Competitive CD Rates from Self-Help Credit Union

Certificates of deposit are a great way to save because there’s almost no risk involved while keeping your money in a place where higher interest is ensured. One financial institution that offers the best deals and rates in terms of deposits is Self-help Credit Union. The institution is FDIC insured and their main goal is to help their clients and customers get the best financial services possible.

Certificates of Deposits and Rates

Those who will open certificates of deposits will have peace of mind because they are guaranteed a certain interest rate which they can choose to lock in at the beginning of their term. The longer the term you choose, the higher the interest rate offered to you. Plus you don’t have to invest such a big amount since the minimum investment is only $500 with terms from three months to five years.

For a minimum deposit of $500 dollars in a three month term, you can get an annual percentage rate or APR of 0.50% and an APY of 0.50%. Those who will be choosing the twelve month term will have an APR of 1.05% and an APY of 1.06%. While an APR of 1.25% and an APY of 1.26% for the term of 24 months or two years. And for the 36 month term, the APR is 1.50% and APY of 1.51%. The rates will obviously depend on the term thus clients should really decide on how long or what term they are going to choose.

These rates are quite helpful and advantageous for those who are looking to take advantage of what certificates of deposits can offer.

Find Great CD Rates From Nashville Credit Union

There is safety in savings, and certificates of deposit are the perfect example for this. But getting yourself a good deal with a competitive interest rate may be hard to do. However, great offers can come from local companies, and Nashville Credit Union is no exception.

CD Rate Offers

Nashville Credit Union offers varying certificate deposits to suits every individual’s different needs. To date, their 1-year APY of 1.31% is their best offer as the market in national CD rates comes even lower than that which NCU offers. Although this offer still rings far from fellow credit unions, such as Riverfork Federal CU’s 1.40% APY, this is a good rate deal nonetheless.

Term – APY – Penalty

8 months
(240 days) – 1.05% – 90 days
12 months
(365 days) – 1.31% – 90 days
15 months
(450 days) – 1.31% – 90 days
24 months
(730 days) – 1.76% – 180 days
36 months
(1095 days) – 1.81% – 180 days
60 months
(1825 days) – 1.81% – 365 days

Should an early withdrawal be issued, the penalty rates are placed at a variable amount.

To open an account, a minimum deposit amounting to $1,000 is required. Interests incurred from the investment shall be added to the account on a quarterly basis. And unlike other companies, there is no maintenance fee needed, so you can just literally sit back, relax, and let NCU do all the work for your money’s growth.

Applying For Membership

Credit unions are notorious for their exclusivity in terms of membership, but at NCU, many organizations or employees of affiliated companies can become a member. These companies include Martin Motors, Spandeck, Propex Fabrics Co., BH Electronics, and Steel Building Sytems Inc. among many others.

Individuals who may be related by blood to the employees of the said companies are also eligible for membership. Retired professionals and their family members can join NCU as well.

About NCU

This company was founded in 1973 and started out as a cooperative to residents of Nashville. Many years later on and countless accreditations after, NCU is now duly recognized by the National Credit Union Administration. It offers services such as savings and checking accounts, as well as loans.

Certificates of deposits are certainly a reliable way of saving up money for something you need in the future. Once you open a CD account with NCU, you can make those short-term or long-term goals come true in no time.

Special 16-month CD rate offer from Texas Security Bank

Promotions for CD rates are certainly a good deal, as saving up for a rainy day can give you sunnier days ahead. Texas Security Bank has been one of the few financial companies that continue to offer competitive rates. But now, it seems that this Dallas giant has its game face on. We’re talking about its special 16-month CD rate promotion.

How the Rate Compares

Think about it. The National CD rate average for a 1-year term is 0.77%. But with Texas Security Bank, an additional 4 months in your CD deposit can get you a relatively high yield of 1.60%. This is certainly a thing of joy for anyone who wants to grow money in just a short amount of time.

If you’re planning to head to the nearest branch to make that deposit, you better do it now. This offer is good only until March 31st. This special rate is applicable to new accounts with a minimum investment of $1,000, and only up to $2,500 maximum deposit.

Other CD Terms and Rates

If a 12-month term is more of your fancy, there really is no reason for you to worry still. With its regular 1-year APY of 1.00%, you will get higher than average returns for your investment. Here is a look at some of their other rates:

60 months – 1.60%
36 months – 1.05%
30 months – 1.00%
24 months – 0.90%
12 months – 0.65%
6 months – 0.35%
3 months – 0.25%
28 days – 0.15%

All accounts require a minimum deposit of not less than $1,000. This is also the amount that must be maintained in the account daily. Except for the 28-day and 3-month maturity, all account will bear interest on a quarterly basis. The aforementioned two short-term accounts will get the added interest upon its maturity.

Early withdrawals will naturally incur penalties. The penalty fee will depend upon the type of term applied for. For terms of below 6 months, the penalty fee will be
All the interest incurred. As for a 6-month terms, fee is equivalent to 30 days of interest. A 12-month term will incur 90 days worth of interest, while those terms of more than 12 months get the early withdrawal penalty of 180 days interest.

Texas Security Bank branches are located only in Dallas and Garland. As such, local bank’s great CD rate offer will benefit only a few, so if you’re qualified, grab the opportunity while you can.

5 Certificates in One Maturity Term from State Employee’s Credit Union

March started out with a few CD rate cuts here and there, especially with for terms that last for more than a year or so. Despite these lay-offs, interest rates from State Employee’s Credit Union remained competitive – even without making any changes.

Since the beginning of August last year, SECU has begun offering an APY of 1.00% for both 6-month and 1-year CD terms. Despite the many changes the market has experience for the past six months, it has remained unaffected through the inevitable minor fluctuations in the economy. Here are the rates they offer with from their certificates of deposit accounts:


6 months – 1.00%
12 months – 1.00%
18 months – 1.00%
24 months – 1.25%
30 months – 1.25%
36 months – 1.50%
48 months – 1.75%
60 months – 1.75%

SECU’s APY for the 6-month CD term is one of the best offers you can get from such financial institutions. This high rate makes it very desirable for anyone wishing to get quick interest from a certain amount of deposit. The same can be said for their 1-year CD term. The 1.00% interest is at par with Ally Bank’s current 1.02% APY, and certainly much better than the same bank’s 0.74% 6-month APY.

Ladderized Share Term Certificate

SECU offers a unique take on customizing your CD terms. If you are willing to invest for long-term, you can take advantage of the ladderized STC offer. It works by dividing your total investment into five equal parts, which will than take on 5 different maturity terms. What happens is that you get to have one certificate that matures every year. For each year, there is a corresponding APY, which means that you get five different interest rates annually. By the end of the 5-year term, you then get to collect all five matured term certificates. This amount can add up to more than the amount of a regular STC APY.

You may also choose the regular STC if you wish. Opening a CD account for both types require a $250 minimum deposit. In the case of the ladderized STC, this gives a total amount of $1,250, one for each corresponding year. All rates are fixed for the whole maturity period. Although the interest is not compounded daily, it certainly accrues. Once the interest is earned, the amount is automatically transferred to the member’s choice of account. Renewal may also be done if he/she chooses. On the other hand, although the ladderized STC follows the same process, renewal can take effect only after the 5-year period.

If you choose to close the account, a penalty is incurred, save for the grace period of auto-renewals. In the ladderized account, early withdrawal is subject to failure of the consumer to get the full benefits from the investment structure.

The ladderized type account is not without flaws, however. With this type, you have to be willing to wait out the full 5 years before you reap the rewards. If you’re the impatient type, then signing up for a regular CD term may be more suited for you. Whatever it is you choose, always make sure that you know where to spend the investment money is for. This way, you can make the most rational decision on what type of account really suits your need.

Doral Bank does well with 1.15% Annual CD Rate

Stop for a moment and think about you goals in life. Do you want to buy a new car next year? Or perhaps you want to start saving for your kids’ college fund? Oh wait, there’s still that old farmhouse in the country you’ve been eyeing to have for your retirement. Whether your goals are for long-term or short-term, we all know that getting the money we need is the vehicle by which we can reach these dreams.

Doral Bank understands this need, and that’s why they’ve set a very high APR of up to 1.15% for a 1-year CD. And since other banks or lending groups are trailing far behind at 1.080% or 0.990% rates, Doral Bank’s offer is quite a lucrative deal to sign up for indeed.

Here are the rates as follows:

6 month certificate – 0.75%
9 month certificate – 0.75%
12 month certificate – 1.15%
18 month certificate – 1.15%
24 month certificate – 1.15%
36 month certificate – 1.50%
48 month certificate – 1.50%
60 month certificate – 1.50%

With these rates, you can customize you CD plan and choose a time period suitable for you and your needs.

How to Open An Account

It is fairly easy to start a CD account with Doral Bank. At a minimum, you must first have at least $1,000 deposit. You must also make sure that you have a daily balance of the same amount as well. This makes you eligible to avail the above APYs.

All interests undergo daily compounding, ensuring best and higher returns for you money. When it reaches full maturity, automatic renewal is in place. If however, you wish to change a term or not opt for renewal, you will be given ten days to settle the account.

If you should decide to close the account earlier than you should, or before the money reaches maturity, you will not be penalized save for a $10 fee.

About Doral Bank

Doral Bank has three main centers – one in Florida, one in New York, and another in Puerto Rico. They bank mainly on through their online services, making people’s money more accessible than it ever could. And since Doral Bank is a member of the Federal Insurance Deposit Corporation, or FDIC, you are insured of at least $250,000. Their emphasis on security has placed them among the ranks of well-trusted banking services in the country.

Highest 1 Year CD from Alma Bank at 1.35% APY

CD rates from banks have more or less been uneventful these days. They have held steady with the highest 1 year CD from CIT bank and Doral Bank at 1.15% APY. It is surprising then to find a higher CD rate than this from a bank and not from a credit union. But indeed it is so as Alma Bank offers 1.35% APY on their 1 year CD.

Rates from Alma Bank

1 month CD – 0.50%
3 month CD – 0.70%
6 month CD – 0.90%
9 month CD – 0.90%
1 year Alma Liquid CD – 1.35%
2 year CD – 1.65%
3 year CD – 1.75%
5 year CD – 2.00%

Minimum balance required to open an account is only $2,500.

How These Rates Compare

It’s interesting to note that Alma Bank is offering a higher CD rate than banks that are advertised in CD leader boards. Aside from their 1 year CD, the 5 year CD from Alma Bank is also higher than Intervest National Bank’s 1.95% APY rate which is reported to be the highest nationally available. The same also goes for their 3 month CD, where the highest available is reported to be Virtual Bank at 0.60%.

1 month CDs are also rarely offered by banks since this is really a short term type of CD. For those who are looking for a temporary place to park their cash, that might be a good option to use. The other rates such as the 2 year and 3 year CD are competitive as well.

About Alma Bank

Alma Bank is a relatively new bank that opened its doors last October 15th 2007. Since then it has already mushroomed to have 9 branches in the New York State.

Although there are many credit unions who offer better rates, those who prefer banks can get the best rates at Alma Bank. Despite being new, it is FDIC insured, insuring your deposits per account to a maximum of $250,000.

Alliant Credit Union Gives Top 1 Yr CD Rate

Alliant Credit Union is currently offering an APY for a 1 year CD that’s hard to resist. Their 1 yr CD is boasting a 1.20% APY for balances below $25,000, and a rate of 1.30% for balances above $25,000. The credit union is also offering juicy rates on a 2 year CD, with 1.60% APY on $25,000 and below balances, and 1.70% APY on a $25,000 and above balance. Below is a summary of their CD rates with different terms.

Alliant Credit Union CD Rates Chart

*12-17 months – 1.20/1.30 % APY
*18-23 months – 1.45/1.55 % APY
*24-35 months – 1.60/1.70 % APY
*36-47 months – 1.80/1.90 % APY
*48-60 months – 2.10/2.20 % APY

(First rate for balances below $25,000 and second rate for balances above $25,000)

The Alliant CD Advantage

Aside from offering great rates, one of the good things about Alliant’s CD rates is that they have more flexible terms. Meaning, if you want to keep your money in the CD for just a little more than 1 year, you can do so without having to lock in you money for an extra year.

How the Rates Compare

The highest nationally available for 1 year CDs in banks is 1.15% from Popular Bank and Doral Bank. This rate is slightly lower than what Alliant Credit Union is offering. Alliant’s 2 year CD is also much higher than the highest available from banks which is only 1.30% from CIT Bank. This also rings true for the 5 year CD since the bank’s highest is from Discover Bank and Intervest Bank at 2.00%. However, State Department Federal Credit Union is offering a higher 5 year CD at 2.42%.


Credit Unions usually have limited membership. In this case, the union serves those who are employees or members of qualifying organizations, and those who lives or works in Chicagoland Community. However, it is possible to become a member of Alliant Credit Union by becoming a donor to Foster Care of Success, an organization that caters to the needs of foster teens around the USA who are “aging out” of the foster care system. You can join the FCS by simply making a donation of $10 or more. After becoming a member of the FCS, you can then use Alliant’s online membership application.

About Alliant Credit Union

Alliant currently ranks 6th as the largest credit union in the country. It serves over 280,000 members worlwide and holds over $7 billion in assets. Their fiscally conservative policy has allowed the union to give out $172 million in dividends to its members and capital reserves now exceed $638 million. Alliant Credit Union was formed on October 26, 1935.

With the stability of the credit union and the competitiveness of rates plus easy membership, this credit union is worth looking into.

Doral Bank Holds the Top 1-Year CD Rate

Certificates of deposits today don’t have the most impressive rates what with the economy as unstable as a hanging bridge. However, at these times of economic uncertainty, investors are flocking towards stable investments, and certificates of deposits are just that. CD’s are becoming the perfect safe haven for investors who want to preserve their capital. Although these investors are thinking more about safety than growth, it’s still worth to know which CD offers the best rates.

At this time, Doral Bank holds the top rank for 1-year certificates of deposit. It has surpassed both AloStar Bank of Commerce, and Sallie Mae, with a rate of 1.150% which is the highest available today. AloStar is giving out a 1.120% rate while Sallie Mae is offering a 1.10% rate.

And if this isn’t enough, Doral Bank is also at the top of the charts in the 3 year CD category. It is currently offering a high rate of 1.65%, followed by Discover Bank’s 1.500% rate.

With all the great rates that Doral Bank is offering, is it truly the best bank to place your money in? One of the indicators of a bank’s safety is the number of years it has been in business. Doral Bank currently has branches in Puerto Rico, New York and Florida. The New York and Florida branches have only opened its doors to business in December 2010 and September 2010 respectively.

Despite being a relatively young bank, Doral Bank is FDIC insured meaning your money is safe for the maximum amount of $250,000. For those who have amounts less than this, then there would be no reason not to invest in Doral Bank. However, for those individuals who are planning to place more than this amount, then it may be safer to invest in larger and more reputable banks.

Top 1 Year CD Rate Stays at 1.76%

With the US economy in a rut it seems like no bank is willing to challenge Melrose Credit Union for the top spot of the 1 Year CD at a rate of 1.76%. They have been holding the top spot for the 12 month CD for 2 months now. Sallie Mae is the closest contender with a rate of 1.55% for the 12 month CD, but they have a high minimum of $10,000. Any other major bank will come in with rates under 1.50% with Chase Bank at one of the lowest rates of 0.25% for the 1 Year CD.

With all of this said, Melrose Credit Union is looking even better than ever. Their minimum deposit of $5,000 is easily attainable for the average investor and is one of the few Credit Unions that is open to anyone, anywhere in the US.

Melrose has a single location in Queens, NY and has an opening fee of $1.

If you feel more comfortable with putting your money in a bank and not a credit union, Sallie Mae Bank is your next best bet. As we stated they hold the second best CD rate of 1.55%.

Other banks offering close to 1.50% APY 1 Year CD are:

  • New Dominion Bank, out of North Carolina with a minimum deposit of $3,000.
  • Discover Bank, with a minimum deposit of $2,500.
  • Bank of Interest with a minimum deposit of $500.

Many smaller banks hold interest rates around 1.50% APY, rather than bigger banks whose interest rates barely break over 1%. To find the highest CD rates you will want to look into a local Credit Union or view our list of the best CD rates currently available.

You can always view and compare CD rates from our CD rates database.