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Surprise by BB&T Visa Credit Card

Saturday, September 15th, 2012

Credit cards are a staple to everyone’s wallet. It’s the modern cash that allows you to pay for each and every purchase without having to bring bills around. This is why it’s important to get a card that’s recognized by as much establishments as possible.

One of the banks that offer great deals and features when it comes to credit cards is BB&T. They never compromise the quality of the products and services they have. They make sure that every client is attended to especially when it  comes to their finances. One of the services that BB&T has to offer is their Visa credit card.

Terms and Features

BB&T Visa credit card has no annual fee that most card holders are concerned about. Large annual fees can come as  an unpleasant surprise every start of the year. With BB&T’s Visa credit card however, you need not worry about extra charges on your card. This is the main reason why many are getting credit cards from this financial institution. The introductory APR or the annual percentage rate is zero on all balance transfers and purchases for the first year.  After the introductory twelve months, the fixed or low variable APR ranges from 8.15% to 15.90%. In terms of paying the card holder’s due, he or she is given 25 days to pay the entire bill.


Another reason why it’s so beneficial to use this card is because it is accepted in more than 32 million sites all around the world. You can still count on your card whether you are dining in France, or sightseeing in London. And lastly, it can give assistance to emergency and travel situations like car rental insurance and a lot more. With all these perks, there’s a lot to love with BB&T’s Visa Credit Card.

Flexible and Updated Certificate of Deposit Terms at Bankers Trust

Thursday, September 13th, 2012

Thinking of a better way to save money? If your answer is a big yes then a solution you can take opening a certificate of deposit account. People today are extra cautious when it comes to providing for themselves in the future and most of the time 401k’s and Roth IRA’s may not be enough to give you a comfortable retirement. For those who are serious about saving for the future, then a certificate of deposit shouldn’t be left out from your portfolio. Looking for a good CD account? Then Bankers Trust may be able to help.

Bankers Trust Commitment

Bankers Trust was established as far back as 1917 with many branches nationwide. Its main and oldest branch is located in Iowa being the largest independently owned bank in the United States. Today, many people are availing of the services of this bank because of their commitment to the personal and business relationship. They provide quality services and operations that will satisfy the immediate needs of people in terms of their finances. One such example is their certificate of deposits that offer flexible and up to date rates.

Bankers Trust CDs

Certificates of deposit are a great option for people who want to keep their money in an investment account for a relatively long span of time. With Bankers Trust, the CDs have good benefits which include tiered interest rates as well as compounded annual interests. Account holders can automatically renew their accounts and terms once their account has reached maturity. The minimum opening balance is also affordable making it easy for the average Joe to get an account. People can open a certificate of deposit with Bankers Trust for a minimum of only $1000.  Plus all accounts are FDIC insured which keeps your cash very secured and safe.

Terms and Rates

As of today, the consumer rates and terms include the 60 month term with an interest rate and an annual percentage rate of 1.60%. There is also the 36 month term with an interest rate and APR of 1.25%. For those who want the shorter terms then they can pick the 17 month term with the rates of 1.00% and the last is the 5 month term with an APR and interest rate of 0.55%.

With these rates and benefits, people who will open a certificate of deposit account will for sure be very happy and contented with their future returns.

Target Mortgages Rates at Mortgage Capital Associates

Wednesday, September 12th, 2012

It is expected that mortgage rates in the market will undergo continuous change and despite this down real estate market, it comes as a blessing in disguise because of equally low mortgage rates. One place where individuals and families can go to in terms of getting good rates is at Mortgage Capital Associates.

Mortgage Capital Associates is one of the leading companies in terms of mortgages in the nation today. They offer the lowest rates compared to others and they provide exceptional services especially for those who are first timers in getting a mortgage. They have an excellent financing process and loan programs that they personalize for every customer they have. Borrowers should understand that every mortgage loan is different from another and thus there will always be a need for personalizing especially when it comes to payment terms. Mortgage Capital Associates will give fitting amortizations depending on the borrower’s capacity to pay and background.

Mortgage Rates

The latest mortgage rates they have as of September 2012 are quite competitive compared to the national average rate which is 3.750%. For the 30 year fixed term with loan programs of $165,000 to $417,000, the rate is 3.375% with an annual percentage rate or APR of 3.376%. A rate and APR of 3.500% for the 20 year fixed term. While for the 15 year fixed term, the annual percentage rate is 2.832% and the rate is 2.750%. On the other hand, to those who will be choosing the 5/1 ARM the rate is 2.500% and APR is 3.083%. For the 7/1 ARM, the rate is 3.000% and annual percentage rate of 3.218%. And lastly is the FHA 30 year program with a rate of 3.375% and an APR or 3.426%.

In conclusion, people who are planning on grabbing and applying for the best mortgage should do it with Mortgage Capital Associates. They will surely provide the best services and the rates in the market today.

Earning Cash Backs with Citizens Bank Green$ense Platinum MasterCard

Tuesday, September 11th, 2012

Times certainly do change and we’ve come a long way from bringing heavy coins of silver and gold to the lightweight convenience of trading using paper money. But now even that is starting to revolutionize. Instead of carrying a bunch of cold cash, many individuals prefer to bring a single card instead. All the more when that piece of plastic allows you to earn money on every single purchase. What credit card is good to use now? You might find the answer in Citizens Bank.

About Citizens Bank

Citizens Bank started as a small bank in 1828 and was first called as High Street Bank located in Providence, Rhode Island. Today, the bank has grown to a total of $132 billion in commercial banking assets and holdings with more than 1,500 branches nationwide. They have almost 21,000 employees working for them and 3,900 ATMs functioning in the whole nation.

Introducing Green$ense Platinum MasterCard

Citizens Bank is offering their Green$ense Platinum MasterCard and anyone can apply via online, phone, or through their actual branch. With this credit card, people can actually earn as much as $240 in cash backs yearly. For every Green$ense purchase, one can earn 25 cents and as much as $20 in a month when the card holder will be able to make 10 transactions in minimum. For people who use their credit cards often, cash backs are a guaranteed thing. Another means of earning such cash backs is by opening a Citizens checking account. 50 cents will be rewarded to every purchase using the credit card with no monthly caps. Once holders will earn their cash backs, it will instantly be deposited to their own checking accounts.

In conclusion, Green$ense credit card holders will not just benefit from the card itself by using it in making purchases but it will also let them earn cash backs they deserve. So what better thing to do than to apply and get a hold of this great service at Citizens Bank.

The Money Store: A Top Mortgage Lending Institution in the Nation

Monday, September 10th, 2012

Planning to get a new house? Then mortgage rates are probably one of your biggest concerns. Your mortgage rate will determine just how much you’ll be paying in the long run so it’s best to get a rate from a lender you can trust. One company that offers competitive rates is, by the name itself, The Money Store.

The Money Store is a top national lender that gives emphasis on residential mortgages. The rates they have are one of the lowest among the rest of the country as of today. With the customer services they provide, people would prefer getting a loan with them over other lending companies and banks. They started nearly 40 years ago, making sure that the dreams of people having a place of their own would finally come true and indeed, The Money Store has delivered.

Latest Mortgage Rates

As of today, the mortgage rates they offer are at the best. For their 30 year fixed term, the interest rate is 3.500% with an annual percentage rate or APR of 3.576%. A rate of 2.875% and APR of 3.046% for the 15 year fixed term while the interest rate of 2.875% and annual percentage rate of 3.234% APR for the 5 year ARM. On the other hand, for the 7 year ARM the interest rate is 3.250% and the APR is 3.336%. These interest rates are very good already because it is lower compared to the national average which is 3.81%.

People should apply at The Money Store because they do have the “NO Fee Loan” policy which is a very good opportunity for families. Each loan service is personalized to cater to all and that it is a direct lender with no obligation to consultation. Indeed, The Money Store is a good choice for mortgage rates and loans.

Excellent Certificate of Deposit Rates at Navy Federal Credit Union

Friday, September 7th, 2012

All those working under the Department of Defense can have a clearer and brighter future because of a Credit Union that provides them a good place to invest. Navy Federal Credit Union is offering certificates of deposit at high rates to help DoD employees have a more secure financial future. Here, employees can enjoy saving as well as investing at the same time.

Navy Federal Credit Union has more than three million members from all over the nation since 1933. They perform excellent financial services that potential and present members can avail of and choose from. This is known as a primary institution with $49,370,838,303 in total assets as of 2012. Basing on the numbers, Navy Federal Credit Union has proved the effectiveness of its program and services. Indeed those individuals who are eligible for membership at this Credit Union has got it good.

In terms of their certificate of deposits, their rates are updated and very competitive. People can choose between the short and long terms depending on which term suits them best. To those who will pick the shorter term, they can pick the three month period. With a $1,000 minimum amount, the APY or annual percentage yield is 0.50% while for those who will open with a minimum amount of $50,000 the APY is 0.60%. By giving a higher interest rate for bigger amounts, members are encouraged to save more and reap bigger rewards in interest. For the one year term and a minimum deposit of $1,000, the APY is 0.85%. On the other hand, people can also pick the three year period with an annual percentage yield of 1.25% for both the minimum deposits of $1,000 and $10,000.  These are just some of the terms that people can lock in with. In conclusion, employees or family members under the Department of Defense should definitely check out Navy Federal Credit Union. In this way, they will have a good future ahead.

High Potential Certificates of Deposit at Discover Bank

Thursday, September 6th, 2012

Saving is the best solution for people who want to be financially secure all the time. There are many banks and other financial institutions that offer different kinds of services for individuals who want to save up some cash. Instead of keeping your hard earned money in a regular savings account that only offers minimal interest, why not invest it in a Certificate of Deposit? CDs are basically secure with a fixed interest rate. The longer the term you choose, the higher your interest rate and the more your money will grow.

One bank that offers CDs is Discover Bank. Aside from CDs, Discover Bank also offers other services such as credit and debit cards, loans, online savings, and even money market. Those who really need financial services will be able to get what they need from Discover bank.

The Certificate of deposits at Discover Bank is FDIC insured up to the allowed maximum amount by law and has a very convenient and easy renewal once the term matures. In terms of the initial deposit, the minimum amount is as low as $2,500 and can be funded by an existing bank account whether online or not. Today, the latest rates they have are definitely a good grab. Those who want to choose a shorter period can choose the 6 months term with an interest rate of 0.75% and an APY or annual percentage yield of 0.75% as well. For their 12 months term, the APY and interest rate is 0.90% and 0.95% for both the APY and interest rate for the 18 months period.  1.34% interest rate and an APY of 1.35% for the term of 3 years and 1.98% rate and APY of 2.00% for the 7 years term. There are still many other terms that people can choose  from once they will decide to open a CD account with Discover Bank.

The Most Popular CITI Forward Credit Card for College Students

Wednesday, September 5th, 2012

College students are always in need of financial assistance because of unexpected payments and purchases. Most college students are away from their parents so it’s convenient for them to have a credit card that provides allowances during cash crunches. One credit card that students can count on is CITI Bank’s Forward credit card for college students.

About CITI Bank

CITI Bank is a bank that operates not only in America but also worldwide. The services they have include credit and debit cards, loans whether individual or business loans, mortgages, investments, and many more. Those who need these services should not hesitate to check on CITI Bank because they will definitely be able to get the answer or solution they need.

The purchase APR or annual percentage rate reduction is up to 2% when the credit card account holder will make a purchase under the credit limit and will pay three cycles of billing period on time. This will mean that 0.25% will be the reduction by quarter. College students can take advantage of this up to 8 times. Just imagine how much they will save when they will get their APR reduction. In terms of bonuses, holders can earn as much as 1,200 points. This will then be converted into a dollar per 5 points or as they call it as Thank you points. Each point earned will really make a difference especially when the student owner will often use his or her credit card and will pay on time.

If you are a college student now, be sure to avail and apply for this Forward credit card by CITI bank because it will definitely be of big help to your pockets.

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