Fly High with Your CITI Platinum Select Visa Credit Card

One of the banks that Americans and other people from all over the world trust is CITI Bank. We all know for a fact that there are many people today who are using credit cards in order for them to use it anytime when they are out of cash. This is one advantage of getting a credit card because people can use it anywhere and anytime of the day. Just as long as it is active then it is all good to go. So for those who still don’t own one then they should get if from CITI Bank.

Citi Bank is a world famous international bank that offers complete financial services for those people who have banking transactions. They offer a lot of products, from insurances, investments, international transactions, and then of course, credit cards. One of the famous credit cards that people are getting right now is the CITI Platinum Select and AAdvantage Visa Signature card.

When individuals qualify for this credit card, he or she will be able to receive American Airlines bonus miles that can be very useful for those always on the go. For every $1000 transaction in purchase using the card in the first three months of membership, he or she will earn 30,000 American airline AAdvantage bonus miles. This bonus alone will surely be enough to cover a round trip domestic flight. Another advantage when using this credit card is that check in baggage is for free and that those with the advantages will be given priority in boarding.

On the other hand, the credit disclosures of this Citi Platinum includes an APR or the annual percentage rate for purchases 15.24%. The APR for cash advances is 25.24% depending on the prime rate. And the minimum charged interest is not less the 50 cents.

For those who are planning on cutting off their old credit cards and opening a new one then they should do it in Citi Bank. They should get the CITI Platinum and AAdvantage Select Visa Credit Card especially for those who love or need to travel.

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