Pay off Your Credit Card Debt With Chase Slate Blueprint

Another year is almost coming and that means it’s time for some New Year’s resolutions. If it’s your resolution to finally get rid of that credit card debt, then Chase Slate Blueprint credit card may just be the tool to help you. Because of the extra Blueprint function, this card is designed to help consumers pay off their debt twice as fast as other Slate customers.

What’s a Blueprint?

A Blueprint is a unique set of features exclusive only to the card holders where each feature will help you manage your expenses and borrowing on your terms. The great thing about it is that it comes with your card absolutely free. Below are its features:

Full Pay

The Full Pay feature allows its consumers to avoid interest on everyday purchases even when you have a balance on your card. You can choose your everyday purchase categories which you can pay off in full every month and have them billed separately on your statement. Once you pay your Blue Print by the due date there will be no interest charged on these purchases.


This feature is for large purchases because it allows you to choose how much you’d like to pay on the purchase and how fast you can pay it off. This helps you pay off the purchase and save on interest at your own terms.

Finish It

You can move your balance to a finish it plan and you can choose how many monthly payments you’d like to make and for how much. You can feel free to change your plan anytime with no penalty fees.

Track It

Finally you can use their track it feature to see where you’ve been spending your money. You can check your spending history, set up your spending goals and track your progress online.

This card by far has the most features that are designed to help you manage your spending and finally get rid of credit card debt. Also if you don’t have any, this is the perfect card to get since it helps you avoid getting into deep with credit card debt. With New Year just around the corner, this card can help you change into a new leaf.

Best Balance Transfer Credit Cards 2011

It seems difficult to think that opening a new credit card can actually help in paying off credit card debts. But indeed anything is possible, especially if your credit card company endorses it. This can be done with a service that credit card companies are offering today called balance transfers.

The reason why people get into credit card debt is because they fail to see the extent of the loan they are getting. It only comes as a shock when they realize the interest that is piling up on a purchase they couldn’t afford in the first place. Nowadays, the usual APR for most credit cards is at 16% per annum, which can be heavy on the pocket. To help consumers relieve themselves of a growing credit card debt, and to entice these buyers to open a new credit card, companies have offered a service called bank transfers.

Bank transfers allow consumers to “transfer” their credit card debt to a new credit card. This process does not eliminate the debt in any way, but usually the new credit cards will give consumers a grace period before interest resumes. This could mean huge savings especially if the introductory rate is at 0% for balance transfers. Often the introductory period could last for as long as six months. If your balance is substantial, a 0% interest for the next six months could be the way for you to pay off that loan without incurring even more debt.

Best Balance Transfer Credit Cards

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Getting a new credit card that allows balance transfers could be the solution to your credit card debt problems. However, diligence is still required since some of these cards do have hidden charges that could still pile up in cost. Some of these hidden charges can come with fees proportional to the amount you need to transfer, annual charges or joining charges. Remember, since these companies already have you as a customer, don’t be timid in getting all the details or asking for assistance. Make sure to choose the best balance transfer credit cards 2011 can give you, to rid yourself of credit card debit and to begin a debt free life.