The Most Popular CITI Forward Credit Card for College Students

College students are always in need of financial assistance because of unexpected payments and purchases. Most college students are away from their parents so it’s convenient for them to have a credit card that provides allowances during cash crunches. One credit card that students can count on is CITI Bank’s Forward credit card for college students.

About CITI Bank

CITI Bank is a bank that operates not only in America but also worldwide. The services they have include credit and debit cards, loans whether individual or business loans, mortgages, investments, and many more. Those who need these services should not hesitate to check on CITI Bank because they will definitely be able to get the answer or solution they need.

The purchase APR or annual percentage rate reduction is up to 2% when the credit card account holder will make a purchase under the credit limit and will pay three cycles of billing period on time. This will mean that 0.25% will be the reduction by quarter. College students can take advantage of this up to 8 times. Just imagine how much they will save when they will get their APR reduction. In terms of bonuses, holders can earn as much as 1,200 points. This will then be converted into a dollar per 5 points or as they call it as Thank you points. Each point earned will really make a difference especially when the student owner will often use his or her credit card and will pay on time.

If you are a college student now, be sure to avail and apply for this Forward credit card by CITI bank because it will definitely be of big help to your pockets.

Get As Much As 5% Cash Back with Citi Dividend Platinum Select VISA Credit Card

With so many banks vying for customer attention, many banks have stepped up by offering irresistible features and promotions on their credit cards. As of today, Citi Bank’s Dividend Platinum Select VISA credit card is one of the most famous cards in the market. So cards exactly makes the Citi Dividend Platinum Select VISA card different from other cards? Here is a quick view.

Fees and Rates

With the Citi Dividend Platinum Select VISA credit card, owners can enjoy a zero annual fee. Aside from that, individuals can enjoy easy installment on any major purchase because of the 0% introductory APR that’s available for as long as the first 12 months. A variable rate of 12.99-22.99% will be applied after the 12 month period depending on credit worthiness. A 0% introductory annual percentage rate is also applied with the balance transfers for 12 months and after that the APR will then be the same as the purchase APR. The balance transfer fees will be $5 or the usual is 3% of the transferred amount.

Aside from great rates, the rewards of the Citi Dividend Platinum Select VISA credit card are also quite exciting. When the account owner will spend $500 during the first three months, he or she will be rewarded with $150. There will also be 5% cash back on car rental and airline purchases. And a 1% cash back on all other purchases using the credit card. With these rewards, credit card owners can truly enjoy spending with their credit card.

0% APR for up to 21 months with Citi Diamond Preferred Card

The ability to save a substantial amount of money is something we all crave for. And opening a credit card that offers the exclusive benefit of giving out a 0% APR for an extended period is just the answer.

The Citi Diamond Preferred card has been ranked among the best in credit card offers in this country. And why not? Take a look at the perks you’ll be having:

Longer Grace Period

Undoubtedly, what appeals most to clients is its introductory APR rate of 0%. With this, you can enjoy 21 months of purchases and bank transfers – for no extra charge or interest rates at all. If it sounds like borrowing money for free, then it’s sure to be a good thing.

However, once this grace period is over, you will be started on the standard APR rates. Although the low ongoing rate for credit cards these days are fixed at 11.45%, your credit history and worthiness will be evaluated. The better your credit background looks, the lesser your APR, and vice versa. Rates can go as low as 11.99%, 16.99%, or 21.99%. If you will incur cash advances, you will be assigned a 25.24% APR.

Nonetheless, the Citi Diamond card is better than most of its competitors who offer the same benefit – because most of them only limit the zero APR for up to 6 or 12 months only.

The card also comes with its anti-theft policy from their Citi Identity Theft solutions. You will hold no liability from any purchases that are unauthorized from you.

However, the following fees take effect after the 21-month period:

For late payments, you will be penalized a variable amount of up to 29.99%. Also, a 3.0% interest is issued for each purchase you make outside the country. Balance transfers fees will then be issued 3.00% or $5 for each transaction, depending on which is greater.

Other Benefits

If you think this is all there is to the Citi Diamond card, think again, Aside form using it like a regular credit card, you can also get special access to VIP packages like live entertainment or presale tickets with seating assignments of your choice. Affiliated brands can also provide you discounts, further adding up your savings.

Traveling also becomes a breeze with its 24-hour concierge service that assists you in travel bookings, flight, and hotel stays.

Having a credit card with a nice, long zero APR can be such a joy. Open a Citi Diamond Preferred card now.

Get $100 Gift Card from Citi Thank You Preferred Credit Card

There are so many credit cards out there with tantalizing offers and appealing rewards. So how exactly can you choose which card is best for you? Well, Citi Bank is making an offer on their Thank You Preferred Credit Card that makes it hard to refuse. So what exactly does this card have to offer? Below are some of the details.

Easy to Get $100 Gift Card

Citi Bank’s Thank You Preferred Credit Card is offering an easy $100 gift card for its card holders. All you have to do is make purchases worth $500 within the first three months and immediately you can get your $100 gift card.

Earn 5 Points for Every $1

Usually, other credit cards will only offer 1 point for every dollar, but Citi Bank is multiplying that by 5. For every $1 spent on gas stations, supermarkets, and drugstores for the first 12 months of use, you can earn 5 points for every $1.

Earn 1 Point for Every $1 on Other Purchases

Making purchases other than those listed above? You still can get 1 Thank You point for every dollar.

Earning Additional Points

It is also possible to get additional points such as the Anniversary Bonus for every year you’re a cardholder. You can also earn 100 bonus points for signing up to Citibank’s online service, plus another 100 points for opting to use paperless statements.

No Expiration Date and No Limit for Points

With the Citi Thank You Card, there’s no need to redeem your points before you want to since there is no expiration date for them. You can also acquire as much points as you want since there is no maximum amount or ceiling limit for points. You can redeem your points for travel rewards, electronics, gift cards and other rewarding items.

0% Introductory APY and No Annual Fee

And finally, one of the best things about the Citi Thank You Card is that it has a 0% Introductory APY, meaning you can breathe easy with bills payment for the first 12 months of use. For one whole year, you can make purchases without worrying about the interest, and reap the benefits of paying in installments at the same price.

If all that isn’t enough, the Citi Thank You Card has no annual fee. If you think these features top other credit card offers, then maybe its time to check out the Citi Thank You Card.