Competitive CD Rates from Self-Help Credit Union

Certificates of deposit are a great way to save because there’s almost no risk involved while keeping your money in a place where higher interest is ensured. One financial institution that offers the best deals and rates in terms of deposits is Self-help Credit Union. The institution is FDIC insured and their main goal is to help their clients and customers get the best financial services possible.

Certificates of Deposits and Rates

Those who will open certificates of deposits will have peace of mind because they are guaranteed a certain interest rate which they can choose to lock in at the beginning of their term. The longer the term you choose, the higher the interest rate offered to you. Plus you don’t have to invest such a big amount since the minimum investment is only $500 with terms from three months to five years.

For a minimum deposit of $500 dollars in a three month term, you can get an annual percentage rate or APR of 0.50% and an APY of 0.50%. Those who will be choosing the twelve month term will have an APR of 1.05% and an APY of 1.06%. While an APR of 1.25% and an APY of 1.26% for the term of 24 months or two years. And for the 36 month term, the APR is 1.50% and APY of 1.51%. The rates will obviously depend on the term thus clients should really decide on how long or what term they are going to choose.

These rates are quite helpful and advantageous for those who are looking to take advantage of what certificates of deposits can offer.

Limited CD Rate Specials From Veridian Credit Union Tops The Bill

The competition in CD rates has been getting more intense as various lenders were seen to have increased their rates for limited periods of time. Local deals are no exception. Take for instance Veridian Credit Union in Iowa. It offers not only one, not two, not even three or four, but five CD rates promotions. This shower of offers only lasts from April 19-25, 2012, making the offers much desirable.

About the Special Rates

The special rate offer ranges from different maturity terms, starting at 7 months. Other offerings come from the 9-, 15-, 25-, and 39-month terms. For a minimum initial deposit of only $1,000, you can start earning interest for your chosen term. The rates for these special offers are as follows:

7-month Special – 0.90% APY
9-month Special – 1.00% APY
15-month Special – 1.25% APY
25-month Special – 1.50% APY
39-month Special – 1.80% APY

The Usual Rates

If you find that Veridian credit union is not offering a special offer for the maturity term you’re after, don’t worry. They will get you covered with their usual rates and APR offerings that are equally competitive when compared nationally.

Starter 12-month CD – 0.70%
1-5 months CD – 0.60%
6-12 months – 0.80%
13-17 months CD – 1.11%
18-24 months CD – 1.25%
25-30 months CD – 1.40%
31-41 months CD – 1.60%
42-48 months CD – 1.80%
Bump-up CD 30 months – 2.10%
Add-on CD 12 months – 1.15%
Jumbo CD 7 months – 1.11%
Jumbo CD 15 months – 1.45%
Jumbo CD 25 months – 1.70%
Jumbo CD 39 months – 2.00%
U.B.U CD 12-60 months – 1.10%
KIRBY CD 12-60 months – 1.10%

Aside form the regular certificates of deposit, you can also have the option of choosing other CD types. VCU offers the Add-on CD, which allows you to add more money into your CD account as long as it’s within a one-year term. This works in the same way as the Starter certificate, which gives you the freedom to add money throughout the run of its course. Another type is the Bump-up CD. Here, you are allowed to change your interest rate and APY once at anytime during its 30-month term. On the other hand, Jumbo CDs will give you the chance to earn higher when the term ends.

About Veridian Credit Union

Founded in Waterloo, Iowa in 1934, Veridian Credit Union was originally intended for the employees of John Deere. Since then, membership expanded to non-employees as its reputation grew in credibility. Today, VCU is among the top credit unions in America.

Enjoy 1.76% CD Rates From Goodyear-Danville Credit Union

With CD rates dropping down to a national average of 0.72% this week, many financial institutions have also been cutting off on their APYs. However, this cut-down pushed up, if not highlighted, the current CD interest rate from Goodyear-Danville Credit Union. Here’s why:

Competitive 1-year Rate

Bank mogul Ally Bank has a current 1-year offer of 1.09%. On the other hand, another giant, CIT banks holds steady with their 1.06% interest rate. But value for your investment really becomes worth it when you choose a credit union to open your CD account. Goodyear-Danville offers a high return of 1.76% APY and 1.75% dividend rate. This only comes in a close second to Route 1 Credit Union’s 1.77% APY. Based on these comparisons, Goodyear-Danville proves to remain competitive in its rate offering.

However, unlike other banks or credit unions, this is the only CD term being offered from Goodyear-Danville. A one-year CD maturity is said to be the safest and most low-risk investment anyone can make, and it seems this credit union is well bent on that. Since their 1-year offer is all they have, you can never choose anything less than that, but you can still apply for renewal for as long as you want.

Other services include regular savings accounts, loan accounts, and mortgages. Specifications for each account type can be looked up in their website.

Opening a CD account requires one to have an initial minimum deposit of $2500. If early withdrawal is done, the penalty will be based on a 90-day dividend fee. Through their online Internet teller, you can make your application and submit necessary documents for the account opening. All account information and statements can be accessed online thereafter. Just make sure you keep note of the account name and password the company will be giving you – although you can still change the password to your preference later on. Transactions are reflected online since this credit union fully utilizes online banking.

About Goodyear-Danville Credit Union

This local credit union opened in 1979 and was originally intended for employees of Goodyear-Danville. In 2004, it opened expansion to non-members of the company. However, membership is still restricted to immediate family members. And if you’re married, first degree relatives of your spouse can also become members.

Goodyear-Danville Headquarters is located in Danville,Virginia, USA. It is a proud member of the National Credit Union Association and FedComp, Inc.

Quabbin Credit Union’s CD Rates: Competitive and Secure

Long-term Cd rates have fallen desperately this following week, ending up in averages of only 2.45% form 10-year terms. However, the same cannot be said for shorter terms. Certainly, many companies have held on such quite competitive rates. Here, we focus on a credit union that has been offering quality returns of investment to satisfied customers since 1930.

How the Rates Compare

Quabbin Credit Union has many terms form their high-yield certificates of deposit. Starting off with their regular 6-month term, one can secure an APY of 0.85%. If this doesn’t sound much to you (although the national average for a 6-month term is at 0.47% – quite a good deal in itself!), Quabbin CU also offers a 6-month special. Instead of 0.85%, you can enjoy an APY of 2.25%. Sounds good? It certainly is.

To get hold of their special 6-month rate, a visit to their webpage is required as information specifics on this offer is available only upon request. one has to simply maintain a maximum deposit of $100,000. This offer is only good for an undisclosed limited period of time as well, so grab it while you can.

A look at their other rates shows us that their 1-year term has a fixed APY of 1.00%, while an 18-month CD has a 1.10% growth. The 24- and 30-month APY are fixed at 1.250% and 1.300% respectively. Their longest term at 36 months has an APY of 1.450%.

All Cd terms require a minimum deposit of $5,000, except for both 6-month terms which only sets the limit on $1,000.

Quabbin Credit Union has several branches although it also operates online. The only difference between opening an account in person and online is the time convenience from the latter. Setting up an account is fairly simple. Instructions will help every interested investor every step of the way.

Thirty days before your chosen CD account matures, you will be sent a letter to inform you of this status. For those who are interested in rolling-up their money once again, they may do so. If the current rate at such time is much higher than your first term, then this might be a very good thing to do.

About Quabbin Credit Union

Quality service to people has long been the cornerstone of QCU. And no wonder – today it has over $78 million in assets and thousands of loyal and satisfied customers. QCU is a division of Athol credit Union.

CD Rates from TFCU Remain Competitively Relevant

Sometimes, local deals have the best offers. This goes true for the certificates of deposit offers from El Paso Area Federal Credit Union. Let’s take a look at what they offer.

About the Rates

TFCU has three different kinds of share certificates – the regular, the jumbo, and the Save-a-Lot. Both the regular and jumbo CD offers have fixed terms which allow your investment to grow over the maturity period with the current interest rate being offered today. The Save-a-Lot offer is great for those who are just starting out with a small amount of investment. You get to open a one-year CD and earn interest every three months. What’s more, minimum deposits of $10 are allowed regularly, so you can still maintain your account at the lowest possible amount ever.

Another great offer by TFCU comes when you open Rate Plus Certificates of 18 or 30-month periods. Once you sign up for either account, you start gaining interest based on the current rate. However, during the course of its maturity, you can choose to increase the dividend rate once. This allows you take advantage of a higher rate if ever a time should occur.

For the Regular certificates, the rates are as follows:

Term – APY
91 days – 0.45%
6 months – 0.75%
12 months – 1.21%
18 months – 1.36%
24 months – 1.36%
30 months – 2.27%
36 months – 2.27%
48 months – 2.27%
60 months – 2.88%

As for the Save-a-Lot account, the APR and APY are fixed at 1.20% and 1.21% respectively.

Below are the rates for the Jumbo Certificate accounts:

Term – APY
6 months – 0.85%
12 months – 1.31%
18 months – 1.46%
24 months – 1.46%
30 months – 2.37%
36 months – 2.37%
48 months – 2.37%
60 months – 2.98%

The dividends for all accounts are paid upon maturity. The initial deposit required for a regular 91-day and 6-month term is $2,500. As mentioned, the minimum deposit for the Save-a-Lot account is only $25, while the rest of the regular accounts are fixed at $500. All Jumbo certificates require an initial deposit of $50,00.

These rates all offer a great way for you to save up on your next family vacation or a new car. Whatever it is, you can be sure that opening a CD account under El Paso TFCU provides you higher returns than most companies today.

1.00% APY for 12-month CD Term from Justice Federal Credit Union

Certificates of deposit certainly make a lot of sense for people who want a low-risk investment. You might want to save up for a new car or a new house, but don’t plan on making the purchase anytime soon. In this case, tie up your money with a credible lending institution that earns a better return for less risk.

Justice Federal credit union is one of the many companies that offer highly competitive CD rates. At its 1-year term, it gives a 1.00% APY. This type of term is most popular among the consumers, since it gives them just the right amount of buying time for interest growth, and not run the risk of losing too much money. Plus, your money is safely insured.

This one-year term is more than at par with the national average of 0.67%. Although it still lags behind other banking giants such as CIT bank’s 1.08% and Ally bank’s 1.020%, JFCU certainly comes close to these rates. This makes JFCU very competitive, ensuring you get the most out of your investment.

Here’s a look at some of their other rates:

For a 60-month term, you get a 2.25% APY.
For a 48-month term, you get a 1.80% APY.
For a 36-month term, you get a 1.50% APY.
For a 24-month term, you get a 1.20% APY.
For an 18-month term, you get a 1.10% APY.
For a 6-month term, you get a 0.60% APY.
For a 3-month term, you get a 0.45% APY.

JFCU requires a minimum deposit of only $500 once you decide to open an account with them. Upon doing so, your account will start earning the interest from which the APY is based on. The interest money, which is compounded monthly, is placed to your account every three months. At this time, you also get statements from your account to keep you updated.

Once the account reaches maturity, you can opt to withdraw all total earnings or make another investment. It all depends on your immediate needs.

Although you get to earn more when you invest in a longer-term CD, you must be sure you won’t need that amount before the full period is over – or else the penalty fees you incur may significantly slash down what you could’ve earned in full. For a 1-year CD term and less, the penalty is 90 days less of the total dividends. Meanwhile, CD terms more than a year have penalties of more than 180 days.

JCFU has branches all across the country, so check out the nearest branch to avail of their incredible CD offers.

Give the Perfect Valentines Day Gift with GECU’s High APY CD Account

It’s the Love month once again, and you might already be thinking about the perfect Valentines gift for your loved ones. If you’re looking for something that can last longer than flowers or chocolates, then how about giving your sweetheart something that’s worth the money – and with a greater cashback reward as well. Open a certificate of deposit account, and give him/her a gift well worth investing in.

CD rates from different banks and credit unions have so much to offer, and they all vary in their APY offerings in order to woo consumers. However, it helps to choose a company that has competitive CD rates. One such example is the General Electric Credit Union. With its APY rate of 1.05%, it is able to overshadow the National CD average rate of 0.75%.

How Good It is

Certificates of deposit give anyone the chance to let their money grow in a specified period of time. It provides a certain stability and lets you earn more money than you’ve previously put in. CD rates these days have been on a steady fix, and opening an account is just very timely. GECU can help you set up an account with very minimal requirements. As long as you have an initial deposit of $500, you’re good to go. For their jumbo packages, they will require a $100,000 minimum. Once you’ve locked in your amount, you can then choose from any of the following terms:


182 Days – 0.83%
1 Year – 1.05%
18 Months – 1.24%
2 Years – 1.49%
30 Months – 1.73%
5 Years – 2.63%
1 Year Jumbo – 1.42%

The rates shown on the table will remain fixed for the entire remainder of your terms. Upon maturity, an automatic renewal will be placed, but you can also withdraw the full amount as you wish. Either way, you will be getting more than what you’ve paid for initially. Allow the full maturity time to pass however, so that you will not incur any penalty fees.

Opening a high-earning CD account truly is a gift in itself. And the best part? You can spend the money you’ve kept safely tucked away to go on a romantic cruise with your sweetheart next Valentines day!

Great CD Rates from First American Credit Union

Now that the sales and discounts from Black Friday and Cyber Monday are over, we can finally start getting out of hyper mode. However, despite the fact that sale holidays are over, we can still continue to rejoice over great deals that happen to be available for extended periods of time. Take for example these great CD rates from First American Credit Union. Great rates include 1.26% for a 1 year CD, 1.76% for a 3 year CD, and 2.52% for a 5 year CD.

How These Rates Compare

Right now the highest 1 year CD nationally available from banks is 1.15% from CIT Bank. This puts First American Credit Union’s rate higher. CIT Bank also holds the higher rate for 3 year CDs with a 1.54% APY, however, First American CU’s rate is still higher. This also holds true for the 5 year CD rate where the highest nationally available from banks is only at 1.99% from Intervest National Bank.

What’s the Catch?

When we see such great rates, we always end up wondering if there’s a catch somewhere. First of all, we have to remember that the institution offering these rates is a credit union, and not a bank. One issue with credit unions is that they are sometimes restrictive with their membership. According to their website, First American Credit Union’s membership is open to anyone who lives or works in Rock County, WI, Green County, WI, Walworth County, WI or Winnebago County, IL. However, according to one consumer, if you ask their customer representative, the credit union has no requirements for membership. Just open an account with a minimum deposit of $5.

Another thing to notice is that these CD rates are available only for minimum deposits of $50,000 which is relatively a large amount which not everyone may be able to have.

About First American Credit Union

First American Credit Union has its roots in 1933 and was acquired by First Community Federal Credit Union in Michigan by 2010. It currently serves 78,500 members and it has 16 operating branches.

High CD Rates Available at State Department Federal Credit Union

State Department Federal Credit Union is currently out to be competitive as it raises its rates for both CDs and IRAs this November. Among its best offers are the 2.42% APY on the 5 year CD, 2.07% APY on the 4 year CD, 1.61% APY on the 3-year CD, 1.41% APY on the 2-year CD, and even 1.21% on the jumbo CD. All of these rates are considerably higher compared to those nationally available from the banks.

CD Rates Offered by State Department Federal Credit Union:

6 month – 0.60% APY
12 month – 0.95% APY
24 month – 1.41% APY
36 month – 1.61% APY
48 month – 2.07% APY
60 month – 2.42% APY

How These Rates Compare

Currently, State Department FCU is giving away one of the highest CD rates available for long term CDs. Its 5 year CD is certainly better than the leading 5 year CD from Discover Bank and First Internet Bank of Indiana at 2.00%. It is also offering a higher 5 year CD than Fairwinds Credit Union at 2.33%. The same also rings true for their 2 year CD, with the highest available at banks being 1.30% from AloStar and CIT Bank. However, Doral Bank is still offering a higher 3 year CD at 1.65% APY, which is just slightly higher than State Department’s 1.61%.


Traditionally, Credit Unions have always been strict on their membership, opening its doors only to those who live in the same community or works in certain companies. Luckily, State Department FCU is making membership easy for all. Initial membership is open to those who are employees of the Department of State or any one of the organizations listed in their website. However, if you are not affiliated with any of them, you can easily become a member of SDFCU by joining the American Consumer Council or ACC. When opening your account at SDFCU, just choose ACC on your application and you will immediately be part of the council. There are no hidden fees or charges to join the organization.

About State Department Federal Credit Union

SDFCU was first chartered in 1935. Now, 76 years later, the credit union has grown to accommodate over 67,000 members worldwide. It currently has $1.8 billion in assets and is federally insured by the NCUA.

Easy Membership, Open to All Credit Unions

Because of economic instability, investors are looking for safer places to park their money so as not to lose their capital. CD rates are quite low, but despite this, it is still considered to be very safe which is why investors are searching for the highest CD rates available.

Although some banks offer competitive rates, the highest CD rates as of the past month comes from credit unions. Unfortunately, some credit unions are limited in membership due to several factors such as geographical location, community, and occupation. However, there are some credit unions that are what they call “open to all”.

One of the most popular open to all credit unions is Melrose Credit Union. It also gives some of the highest rates available. However, Melrose isn’t the only open to all credit union out there. Below are some of your possible choices:

1. Self Help Credit Union – Membership for this credit union is open for all those who join the Center for Community Self Help or CCSH. To become a member, all you have to do is pay a one-time fee of $20. An additional $5 is also needed to maintain an account. For a total of only $25 you can already open an account and enjoy the rates of SHCU.

2. America’s Credit Union – Although this credit union’s membership is for the Armed forces, civilian personnel and relatives of members, a person can also qualify for membership by simply joining the Association of the United States Army or AUSA. Only a one-time fee of $33 is required.

3. America’s Christian Credit Union – Although the membership for this credit union is limited to a certain belief, many American’s are Christians. Membership is automatic upon signing a document that represents your statement of faith or service.

4. Patelco Credit Union – In order to join this credit union, you have to become a member of the California Association for Older Americans. This CU however is not insured by the NCUA which is the counterpart of FDIC for banks. It is however, privately insured.

There are more open to all credit unions out there. Just be sure to ask and don’t immediately believe if they say credit unions are not for the general public.

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