Get As Much As 5% Cash Back with Citi Dividend Platinum Select VISA Credit Card

With so many banks vying for customer attention, many banks have stepped up by offering irresistible features and promotions on their credit cards. As of today, Citi Bank’s Dividend Platinum Select VISA credit card is one of the most famous cards in the market. So cards exactly makes the Citi Dividend Platinum Select VISA card different from other cards? Here is a quick view.

Fees and Rates

With the Citi Dividend Platinum Select VISA credit card, owners can enjoy a zero annual fee. Aside from that, individuals can enjoy easy installment on any major purchase because of the 0% introductory APR that’s available for as long as the first 12 months. A variable rate of 12.99-22.99% will be applied after the 12 month period depending on credit worthiness. A 0% introductory annual percentage rate is also applied with the balance transfers for 12 months and after that the APR will then be the same as the purchase APR. The balance transfer fees will be $5 or the usual is 3% of the transferred amount.

Aside from great rates, the rewards of the Citi Dividend Platinum Select VISA credit card are also quite exciting. When the account owner will spend $500 during the first three months, he or she will be rewarded with $150. There will also be 5% cash back on car rental and airline purchases. And a 1% cash back on all other purchases using the credit card. With these rewards, credit card owners can truly enjoy spending with their credit card.

Guaranteed Rates at Citibank’s Certificate of Deposit with your $10,000 or Less

If you have $10,000 or less in extra savings then it would be a better idea to invest your money in a certificate of deposit than just a regular savings account. There are many banks that offer good rates for their customerto and Citibank is certainly one of those banks. Citibank is a solid bank that has been providing quality financial services to people. The services they provide include savings accounts, debit and credit cards, mortgages, loans, checking accounts, and many more. Citibank is a leading bank globally with 200 million client accounts and it does businesses in over 160 countries. This proves the near infallible system that the bank has established for itself.

Citibank’s certificate of deposit is a great deal for those who have amounts of $10,000 and less. People will be assured of competitive CD interest rates whether it is for short or long terms.

How it Works:

First, the interest rate of the CD will be paid on a monthly basis or at maturity if the term is one year or less but for those certificate of deposits with terms of more than a year then the interest is really paid per month. And lastly, the CDS are renewed automatically after maturity and thus the owner of the CD will be able to choose whether he or she would want to renew or even select another term.

As of today, those who will be choosing the three month term will have an interest rate and APY of 0.15%. For the 7 month term, the APY and interest is 0.20% while for the one year term, the interest and annual percentage is 0.25%. These are just some of the rates and terms that people can choose from.

Fly High with Your CITI Platinum Select Visa Credit Card

One of the banks that Americans and other people from all over the world trust is CITI Bank. We all know for a fact that there are many people today who are using credit cards in order for them to use it anytime when they are out of cash. This is one advantage of getting a credit card because people can use it anywhere and anytime of the day. Just as long as it is active then it is all good to go. So for those who still don’t own one then they should get if from CITI Bank.

Citi Bank is a world famous international bank that offers complete financial services for those people who have banking transactions. They offer a lot of products, from insurances, investments, international transactions, and then of course, credit cards. One of the famous credit cards that people are getting right now is the CITI Platinum Select and AAdvantage Visa Signature card.

When individuals qualify for this credit card, he or she will be able to receive American Airlines bonus miles that can be very useful for those always on the go. For every $1000 transaction in purchase using the card in the first three months of membership, he or she will earn 30,000 American airline AAdvantage bonus miles. This bonus alone will surely be enough to cover a round trip domestic flight. Another advantage when using this credit card is that check in baggage is for free and that those with the advantages will be given priority in boarding.

On the other hand, the credit disclosures of this Citi Platinum includes an APR or the annual percentage rate for purchases 15.24%. The APR for cash advances is 25.24% depending on the prime rate. And the minimum charged interest is not less the 50 cents.

For those who are planning on cutting off their old credit cards and opening a new one then they should do it in Citi Bank. They should get the CITI Platinum and AAdvantage Select Visa Credit Card especially for those who love or need to travel.

Making Your Money Work Faster Through the Achiever CD at CITI Bank

Today, people have become more aware on how important it is to save money. Because of inflation and the unstable economy, people are becoming more careful with their money, and they are realizing how important it is to always have something in their pockets and most especially in their bank accounts to call their own. This is the reason why many people are flocking towards certificates of deposits because they are making their money work faster especially when they choose the right CD rates. So what bank should they select in opening a certificate of deposit? Well, they should try out what Citi Bank has to offer.

CITI Bank is one of the best banks in the United States. It is FDIC insured and they are indeed committed to making sure that their client’s personal savings are well protected. Those who are planning to open a CD account may want to try CITI’s Achiever CD because of great rates and flexibility.

The Achiever CD will give their clients’ savings maximum flexibility and potential. When the rates go up the clients will be able to avail of higher rates as well. CITI Bank’s APY for a one year term is 1.08 % as of May 11, 2012 with a minimum deposit of $25,000. Some people might think that it’s a pretty large amount to risk yet it is a very advantageous move to make in terms of finances. CITI Bank’s CD rate is much higher compared to METLife Bank which is only 1.05% and with the same minimum deposit.

Opening a CD account is very easy for those who are interested; they can even do it online since this requires little effort and requirements. People will just need their social security number, driver’s license or any valid id with photo and a check or bank account number to make the money transfer electronically to the new CITI Bank Achiever account. This is how easy and fast availing of Citi Bank’s Achiever CD is.

0% APR for up to 21 months with Citi Diamond Preferred Card

The ability to save a substantial amount of money is something we all crave for. And opening a credit card that offers the exclusive benefit of giving out a 0% APR for an extended period is just the answer.

The Citi Diamond Preferred card has been ranked among the best in credit card offers in this country. And why not? Take a look at the perks you’ll be having:

Longer Grace Period

Undoubtedly, what appeals most to clients is its introductory APR rate of 0%. With this, you can enjoy 21 months of purchases and bank transfers – for no extra charge or interest rates at all. If it sounds like borrowing money for free, then it’s sure to be a good thing.

However, once this grace period is over, you will be started on the standard APR rates. Although the low ongoing rate for credit cards these days are fixed at 11.45%, your credit history and worthiness will be evaluated. The better your credit background looks, the lesser your APR, and vice versa. Rates can go as low as 11.99%, 16.99%, or 21.99%. If you will incur cash advances, you will be assigned a 25.24% APR.

Nonetheless, the Citi Diamond card is better than most of its competitors who offer the same benefit – because most of them only limit the zero APR for up to 6 or 12 months only.

The card also comes with its anti-theft policy from their Citi Identity Theft solutions. You will hold no liability from any purchases that are unauthorized from you.

However, the following fees take effect after the 21-month period:

For late payments, you will be penalized a variable amount of up to 29.99%. Also, a 3.0% interest is issued for each purchase you make outside the country. Balance transfers fees will then be issued 3.00% or $5 for each transaction, depending on which is greater.

Other Benefits

If you think this is all there is to the Citi Diamond card, think again, Aside form using it like a regular credit card, you can also get special access to VIP packages like live entertainment or presale tickets with seating assignments of your choice. Affiliated brands can also provide you discounts, further adding up your savings.

Traveling also becomes a breeze with its 24-hour concierge service that assists you in travel bookings, flight, and hotel stays.

Having a credit card with a nice, long zero APR can be such a joy. Open a Citi Diamond Preferred card now.