Competitive CD Rates from Self-Help Credit Union

Certificates of deposit are a great way to save because there’s almost no risk involved while keeping your money in a place where higher interest is ensured. One financial institution that offers the best deals and rates in terms of deposits is Self-help Credit Union. The institution is FDIC insured and their main goal is to help their clients and customers get the best financial services possible.

Certificates of Deposits and Rates

Those who will open certificates of deposits will have peace of mind because they are guaranteed a certain interest rate which they can choose to lock in at the beginning of their term. The longer the term you choose, the higher the interest rate offered to you. Plus you don’t have to invest such a big amount since the minimum investment is only $500 with terms from three months to five years.

For a minimum deposit of $500 dollars in a three month term, you can get an annual percentage rate or APR of 0.50% and an APY of 0.50%. Those who will be choosing the twelve month term will have an APR of 1.05% and an APY of 1.06%. While an APR of 1.25% and an APY of 1.26% for the term of 24 months or two years. And for the 36 month term, the APR is 1.50% and APY of 1.51%. The rates will obviously depend on the term thus clients should really decide on how long or what term they are going to choose.

These rates are quite helpful and advantageous for those who are looking to take advantage of what certificates of deposits can offer.

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