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Great Rates With Southern Bank’s Certificate of Deposits

Tuesday, September 18th, 2012

Having sufficient savings is always a major priority for people. Not only will people want to keep their hard earned money safe in the bank, but they will also be able to grow it in interest. The higher the rate, the bigger the return, this is why intead of regular savings accounts, many people would rather invest in a certificate of deposit.

Certificates of deposits are offered by many banks today but one thing that makes people decide on where to go to is the rates they have. One of the banks that people will be satisfied with is Southern Bank. This bank is under Southern Banc Shares and other Trust companies that offer good quality services not just in terms of deposits but as well as loans, mortgages, checking, and a lot more. People who expect the best can always go to this bank for them to be able to acquire the needed financial services they are looking for.

Certificate of Deposit Terms and Rates

For those who have a certificate deposit between 10,000- 49,999, good terms to choose from are the following. The first term which is the shortest is the one month period with a rate and annual percentage yield or APY of 0.050%. For the 12 months term, the APY and rate is 0.15% and the 18 months term has a rate and APY of 0.20%. On the other hand, those who want to choose longer terms can pick the 36 months with an APY and rate of 0.45%, the 48 months with 0.70% both for the rate and the annual percentage yield. And the last is the 5 years term with a rate and APY of 0.90%.

Whatever amount you choose to save and however long the term may be, Southern Bank’s certificates of deposit can give you something to look forward to in the future.

Certificates of deposit are a great way to let your money earn interest. Many investors choose to place their money in CDs because of the security it offers. Despite having higher rates, some investors may have second thoughts about investing in long term CDs because of the lock in period. Penalty charges usually apply for early withdrawals. However, CD depositors at Wells Fargo need not worry about having to pay penalty fees with early withdrawals. With the Step Rate Certificate of Deposit, investors can enjoy higher rates with the option to withdraw early.

Many people are quite familiar with Wells Fargo because they have been known for providing and offering the best rates in terms of certificate of deposits. Wells Fargo was recognized in the year 1852 and since then has established an excellent and stable banking system. Services they offer include loans, mortgages, savings, credit and debit cards, and more.

The Step Rate certificate of deposit is a 24 month CD featuring guaranteed rate increase. It also has penalty free withdrawals for every six months. This will be allowed when the account owner has maintained the minimum opening amount or balance of the CD account. What is the minimum opening deposit? It is only $2,500 and this is has an annual percentage yield of 0.32%. When the account owner will use the step one which will mean 1-6 months, the interest rate is 0.10%. Step two will then be from 7-12 months with an interest rate of 0.25%. On the other hand, step three with the term 13 to 18 months has an interest rate of 0.40% and so on. This is then how advantageous it will be when people will choose this CD at Wells Fargo.

Online Certificates of Deposit Options at HSBC

Tuesday, June 26th, 2012

People would always want to tailor their bank accounts if they just can do it. There are many people who would look for ways and means in order for them to be able to save money and let it earn some interest in the bank of their choice. One way for them to do it is through opening certificates of deposit accounts. All banks and financial institutions have this and one place where people can surely go to entrust their savings is at HSBC.

This is a good place to start preparing for the future. They offer well updated rates. They also have an outstanding customer service with efficient and effective policies and operations. Those people who really would want to protect their money should start understanding HSBC more. In terms of their certificates of deposits, there are many choices depending on what terms or programs the account holders or owners would want to have. HSBC offers the online certificate of deposit wherein those who are interested can simply apply online. This is a very easy and quick way of opening an account which any person can do. The benefits of opening in HSBC are that the fixed interest rates are compounded daily and it has a very easy access account management because it is online. The savings of the account holders are secured and FDIC insured.

Certificates of Deposit

For those who will be opening an online CD account with the term or program of six to nine months should have a minimum balance of $1,000. The annual percentage yield or the APY for these terms is 0.10%. Those who want the one year term to 18 months program, the APY is 0.20%. While for the 24 months to 30 months, the APY is 0.35%. And lastly, the longest term they have which is the 48 months program will have an APY of 0.80%. These are the annual percentage yields HSBC offers for those who want to open an online certificate of deposit account. Those who are interested and have the money to open an account should do it as soon as they possibly can.

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BBVA Compass is a leading bank in the U.S. that has been providing better services in terms of retail and corporate banking. Many investors and regular American citizens continue to rely on them especially when it comes to certificates of deposit accounts because they offer good rates and deals. People especially those with families deserve to have savings and thus they should start by choosing BBVA Compass in opening their CD accounts. People will be able to choose or pick good terms or programs that will certainly fit or suit what they want. This is a very important factor considering it affects the overall earnings upon maturity.

Certificates of Deposits

Those who want to open certificates of deposit accounts will be able to choose among many flexible terms. The programs or terms are actually from as short as thirty days to as long as fifteen years. These terms will depend on what the account holder will choose. Most people would choose the longer terms because the longer they will keep their money, the more savings or interest they will earn. BBVA Compass offers flexible rates because they always update their rates in order for it to compete in the market.

The minimum amount one should have in order to open a certificate of deposit account is only $500. For those who will be choosing the one month term, the interest rate is 0.150% with an APY or annual percentage yield of 0.15%. While for the six months term, an APY and an interest rate of 0.25% and for the 12 months terms, the APY is 0.50% and the interest rate is 0.499%. On the other hand, those who want longer terms such as the 24 months program, the interest rate is 1.242% with an APY of 1.25%. For the 36 months, the interest rate is 0.946% and 0.95% APY. And for the 60 months term or the five year program, the interest rate is 1.980% and an APY of 2.00%. These are then the terms and rates that interested clients can open when they want their own certificate of deposit accounts.

Discover Bank is one of the most trusted financial institutions in the United States. Because of its reputation and quality service, many American families choose to bank with Discover. The services they have are committed to excellence and convenience which makes it easy for people to go directly to them and inquire about their products. One of their most popular services are certificates of deposits.

Those who want to have a safe place to put their money can almost always find security and reliability in certificates of deposits. CD’s provide a fixed interest rate which often gets higher with a longer term. Discover Bank offers great certificates of deposit rates that guarantee amazing returns. The terms are flexible and in varying ranges for more choices. Another benefit of opening a CD account with Discover Bank is that once the deposit matures, the owner can easily transfer it to other accounts.

Discover Bank’s CD Terms and Conditions

The minimum deposit for those who are planning on opening an account is only $2,500 which is lower compared to other bank requirements in the country. In terms of rates, the latest they have as of June 12, 2012 is 1.75 % APY for the five year term. For those individuals who want shorter terms like six months, the interest rate is 0.75% with an APY of also 0.75% while for those who want the 12 months term, the APY and interest rate is 0.90%. The three years term will have an interest rate of 1.34% with an APY of 1.35% and the four years term will have an interest rate of 1.54% and an APY of 1.55%. When a certain CD will mature, Discover Bank will notify the account holder three weeks before the maturity of the CD so that the owner can decide whether to continue for another term or withdraw the amount.

Certificates of deposits are important investments to a lot of people today. It’s a great way to earn without lifting a finger since all you have to do is submit your money to the bank, and your money just grows even if you forget about it. Because of how competitive banks and credit unions can be, many people are carefully discerning who gives the best rates so that they will earn bigger interest and profits compared to the others. One such bank that offers great rates is Ally Financial Bank.

All About Ally Financial Bank

Ally Financial started off by providing financial services for automotive customers in the early years it was founded. After many successful transactions, they eventually expanded to insurance, commercial finance, banking, and mortgages. Today, they have become quite known in providing better rates compared to other financial institutions in terms of certificates of deposits. They offer different terms for those individuals and families that are interested in opening such an account.

Certificate of Deposits

The certificates of deposits in Ally Financial Bank are offered to everybody since there is no minimum amount or deposit in opening an account. Those who will be funding within the first ten days of opening the certificate of deposit account will have the highest rate for the CD term of choice. This means that the higher the rate, the bigger the earnings or savings will be. The annual national average as of this moment for the certificates of deposit is 0.32% APY while in the Ally Financial Bank, they offer 1.03% APY. So an example for this certificate of deposit earning is when one will deposit $25,000. If this person will choose the 6 months term then he or she will have an interest and APY rate of 0.74% with estimated earnings of $92.92. When he or she will choose the 12 months term, the interest rate will be 1.02%, APY of 1.03%, and the deposit will earn $256.30. Just imagine how your earnings will increase when opening a CD in Ally Financial Bank.

What are you waiting for? If you’re looking for high earning CD rates, Ally Bank is the place to go.

Higher Rates for Higher Deposits at MetLife Bank

Saturday, June 2nd, 2012

We all want our money to work for us, and this is where interest rates work at our advantage. We all know that one of the most secure ways to make our money earn is by investing in certificates of deposit. One of the best places we can do so is at MetLife Bank.

MetLife Bank is known for solid financial services and insurance offers that they provide to their customers. They are indeed committed in making sure that they help their clients and customers build a good financial future. They also offer competitive rates to keep their clients investments on top of the market. In terms of security, MetLife is FDIC insured, ensuring their depositors money for as much as $250,000.

MetLife Certificates of Deposits

Unlike most banks where the CD rates are fixed depending on the term chosen, MetLife Bank is offering their depositors higher rates for larger deposits. For example, a three month term with a deposit of $2,000 to $14,999, can give you an APY of 0.25% whereas deposits of $15,000 to $24,999 can give a higher APY of 0.35%. Furthermore, deposits of $25,000 – $49,999 can give a rate of 0.45%. They also have jumbo CDs for deposits over $100,000 which offers an even higher rate of 0.50%, and that’s only for the three month term. For the 12 month term, a deposit of $2,000 to $14,999, can give an annual percentage yield of 0.85%, and as much as 1.05% for jumbo CDs.

With these unique tiered rates, depositors can be encouraged to save more, so they can also make the most out of their money. The other rates they have can be found in their website and for those who are interested they can simply contact MetLife and ask questions with regards to their certificates of deposits.

Competitive CD Rates Offered By EH Bank

Wednesday, May 23rd, 2012

With the national average for CD rates keeping a steady hold these days, the quest for competitive CD offers continues. One of the best deals in town comes from no less than a local finance company. EH Bank, which is situated in California, has much higher-than-average rates that you’re sure to go after for.

About the Rates

EH Bank offers three different types of CD schemes: personal, business, and individual retirement accounts or IRA.

For the personal account CD rates, the best deal comes form their 1-year maturity term. An APY of 1.05% is no doubt much better than the national average of 0.76% for the same time period. The full list of their term and respective APYs are as follows:

Personal CDs APY
3 month Cd over 100K - 0.30%
3 month CD over 100K - 0.30%
6 month Cd over 100K - 0.80%
6 month CD over 100K - 0.80%
12 month Cd over 100K - 1.05%
12 month CD over 100K - 1.05%
24 month Cd over 100K - 1.20%
24 month CD over 100K - 1.20%

Business CDs have equally the same features and rates, while IRAs yield slightly higher returns for your money.

12 Month traditional IRA - 1.05%
36 Month traditional IRA - 1.40%
60 Month traditional IRA - 1.85%
12 month roth IRA - 1.05%
36 month roth IRA - 1.40%
60 month roth IRA - 1.85%

As it is with certificates of deposit, withdrawals cannot be made without penalties. Since this is a fixed term investment vehicle, the longer the term, the higher the growth of your money. All these terms compound interest on a daily basis. The credited statement will be issued upon maturity should you choose to withdraw the earnings.

Once you sign up for a CD term, you will need to enroll in online banking at EH Bank’s website so you can have 24/7 access to your account.

About EH Bank

Rooted in Beverly Hills, California, EH Bank is touted among largest SBA lenders in the country, finishing at seventh place. This mark of excellence continues to motivate the employees as well as the owners of EH Bank to pursue a full-speed route towards great service.

Certificates of deposit have a good reputation these days, mainly due to the rising interest rates many lenders now offer. CNB Direct Bank puts your money into use so that you can exceed expectation for your money’s growth during a CD maturity.

How the Rates Compare

Some of the best national rates come from KeySource Bank and Doral Bank Direct which tie up at a 1.15% APY for a 1-year term. Another high offering is the 1.08% APY from CIT Bank. With these values, it seems pretty clear that these high-rollers have some competition with CNB Bank. Although the 1-year fixed APY of 1.00% from CNB compare to be slightly lesser than what the mentioned lenders offer, it still places significantly ahead of the current national rate of 0.69%.

There are two other maturity terms they offer – the 18-month and 24-month CD. At 1.05% APY, CNB’s 18-month offer may look a little disheartening, considering that KeySource gives a 1.20% APY for the same term. Local deals such as Gulf Coast Credit Union’s 1.65% APY in Texas and Veridian Credit Union’s 1.45% APY seem to be better deals.

However, the 2-year offer sheds some light and plus points for CNB Bank. It gives a fixed APY of 1.50%. Considering that competitors only provide the same service at 1.20% or lower, this is already a great deal in itself. An assurance that this is so is the fact that this amount is at par with the national average of 1.49%. A considerably small difference, but important nonetheless.

Terms and Conditions

Application for this certificate can be done online. For a minimum initial deposit of $25,000, you can start planning for the things you want or need to buy for when the term matures. Maximum amount for deposit is at $250,000.

For each interest incurred from the maturity of the certificate, the amount is added to the account. Another option is fro this to be transferred to your existing CNB Bank savings account.

About CNB Bank Direct

Although relatively new in the business, CNB Bank has grown into an institution that caters to mainly citizens in Ohio. It started out in 2008, requiring only $1 for anyone who wanted to open a savings account. CNB Bank Direct is all about the people, and its dedication to service can be seen most evidently in making sure they are able to assist them in their financial needs.

Competitive CD Rate Offers From USAA

Saturday, April 7th, 2012

If you want to put your money where it can grow and earn a good return, considering opening a certificate of deposit is your best choice. At USAA, you will find competitive rates to help you achieve your goals.

What They Offer

There are three types of certificates of deposits available – the variable rate CD, adjustable rate CD, and the fixed rate CD. These differ in what they offer in terms of flexibility and interest rates.

The variable rate CD is perfect for those who are looking for higher than the average rates in the current market, with the added benefit of making additional deposits during the term. Adjustable rate CDs suit those who want to increase the APY rate sometime during the term applied for should the rates rise. This way, the consumer will get the chance of having equally competitive rates with the adjustment option of up to 2%. On the other hand, the fixed-rate CD offer is a straightforward and guaranteed way of expanding the growth of your investment. However, you will not be allowed to make any additional deposits once the term begins to mature.

The APY for each type of CD term is listed as follows:


Term Standard ($1,000-$94,999)

30 days – N/A
91 days – 0.35%
120 days – N/A
150 days – N/A
182 days – 0.61%
7 months – 0.66%
270 days – 0.76%
1 year – 0.86%
15 months – 0.90%
18 months – 0.95%
2 years – 1.10%
30 months – 1.20%
3 years – 1.31%
4 months – 1.50%
5 years – 1.66%
7 years – 1.90%


30 days – 0.34%
91 days – 0.40%
120 days – 0.50%
150 days – 0.55%
182 days – 0.71%
7 months – 0.76%
270 days – 0.86%
1 year – 0.95%
15 months – 0.95%
18 months – 1.00%
2 years – 1.15%
30 months – 1.25%
3 years – 1.36%
4 months – 1.55%
5 years – 1.71%
7 years – 1.95%

Daily changes to interest rates are applicable for the variable rate CD terms, while the latter two’s interest rates will remain locked in for the entire period. Another difference among these three terms is how deposits are added. At any time during the term, variable CDs allow $25 deposits every now and then. Adjustable rate CDs do not allow deposits, but the rates can be adjusted. As for fixed rate CD terms, additional deposits are not allowed.

About USAA

USAA had its humble beginnings when it was started by 25 Army soldiers in 1922. Its organization started out as providing insurance to one another. Currently, USAA provide a wide range of other financial services to millions of people in the country.

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