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It Pays Getting Mortgages at Discover Home Loan

Monday, September 3rd, 2012

It literally pays to get a mortgage from the right provider. After all, mortgage rates determine just how much you’re going to spend every month for the rest of your term. Picking the right lending company can result in large savings especially for an extended time. One place to get a good mortgage is at Discover Home Loan.

Discover Home Loan is a company that was founded in 1986 and is a financial service brand that has been recognized in the whole of the United States. Their good reputation is known all over the nation because of their customer service and the commitment they provide to their clients. This is then the main reason why people choose to go to them because they know they will have the best services they can possibly get especially in terms of mortgages rates and loans.

Mortgage Rates

The latest rates from Discover Home Loan are very competitive and can go a long way in helping people get affordable mortgages. For their conventional fixed rates, they have different terms that are appropriate for any individual or family. For those who will choose the 10 year fixed term, the rate is 2.875% with an annual percentage rate or APR or 3.278%. The 20 year fixed term has a rate of 3.375% with an APR of 3.605%. While the 30 year fixed has an APR of 3.685% and a rate of 3.500%. On the other hand, they also have the 15 year fixed FHA with a rate of 2.625% and an APR of 3.358%. Their 30 year Fixed FHZ has an APR of 3.595% with a rate of 3.125%.

Thus, those who want to have a good home should check out Discover Home Loan today while the mortgage rates are at its best.

Discover Bank is one of the most trusted financial institutions in the United States. Because of its reputation and quality service, many American families choose to bank with Discover. The services they have are committed to excellence and convenience which makes it easy for people to go directly to them and inquire about their products. One of their most popular services are certificates of deposits.

Those who want to have a safe place to put their money can almost always find security and reliability in certificates of deposits. CD’s provide a fixed interest rate which often gets higher with a longer term. Discover Bank offers great certificates of deposit rates that guarantee amazing returns. The terms are flexible and in varying ranges for more choices. Another benefit of opening a CD account with Discover Bank is that once the deposit matures, the owner can easily transfer it to other accounts.

Discover Bank’s CD Terms and Conditions

The minimum deposit for those who are planning on opening an account is only $2,500 which is lower compared to other bank requirements in the country. In terms of rates, the latest they have as of June 12, 2012 is 1.75 % APY for the five year term. For those individuals who want shorter terms like six months, the interest rate is 0.75% with an APY of also 0.75% while for those who want the 12 months term, the APY and interest rate is 0.90%. The three years term will have an interest rate of 1.34% with an APY of 1.35% and the four years term will have an interest rate of 1.54% and an APY of 1.55%. When a certain CD will mature, Discover Bank will notify the account holder three weeks before the maturity of the CD so that the owner can decide whether to continue for another term or withdraw the amount.

We all know that when students go to college, they will need financial support. That’s why parents provide them with credit cards to shoulder the extra expenses. College students would have to live on their own and become independent in order for them to adjust to the realities of life. And in terms of financial capabilities, they should know how to budget money very well. But in order for them to live a comfortable college life, they should be given the right credit card.

Discover Bank has been known all around the United States to be a credible financial team that supplies a sturdy foundation to its customers whether old or young. They provide what people need in relation to money, especially the new college students that are just starting up with their lives.

The Discover Student More Credit Card is a card that most parents are getting and helping their children acquire because of the easy interest rates, plus cash back bonuses.

What are the Cards’ Perks?

The Discover Student More Credit Card has very low interest rates and a low APR which will definitely help students keep up with the payments. The card when activated will have a zero percentage APR during the first nine months of usage but will eventually increase its APR up to 19.99%. For those who have questions with regards to the rate, it will depend on the student’s credibility record and with the APR’s Standard Variable Purchase. But just imagine the new college student handling his or her financial status and responsibilities well through these student credit cards. He or she will be able to understand how important one’s financial credibility record is.

Another important perk with the Discover Student More Credit Card is the different rewards that students can get or claim. They can have as much as 5% cash back, which is already a great deal compared to other cards. Most of the rewards can be used and redeemed in restaurants, shops, or stores nationwide. And with students, cash back bonuses are a plus because they can use it for shopping sprees.

So when they will correctly use their Discover credit cards and pay their dues on time, then they will be able to take advantage of these cash back bonuses which will definitely be of big help to them.

Finally, you’re about to send off your kid to college. And of course, every parent wants to see their children start out their newly independent life with a good record. But why not start them out with a good credit as well?

Everyone knows that building a good credit is important. With it, one is able to enjoy the rewards that come only after a good deal of discipline and punctuality for the cardholder’s part.

Discover Bank has been hailed for its strong credibility, which is based on a strong foundation of innovation and changes for the improvement of services to its customers. It caters to different levels of individuals, young and old. The Discover Student More Card helps give youngsters a good start on life by giving the chance to build good credit with them.

What To Expect

The Student More Card boasts a low APR, and low interest rates. For the first nine months, it offers absolutely zero percent APR, then steadily increasing to 12.99%-19.99%. This rate depends on the Standard Variable Purchase APR, and on the credibility of your credit record. To avoid any fees and to maintain a good record, be sure to settle any balances within 25 days after each closing of the billing period.

For students who expect more from what they do, the 5% Cashbank Bonus proves to be a very good deal-sealer. There’s a little something for everyone as these rewards can be redeemed from any of the following categories: restaurants, stores, or gas shops. As for the confessed-shopaholics, they can take advantage of an exclusive cashbank bonus of as much as 5%-20% from an online shopping store. The Discover Student More credit Card helps them get listed only for this purpose.

As for everything else, there is always the unlimited 1% cashback bonus. One can automatically buy textbooks, notebooks, and all other college needs – with added perks of course.

Another great thing about the Student More Card is that it allows the member to choose the type of rewards he/she wants. Be it in cash, for charity, as partner gift cards or Discover gift cards, and even merchandise, students can really exercise their power in making independent choices.

Undeniably, the most appealing feature of this card is its cashbank bonus. Because your kid gets to earn extra cash by swiping his card, he/she won’t have to ask for that extra allowance ever again. Working well in both ways, this card may just be the perfect partner for students – and their parents alike.

Find Competitive CD Rates with Discover Bank

Wednesday, January 4th, 2012

Discover Bank is one of the nation’s most popular banks because of its many credit card rewards and promotions. And it’s not just the credit cards that you need to unveil with Discover Bank, but their CD rates are also something worth considering.

Discover Bank currently holds some of the nation’s top rates for certificates of deposit in many categories. Below are the CD rates of Discover Bank as of January 2012:

3 Months – 0.40%
6 Months – 0.75%
9 Months – 0.85%
12 Months – 1.00%
18 Months – 1.10%
24 Months – 1.20%
30 Months – 1.25%
3 Years – 1.40%
4 Years – 1.60%
5 Years – 1.80%
7 Years – 2.05%
10 Years – 2.50%

How These Rates Compare

Discover Bank’s rates are certainly comparable with other banks that are currently on the leader board for the nation’s highest CD rates. Whether for short term or long term deposits, Discover Bank’s rates shows just how much Discover can offer back to their customers.

Discover’s rate of 0.75% for a 6 month CD is the second highest rate nationally available, after VirtualBank’s 0.85%. Discover’s 5 year CD is just also slightly lower than Intervest National Bank’s 1.95% rate. Other interesting rates from Discover is their 7 year and ten year term at a good 2.50%.

How To Start A CD Account with Discover

Starting your savings is easy with Discover. All you have to do is choose an account type, (you can even choose five at a time), enter your personal information, fund the account using any checking or savings account with either a personal check or wire transfer, and once you’ve verified your information, you can submit your application.

Managing Your CD

Once you already have your CD account opened, it doesn’t mean that you don’t have to see it up until it matures. Discover allows you to track and manage your account 24 hours a day using either phone or Internet. You can choose to accumulate interest in your CD account, and you also have the option to transfer the interest to another account. The advantage of this is that if you need to use the earnings made by your CD, you don’t have to withdraw your whole CD and suffer a penalty. It’s as if your money is really earning for you.

Discover Bank is well known for offering credit cards with great promotions for their users, but their CD rates aren’t too bad as well. If you’re looking to invest with a stable bank that offers fixed returns, then Discover Bank is a good choice.

Discover Bank’s Discover More Card just got even better. Aside from their usual benefits, it’s also packing up on some holiday bonuses. Below are some of the great extra perks offered by Discover More Card.

$150 Bonus Cash Back Bonus

That’s right, you can get an extra $150 as soon as you spend your first $1,000 on the card within the first 90 days. This can be attained through Cash back.

5% Cash back on Rotating Categories

A cash back promotion of 5% is one of the highest being offered by credit cards. This cash back amount is rotated in various categories such as groceries, gas, entertainment and more. Below is the schedule for each category:

* October – December 2011 – Restaurants and Fashion
* January – March 2012- Gas and Entertainment
* April – June 2012 – Restaurants and Movies
* July – September 2012 – Summer Fun and Gas
* October – December 2012 – Holiday Shopping

Although October – December 2012 sounds really enticing, for now we can perhaps treat our loved ones for a special pre Christmas dinner while also enjoying 5% cash back on fashion items for the women in our lives. However, if these aren’t enough holiday perks for you, there’s more that the card has to give.

Double Cash Back Bonus

This holiday season, Discover More is offering a double cash back bonus on all products bought in within this billing period. Plus there’s also an exclusive 5-20% cash back on Discover’s exclusive online shopping mall. That’s more choices for you if you’re doing your last minute Christmas shopping.

The Usual Perks

And of course let’s not forget what makes Discover More such an ideal credit card. There’s the 0% Introductory APR for the first 6 months, 0% Introductory Balance Transfer for another 6 months followed by a 10.99 to 20.99% variable APR to follow depending on credit worthiness. There’s also a $0 Annual Fee.

You can apply for the card online within minutes, plus you can get a response within 60 seconds. That’s how fast their service is. Discover Bank has been known for offering great credit cards to their consumers, and it’s not hard to jump into the band wagon because of all the extra things they have to offer especially this holiday season.

Discover Bank Raises Its 5 Year CD Rate To 2%

Friday, November 4th, 2011

It’s great to discover that CD rates are going up, and it seems that Discover Bank just topped the 5 year CD term with a 2.00% APY rate. Other banks that offer this rate is First Internet Bank of Indiana and Intervest Bank. Discover Bank is also one of those banks who offer several terms for CD’s allowing you to choose the term that fits to your investment needs. Below is a list of Discover Bank’s competitive CD Rates

Discover Bank’s CD Rates

3 month CD – 0.40% APY
6 month CD – 0.80% APY
9 month CD – 0.90% APY
12 month CD – 1.00% APY
18 month CD – 1.15% APY
24 month CD – 1.25% APY
30 month CD – 1.35% APY
3 year CD – 1.50% APY
4 year CD – 1.75% APY
5 year CD – 2.00% APY
7 year CD – 2.25% APY
10 year CD – 2.50% APY

How Does Discover Bank Compare to Other Bank’s CD’s?

First of all, let’s start with the short term CDs. The highest 3 month CD term is currently from OneWest Bank and Virtual Bank with a rate of 0.60%. This puts Discover Bank’s rate a little behind, but still competitive. Again both OneWest Bank and Virtual Bank are at the top of the 6 month term with a rate of 0.85%. Since Discover Bank’s rate is 0.80%, it’s almost comparable.

As for 1 year CDs, the leading rate for banks is 1.15% from Popular Bank. Discover is also offering this rate, but for an 18 month CD. Discover Bank is also consistently doing well with their long term CD’s since the highest for the 3 year term is from CIT Bank with 1.54%, this leaves Discover’s rate only 0.04% behind.

About Discover Bank

Discover Bank has had its roots ever since 1911, showing their experience and strength in the banking industry. Today, they manage an incredible amount of over $34 billion in deposit accounts. Discover Bank has also stayed ahead of the field with their 24/7 online banking showing that their roots may be traditionally brick and mortar, but that they can also keep up with the changing times. They also have an online security guarantee.

Discover Bank accounts are FDIC insured, meaning your money is safe up until the amount of $250,000. Aside from that, they also insure “non-interest bearing” transaction accounts to the full amount beginning from December 31, 2010 up until December 31, 2012.

With Discover Bank’s reputation and years of experience, banking with them at such generous rates should be worth your while.

Best Low Interest Credit Cards 2011

Tuesday, May 10th, 2011

When dealing with money and finances, one thing we’re all too familiar with are interest rates. Savings accounts, certificates of deposits and money markets will have us jump for joy when the interest rates are high, but when it comes to credit cards, interest is best left low.

After all, why do so many people get into credit card debt? Aside from the all too familiar reason of charging more than they can afford, credit card interest rates also play a crucial role. Most of us are just too loose when it comes to choosing the best credit cards. When a new card comes in the mail that tells us that we can immediately start charging, our eyes light up like a child with a new puppy. We don’t even bother to check what happens should we default on payments. It only comes as a shock once we’ve “forgotten” to pay the full amount, only to see the sky-high monthly interest that’s charged. Ouch.

So instead of accepting just whatever that comes in the mail, be sure to check how much interest that card will charge you should you default on payment. If you see something that doesn’t look too agreeable, don’t hesitate to go and chuck it out the window. After all, there are loads of other cards out there that can give you the low interest that you deserve.

Here are some of the best low interest credit cards 2011 can offer:

Best Low Interest Credit Cards 2011

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And one more thing, there are a lot of credit cards that promote 0 interest APYs. This can certainly be a good thing especially if the introductory period is long enough. But what happens after that? Be sure to check the real interest rates that comes after the introductory period.

The next time you shop for a credit card, don’t be lured just by the introductory APR. Take note of what lies after that and choose a card with a low interest rate to save you from heavy increases in interest penalties.

Best Cash Back Credit Cards 2011

Monday, May 9th, 2011

Let’s face it, credit cards are as much a part of our lives as cash. We perpetually have it in our wallets, we use it to make the simplest purchases such as groceries, and sometimes we wouldn’t be able to live without it. Since credit cards have become such a staple, why not get the credit cards that reward you every time you make a purchase? And I’m not only talking about rewards cards, but cash back credit cards.

What are the advantages of Cash Back Credit Cards?

Cash back credit cards allow you to receive rebates on purchases you make. Some credit card companies can give you as much as 5% cash back return on the most practical of purchases made in groceries, gas stations, pharmacies, restaurants and the like. The cash back works just like a 5% discount on all these purchases, accumulating to become a huge savings on your part by the end of the year. Usually, people who have a strong credit card history and a good credit score are eligible to have cashback credit cards.

What to Watch Out For With Cash Back Credit Cards?

If you intend to keep a balance on your card, it may be wiser to instead seek a low interest credit card rather than a cash back rewards card. This is because cash back cards usually have a higher interest rate. Also, it is important to check on the details of the credit card such as if there is a limit to the revenue that you can receive, if there is an expiry date to the cash back rewards program, and if cash back expires if you don’t use your card for a certain period of time.

Here are some of the best cash back credit cards 2011 has to give:

Best Cash Back Credit Cards 2011

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What better way to spend your money, than with the knowledge that every time you make a purchase, a certain amount will be paid back to you? That’s exactly what cash back credit cards can give their patrons. With cash back cards, it’s as if you’re getting a part of your money back every time you spend.

Getting a return of cash on purchases made is certainly a good deal. After all, we will all eventually spend to on things such as food and gas. So why not take advantage of these credit card offers and earn from the money you spend.

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