Establish Creditworthiness with First Interstate Bank’s VISA Secured Card

For those people who want to establish their credit worthiness they should look for a credit card that helps build and rebuild credit history. People who have maxed out their previous cards and who may have incurred several delayed payments may suffer from a low credit score. This can seriously affect future interest rates and loanable amounts for different loans and mortgages resulting in heavy payments. However, everyone deserves a second chance and thats where First Interstate Bank’s VISA Secured Credit Card comes in.

First Interstate Bank’s VISA Secured card is perfect for those individuals who want to rebuild their credit as well as those who want to establish it. People will be able to make use of this card because they can have it even if they had no credit history in the past or even if they have a bad credit history. This will be their stepping stone in getting other forms of credit finances. The Visa Secured credit card by First Interstate Bank also offers a secured certificate of deposit which is actually established by the customer or owner of the account. This kind of card can also be backed up with any type of savings account which will turn out to be the collateral.

Its annual percentage rate or APR for balance transfers and purchases is 16.25% with a 24.25% APR for cash advances. The annual percentage rate will vary on the market prime rate. On the other hand, the annual fee for this credit card is $39 all in all including the other services and charges. To those who want to apply and get this card, they should not hesitate to visit any branch of First Interstate Bank. It is very easy for people to apply to such card just as long as they know they are qualified.

IFirst Interstate Bank’s Secured card is one of the best in the nation today. It does not only allow people to spend but it will also allow them to rebuild credit worthiness.

Get As Much As 5% Cash Back with Citi Dividend Platinum Select VISA Credit Card

With so many banks vying for customer attention, many banks have stepped up by offering irresistible features and promotions on their credit cards. As of today, Citi Bank’s Dividend Platinum Select VISA credit card is one of the most famous cards in the market. So cards exactly makes the Citi Dividend Platinum Select VISA card different from other cards? Here is a quick view.

Fees and Rates

With the Citi Dividend Platinum Select VISA credit card, owners can enjoy a zero annual fee. Aside from that, individuals can enjoy easy installment on any major purchase because of the 0% introductory APR that’s available for as long as the first 12 months. A variable rate of 12.99-22.99% will be applied after the 12 month period depending on credit worthiness. A 0% introductory annual percentage rate is also applied with the balance transfers for 12 months and after that the APR will then be the same as the purchase APR. The balance transfer fees will be $5 or the usual is 3% of the transferred amount.

Aside from great rates, the rewards of the Citi Dividend Platinum Select VISA credit card are also quite exciting. When the account owner will spend $500 during the first three months, he or she will be rewarded with $150. There will also be 5% cash back on car rental and airline purchases. And a 1% cash back on all other purchases using the credit card. With these rewards, credit card owners can truly enjoy spending with their credit card.

Get Your Own Bankers Trust Classic Visa Credit Card

Credit cards are carried everywhere today by most people in the nation. They would always want to be able to pay for all the things they need to pay easily without any problems and one way for them to do it is of course through their credit cards. Most people have multiple cards in order for them to use and change it all the time. Those people who want convenience in shopping, paying for bills, and etc. the cards they have are definitely the answer. It is then quite reasonable to have multiple accounts and one bank that people can go to in order for them to have their own credit card is in Bankers Trust.

All About Bankers Trust

Bankers Trust was founded in 1917 and is knows as Iowa’s largest and oldest independently owned financial institution. It has proven to give quality financial services to its customers and is committed to total development of personal financial needs. People who have financial needs can truly get what they need from Bankers Trust especially in terms of savings, personal banking, mortgages, loans, credit cards, and many more. Right now the Classic Visa credit card is one of the services people are clamoring for.

Personal Classic Visa Credit Card

It is one of the most convenient credit cards clients can carry wherever they want to go. It can even be a joint account which is advantageous for family members who wish to share the same expense account. In terms of its features, the annual percentage rate or APR for its purchases is 16.9% which is lower compared to other cards. The APR for balance transfers is 19.9% and for the cash advances is also 19.9%. Its annual fee is $20 which many would find affordable. Other fees such as the balance transfers is $10 as well as the cash advances.

To those who want to avail of this Classic Visa credit card, they can just inquire from Bankers Trust for the application process. It is very easy to apply for and in matter of days, those who are interested will be able to get and use it.

Acquiring Privileges with Glacier Bank’s Maximum Rewards VISA Credit Card

One of the best banks that offer the best financial services whether in personal or business banking is Glacier Bank. Since people are now commonly using credit cards wherever they are, it is necessary for them to have a card that provides all the features they need. And of course, who wouldn’t want a credit card that offers rewards for every purchase? With Glacier Bank, not only will people have the power to purchase what they want, but they also get rewarded for it.

All About Glacier Bank

Glacier Bank is located in almost 50 communities nationwide with 97 banking offices in Utah, Colorado, Idaho, Montana, Washington, and many more. This bank is indeed very accessible because of its many branches. Glacier Bank has $863.997 million worth of stockholders’ equity and total assets of $7.251 billion. For many people, Glacier Bank is the place to go when it comes to financial services.

Maximum Rewards VISA Credit Card

For those who are looking for a credit card that can give rewards, travel privileges, and cash backs then this card is the answer. With the Maximum rewards VISA card, a point is earned for every dollar spent with all the qualifying purchases. These points will then be collected and can be redeemed either in gift cards, travel discounts, and many more.

On the other hand, with regards to interest charges and rates, the introductory APR or annual percentage rate for the first 12 cycles of billing is 0% and after the 12 cycles, the APR will be 13.99% to 19.99%. The rate will then be based on the account holder’s creditworthiness. The monthly and annual fees are also of free charge and for those who will make delayed payments; the charge for it is only up to $35.

The Prestigious Buying Power of the U.S. Bank Visa Platinum Card

Almost all people today have credit cards that they use in paying for everything they see, purchase, and the other things they need to pay for. There are indeed many people today who are depending so much on their credit cards especially when they want something. But most of the time, these individuals are very careful on what credit cards they use since there are so many kinds that banks are offering. The better credit card you have, the more rewards and perks you can avail of.

The Offer

For those who are still planning to get a new credit card or just want another one, the U.S. Bank Visa Platinum Card may be something worth looking into. The card provides a prestigious buying power anywhere card holders will go. This credit card is offered by U.S. Bank which is known as the 5th biggest commercial bank in the whole of the United States and offers the best services in terms of financial needs and businesses.

The new U.S. Bank Visa Platinum card is the perfect choice for those people who are always using their cards. Why is this so? It has a special introductory of 0% APR on any purchases the owner will make within the first 12 billings. After the 12 billing cycles, the credit card will have a variable APR running from 9.99% to 23.99% depending on credit worthiness. The better your credit score, the lower the APR cardholders will receive.

Other Benefits

The other benefits of the U.S. Bank Visa Platinum card is that people can use it for paying for their bills online. Another benefit is that the owner of the card will have automatic rental car insurance with no extra cost. This is very useful for those who are always traveling and renting cars wherever they will go. And the last is that the platinum card is will protected against fraud which is very important especially now that there are so many hackers and criminals. So with all these benefits, why not get your own U.S. Bank Visa Platinum Card today.

Low Credit Card Rates from Simmons First Visa Platinum Card

Have you been good this year? If your credit score is considerably noteworthy, then you can look forward to a 2012 of low interest on a credit card. Right now, Simmons First Visa Platinum Card is offering a very low rate of only 7.25% APR for those with excellent credit.

Credit Card Features:

Aside from the rate that won’t burn your money with interest, there are a lot of features to look forward to with the Simmons First Visa Platinum Card. Below are what they have in store for you:

* Accepted Worldwide – You can use your Visa Platinum Credit Card as an ATM from any ATM that accepts Visa. You can access these ATMs 24 hours in a day, anywhere in the world. Aside from this, you can also take advantage of the cash advance feature that is available to you at any financial institution that accepts Visa.

* Get Travel Accident Insurance – For those consumers who are always on the go, it may be a relief to find out that travel insurance is offered for free whenever a ticket is purchased using your Visa card. Whether you use a cruise line, rail bus, or airline, your card can cover you for any accidental death or dismemberment.

* Car Rental Damage/Loss Waiver – If a car is rented using the Visa card, the VISA Auto Rental Insurance can provide coverage for theft or a collision for up to the actual cash value required. This insurance is also available worldwide.

The extra features of the card is most useful for those who go on frequent business trips or leisure travels. The card also does not offer any form of reward or cash back like most cards. However, despite the lack of rewards, consumers can definitely save more because of the low interest rate, which may prove to be more cost effective than some rewards cards. Whatever the case, this card from First Simmons have one of the lowest rates for credit cards, and may just be the card that certain people with good credit are looking for.