in Raleigh, NC. The bank offers and provides complete financial services and products that do no only include certificate of deposits but also personal and business banking, insurance and investment services. First Citizen Bank is also one of the biggest controlled banks in the United States making them stand-out among other famous banking institutions. Since it is the biggest, it operates on more than 430 branches nationwide.

Certificate of Deposits

The rates they have right now are of the latest in the market which a lot of people who are interested can surely take advantage of. One choice for those who want to put their money on a CD is the 12 month term with an interest rate and an annual percentage yield or APY of 0.15%. Next is the 24 month CD with a rate and APY of 0.25%. And the last is the 36 month CD with an annual percentage yield and rate of 0.45%. The minimum amount to open a certificate of deposit account is $500 which will mean that almost anybody can simply open one. For those who are planning to do so, they should certainly do it now.

Sensible and Up-to-Date Mortgage Rates at BBVA Compass

Friday, September 28th, 2012

Sensible and updated mortgage rates are a necessity for those who are planning to apply for a mortgage. With the economic downturn of the real estate market, mortgage rates are much lower than what they used to be, making this a good time to lock in to a new mortgage or perhaps refinance your loan.

One of the banks that offer good mortgage rates is BBVA Compass. This bank is one of the largest commercial companies in the United States based alone on their market deposit shares. They have 716 branches in California, Arizona, Florida, and many more. The three major units in their business are retail banking, wealth management, and corporate banking. People from all classes in the nation will surely be able to acquire help from this bank because of the different services they have such as mortgages, loans, merchant processing, credit cards, and many more. Customers will just have to choose among the services and products they need.

Mortgage Rates at BBVA Compass

In choosing the best rates, it will also depend on what kind of term or period is applicable. To those who will select the conforming 30 year fixed rate, the interest rate is 3.250% with an annual percentage rate of 3.385%. Another choice is the conforming 15 year fixed rate with an APR or annual percentage rate of 2.993% and a rate of 2.750%. Conforming 5/1 ARM on the other hand has an interest rate of 2.250% with an APR or 3.038%. Other choices include the Jumbo 30 year fixed rate with an APR of 3.903% and a rate of 3.750%. And the Jumbo 15 year fixed rate with interest rate of 3.000% and an APR of 3.251%.

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