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Get Your Own Bankers Trust Classic Visa Credit Card

Credit cards are carried everywhere today by most people in the nation. They would always want to be able to pay for all the things they need to pay easily without any problems and one way for them to do it is of course through their credit cards. Most people have multiple cards in order for them to use and change it all the time. Those people who want convenience in shopping, paying for bills, and etc. the cards they have are definitely the answer. It is then quite reasonable to have multiple accounts and one bank that people can go to in order for them to have their own credit card is in Bankers Trust.

All About Bankers Trust

Bankers Trust was founded in 1917 and is knows as Iowa’s largest and oldest independently owned financial institution. It has proven to give quality financial services to its customers and is committed to total development of personal financial needs. People who have financial needs can truly get what they need from Bankers Trust especially in terms of savings, personal banking, mortgages, loans, credit cards, and many more. Right now the Classic Visa credit card is one of the services people are clamoring for.

Personal Classic Visa Credit Card

It is one of the most convenient credit cards clients can carry wherever they want to go. It can even be a joint account which is advantageous for family members who wish to share the same expense account. In terms of its features, the annual percentage rate or APR for its purchases is 16.9% which is lower compared to other cards. The APR for balance transfers is 19.9% and for the cash advances is also 19.9%. Its annual fee is $20 which many would find affordable. Other fees such as the balance transfers is $10 as well as the cash advances.

To those who want to avail of this Classic Visa credit card, they can just inquire from Bankers Trust for the application process. It is very easy to apply for and in matter of days, those who are interested will be able to get and use it.

Acquiring Privileges with Glacier Bank’s Maximum Rewards VISA Credit Card

One of the best banks that offer the best financial services whether in personal or business banking is Glacier Bank. Since people are now commonly using credit cards wherever they are, it is necessary for them to have a card that provides all the features they need. And of course, who wouldn’t want a credit card that offers rewards for every purchase? With Glacier Bank, not only will people have the power to purchase what they want, but they also get rewarded for it.

All About Glacier Bank

Glacier Bank is located in almost 50 communities nationwide with 97 banking offices in Utah, Colorado, Idaho, Montana, Washington, and many more. This bank is indeed very accessible because of its many branches. Glacier Bank has $863.997 million worth of stockholders’ equity and total assets of $7.251 billion. For many people, Glacier Bank is the place to go when it comes to financial services.

Maximum Rewards VISA Credit Card

For those who are looking for a credit card that can give rewards, travel privileges, and cash backs then this card is the answer. With the Maximum rewards VISA card, a point is earned for every dollar spent with all the qualifying purchases. These points will then be collected and can be redeemed either in gift cards, travel discounts, and many more.

On the other hand, with regards to interest charges and rates, the introductory APR or annual percentage rate for the first 12 cycles of billing is 0% and after the 12 cycles, the APR will be 13.99% to 19.99%. The rate will then be based on the account holder’s creditworthiness. The monthly and annual fees are also of free charge and for those who will make delayed payments; the charge for it is only up to $35.

A Perfect Choice: First Interstate Bank’s Visa Platinum First Rewards Card

Credit cards give consumers purchasing power may it be through instant credit purchases or through cash advances. This is one of the reasons why credit cards are essential in this day and age. When money is tight, credit cards offer a way to stretch your budget in an instant and you can be worry free until more cash comes at hand. Aside from giving instant cash, credit cards are also filled with perks and rewards offering you more value for your money. If you are looking for another credit card to apply for then you should check out what First Interstate Bank has to offer.

About First Interstate Bank

First Interstate Bank is one of the finest banks in the nation with over $7.1 billion in assets. They have more than 71 branches nationwide with over 100 ATMs that their clients can instantly get access to. Some of their famous branches are located in Montana, South Dakota, and Wyoming. Others who want to transact with the bank in convenience can also check their online site where all questions will be answered instantly. People will really be able to get hold of financial assistance when they will inquire with First Interstate Bank just like in terms of their credit cards. One of the famous cards they have that many people are applying for is the VISA Platinum First Rewards Card.

All About the VISA Platinum First Rewards Card

Many people are applying for VISA Platinum First Rewards Card because of the points they will earn when they will make purchases. For a dollar spent using their credit cards, they will earn a point that they can redeem whenever they have enough of it. In terms of rates, a 3.99% introductory APR is offered for the first six months and after that the APR will be 7.25% to 19.25% depending on the card holder’s creditworthiness. This is already a good rate compared to other credit cards in the market today.

Fifth Third Bank’s Zero Annual Fee Platinum MasterCard

Fifth Third Bank’s best offering right now is their zero annual fee platinum MasterCard. As we all know, people nationwide rely heavily on the different credit cards they have. With all the cards they own, they can easily shop, purchase, and pay for anything they want. Every establishment today accepts credit cards and thus customers can simply avail of what they want with just a swipe. This is the main reason why individuals prefer to use their cards instead of cash. They can even travel with it and use it in other countries making it very convenient to pay for purchases without having to change monetary currencies.

To those who want a new credit card, fifth Third Bank’s zero annual fees platinum MasterCard is definitely the right solution. This is a good choice for any person who is planning on getting a new one. With this bank, people are assured that they are put on priority first and that they can ask for financial services when they need it. In terms of their Platinum MasterCard, it is recognized worldwide and its benefits are expanded for the financial flexibility of its account holders.

Benefits of Fifth Third Bank’s Platinum MasterCard

One of the major benefits of this Platinum MasterCard is that there is no annual fee. Many credit card owners would like this because they will not have to worry about reminding themselves of the annual fees. With a no annual fee, people will get the chance to save money. Other benefits and features of this kind of credit card include savings from different retailers especially for those who love to shop, $1 million travel and accident insurance, and free phone protection. And for those who will avail to this card, 0% introductory APR is offered for the first 12 billings and after that an APR of 10.99% to 23.99% on all purchases. To those who are interested in acquiring such credit card, they should go and inquire at Fifth Third Bank as soon as they can.

Reward Yourself with Meridian Bank’s Visa Signature Card

Credit cards have increasingly become a necessity in everyday financial transactions. With constant use and the numerous financial providers, consumers have become more diligent in finding the right card for them.

One kind of credit card that people, especially women, would love to have is the Visa signature card by Meridian Bank. This bank is very famous in terms of their credit cards as well as their saving services. They also offer loans, mortgages, and many more. So to those who need financial aid can find what they need at Meridian Bank.

All About the Visa Signature Card

Meridian Bank’s Visa signature card offers competitive and well updated rates that will help in expanding the purchasing power of the account holder. There are also many rewards and privileges that will help members gain more for monet money. Aside from that, cash back rewards are also being offered making the card more enticing indeed. In terms of billings, a zero introductory APR is offered for the first six cycles of billing on all purchases as well as balance transfers.

Product Visa Features

There is no annual fee with the premier rewards card and unlimited 1% cash back is offered wherein the account will earn one point for every dollar spent using the card. Once the points are accumulated, rewards that can be redeemed include round trip airline tickets, gift certificates, and different merchandises. Owners of the credit cards will surely be able to choose among the various rewards.

With all these features plus a rewarding point system, it’s no wonder many clients choose to avail of the Visa signature card at Meridian Bank.

Cash Back Offers with Chase Freedom Credit Card

Credit cards are now good as cash especially since the number of establishments who accept this mode of payment is now steadily growing. Being able to pay for purchases such as groceries, gas and entertainment with just one swipe has proven to be so convenient that consumers are clamoring to have not just one but multiple credit card accounts. If you’re looking for another card to add to your wallet, you may want to consider getting one from Chase.

Right now Chase is offering the Chase Freedom credit card that features a lot of cash back rewards that are truly enticing. How do the credit card holders acquire or gain the cash backs? The first is the 5% cash back which can be earned by acquiring 4% on bonus categories and 1% on all purchases. Any cardholder can have this as long as the card account is not in default. This cash back can be spent up to $1,500 bonus in any categories offered by Chase. Next is the $100 cash back. When owners of the card will earn 10,000 bonus points or will make a total of $500 on all purchases for the first three months of opening the account then he or she will be able to redeem it into cash. This is another great benefit for those who love to shop.

On the other hand, the pricing and terms are very agreeable. For the first 15 months, a 0% introductory APR is offered on all balance transfers as well as the purchases. After the introductory period, 12.99%-22.99% is the variable APR. There are also no annual fees which makes the card easy on the pocket. There’s a lot to love with Chase, so why not go get one now.

Trying Out FNBO’s Extra Earnings Visa Credit Card

Credit cards have become a necessity. Credit cards are commonly used today because these are accepted by all establishments. Many individuals would just immediately get their cards and pay for all the things they will be purchasing. It is very important that people own such in order for them to have something that they can also use wherever they will be going since such cards are accepted everywhere.

One of the banks or financial institutions that offer the best deals in terms of credit cards is FNBO. This stands for First National Bank Omaha which has a strong and stable banking heritage that started some 150 years ago. With this background, people are then assured that they can trust such company and will have the best services possible. And one of the best financial services they have is the Extra earning Visa credit card.

People will really have the best in terms of credit cards when they will apply to such company. Some of the features of FNBO’s extra earnings Visa card include owners to redeem the points they will earn. Account or credit card owners will get 2 points for each dollar they will purchase for the first 12 cycles of billing. This will be applied immediately after the account is opened. After the 12 billings, the account will still earn a point for every dollar purchase. This will continue until the account is used and opened.

In terms of redeeming the points when one will earn a total of 2,500 points, the owner of the credit card will be able to acquire $25. This is already a good deal especially when the card is always used. People or individuals who love using their cards will certainly be happy because they can accumulate and save the points they have and get an equivalent prize for it. To those who want to have the best credit card then they can definitely have it with FNBO’s extra earning Visa credit card. Those interested should apply now in their online site.

The No Annual Fee SunTrust Platinum Visa Credit Card

All kinds of credit cards with different perks and promotions are everywhere today. With the amount of people looking for the right credit card, banks and credit card companies are competing to give the best to their clients. For SunTrust bank, it’s their Platinum Visa Credit Card.

SunTrust Bank is one of the largest and leading institutions in terms of financial services. They are also known to be one of the strongest because their company is stable. Many people actually go to them and entrust their money because they feel secure and safe with SunTrust. What makes them different is that they are connected well with the communities surrounding them which allow people to really get in touch with the bank. The bank also offers a lot of services for their clients or customers. They cater and can provide the right solutions especially for those who have financial issues and problems. One of the services they have that people would really go for is their credit card offerings.

The usual choice of their customers in terms of credit cards is SunTrust Platinum Visa credit card. Those clients who seek low APR will really benefit from this card. The variable introductory rate they have for their APR is from 9.99%- 16.99% on all purchases of the first 6 months. With this rate, people will really be happy since the rate is much better compared to other credit card companies. The other benefits and features with this credit card includes a no annual fee service, holders can easily get help if in case they encounter problems or issues with regards to their credit cards. And most importantly, SunTrust platinum Visa credit card is protected 24/7 against unauthorized and illegal purchases.

The Ultimate Experience with Bank of the West’s Platinum Rewards Credit Card

Credit cards always come in handy when people run out of cash or if they missed to bring the right amount. With the modern electronic world today, credit cards are a necessity to making purchases, paying bills, and simply keeping up with your finances. Almost all people who have good credit standings or those who can afford have different credit cards from different banks or other financial institutions. This is how people nowadays carry and handle their finances.

About Bank of the West

Today, one of the better credit card providers is Bank of the West. This is a strong financial and well capitalized institution that is FDIC insured. Many people have already entrusted their money with this bank for more than 135 years. They also have complete and well organized services and personnel that customers will appreciate. One of their services is their platinum rewards credit card.

Platinum Rewards Credit Card

With the Platinum rewards credit card, card holders will be able to save money because there are no additional payments or expenses. There are also no annual fees. The introductory APR is 0% for all purchases on the first six months of getting the card. This is greatly advantageous to those who are keeping up with their finances. This card is also widely accepted in different locations and establishments ensuring convenience.


On the other hand, the best thing about this platinum rewards credit card is the rewards. Every $1 spent on purchases is equivalent to one reward point. The rewards are unlimited and have no expiration date as well as annual cap just as long as the credit card account is in good standing and is open. Most of the rewards that people can choose include rebates, travel, gift cards, unique experience, and merchandise. This rewards card can help you make the most of your money while enjoying extra perks with your usual purchases.

Convenience of Key Bank’s World Master Credit Card

People always want the most convenient means of paying for especially when it comes to bills, clothing, and food. There are many things to pay for in this modern world and thus many people would prefer to use credit cards instead of cash. Since most establishments today accept credit cards, this piece of plastic has gone a long way in replacing the use of hard cash. This is then the reason why banks offer different credit cards for people to get and apply for.

One of the banks that have good credit card offerings is Key Bank. This is a Cleveland based company that is also known to be one of the largest banks in the nation. Some of the services they offer are related with commercial and investment banking as well as consumer finance. One of the services they offer is their World Master Credit Card.

Key Bank’s World Master credit card offers safety and convenience to its owners or holders. They can simply bring this anywhere they go and use it anytime they want to. Some of the features of this card includes a no annual fee which means less expenses at the start of the year. The introductory APR is 0%. This is accounted for the first 6 cycles of billing and after these cycles, the APR will be variable from 9.99%- 20.99%. The APR will be based on the credit worthiness of the credit card holder. On the other hand, in terms of interest for the purchases, the due date for those who will be using it is 24-30 days after the closing of billing cycle, giving enough time for those who are eager to keep up with their payments. Aside from the no annual fee, 2,500 points worth of bonuses will be redeemable to an amount of $25.

With these benefits and features, the World Master Credit Card from Key Bank is one to beat.

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