Everyday Experience with Oxford Bank’s College Rewards VISA Card

College is a time to learn independence and that includes being able to manage ones finances responsibly. One way to gain financial knowledge and maturity is by owning your very own credit card. College students can definitely benefi from having their own credit cards because it can help them whenever they come across a cash crunch. With so many things to pay for such as food, lodging, books, projects and other miscellaneous expenses, it’s only practical to have an extra line of credit rather than having to call dad back home. So what credit card would be perfect for college students today?

About Oxford Bank

Oxford Bank was established in the year 1884 and continues to grow in services as well as in number. Today, they are one of the most accomplished banks not just in their services but also in providing help to the community. For those students who want to get help from them with regards to credit cards, they would definitely have something to offer.

College Rewards VISA Card

Those who want to be members of this card should know what are its perks and features. Even for those who have limited credit history can still apply and get this card. It is very convenient to use with redeemable awards if one will be able to collect 1500 points. This card has no annual fee which is just appropriate for those students who actually have limits with their budget. The APR or annual percentage rate ranges between 11.99% and 20.99%. And when there are enough points, the account holders can choose among the reward options such as travel, gift certificates, cash, and a lot more.

In conclusion, this college rewards VISA card by Oxford Bank is clearly appropriate for students who are starting to live and act on their own especially with regards to the financial aspect of life.

Features of Republic Bank’s VISA Credit Card

Want a credit card with no annual fee? Then you should apply for Republic Bank’s VISA credit card. Credit cards are a necessity for many people nowadays because it provides convenience as well as extra funds when you’re in a cash crunch. It’s even common to have not just one but two or three cards as long as you can afford it.

If there is one card that people should consider getting, its the VISA credit card by Republic Bank. This bank has excelled in providing the highest quality and level of banking standards. Its reputation is known all over the nation as one of the best. They offer services that would really help their clients very well like the credit cards they have, mortgages, loans, checking accounts, health savings, certificate of deposits, and a lot more. They do not just cater with personal banking but also with business and commercial finances.

VISA Credit Card

One of the best products they have is Republic Bank’s VISA credit card. This is a kind of credit card with no annual feit giving their account holders the luxury of not having to be charged at the end or start of the year. Aside from this, account holders can easily access their accounts on the internet and keep abreast with their billing statements. Clients  are assured that their finances and other important information are safe and secured. And it has a feature that includes a 24 hour emergency cash and card replacement should you lose your card.

In terms of rates, the annual percentage rate on all purchases and cash advances is 8.45% but it can vary or change on a monthly basis depending on the Prime rate market. The dues to be paid for the card are at least 25 days prior to due date. This will be applied after closing of the billing cycle and the owner will not pay any interest on the purchases if he or she will be able to pay the entire amount or balanwit on or before the due date. With these features and rates, those who will have this credit card can really enjoy and take advantage of it.

Surprise by BB&T Visa Credit Card

Credit cards are a staple to everyone’s wallet. It’s the modern cash that allows you to pay for each and every purchase without having to bring bills around. This is why it’s important to get a card that’s recognized by as much establishments as possible.

One of the banks that offer great deals and features when it comes to credit cards is BB&T. They never compromise the quality of the products and services they have. They make sure that every client is attended to especially when it  comes to their finances. One of the services that BB&T has to offer is their Visa credit card.

Terms and Features

BB&T Visa credit card has no annual fee that most card holders are concerned about. Large annual fees can come as  an unpleasant surprise every start of the year. With BB&T’s Visa credit card however, you need not worry about extra charges on your card. This is the main reason why many are getting credit cards from this financial institution. The introductory APR or the annual percentage rate is zero on all balance transfers and purchases for the first year.  After the introductory twelve months, the fixed or low variable APR ranges from 8.15% to 15.90%. In terms of paying the card holder’s due, he or she is given 25 days to pay the entire bill.


Another reason why it’s so beneficial to use this card is because it is accepted in more than 32 million sites all around the world. You can still count on your card whether you are dining in France, or sightseeing in London. And lastly, it can give assistance to emergency and travel situations like car rental insurance and a lot more. With all these perks, there’s a lot to love with BB&T’s Visa Credit Card.

Personal Banking with Apple’s Visa Credit Card

People always want to have a convenient personal banking system that allows flexibility to compliment their busy schedules. Most people today use credit cards because it is very easy to bring and use. One swipe does the trick which is why many people and families would prefer this kind of financial convenience. Credit cards allow you to pay for purchases even if you don’t have the actual cash on hand just yet. This advantage is what makes credit cards an essential tool in daily living.

Available today is the Apple Visa credit card program wherein convenience meets the financial needs of the people. Their main goal is to give their clients and future customers a better program and concept of banking which people greatly need.

With the Apple Platinum Visa credit card, holders or card owners will not have to worry about the annual fee because there is none. There are also no fees for cash advances as well as for the check transactions. They also have travel accident insurance for their clients and a grace period of 25 days on all purchases the credit card holders will make. On the other hand, the annual percentage rates they have for their credit cards are as low as 5.74%. Lately, Apple Banking has also introduced a program for their clients in designing their own credit cards. The owners and holders can now customize their cards to whatever design they want and this is for free. If owners would want to put a picture of their faces then they can definitely do it. This is indeed an enjoyable way of making their clients happy and satisfied with the credit card programs they offer.

Explore The World With The United Mileage Plus Card

Frequent fliers get the most important source of miles from credit cards. Owning a credit card for this purpose lets you strike two birds with one stone – you get to earn miles for your flights, car rental and even hotels, plus you can also get the same miles from usual credit card purchases.

Chase bank co-brands with United and the result is the United Mileage Plus Card. If your preferred airline happens to be associated with this frequent flyer program, then this card’s perfect.

Getting More Air Miles

Just in your first year alone, up to 40,000 bonus miles can be yours. How’s this done? After your first card use, you get rewarded with 25,000 bonus miles. For your next use, you earn additional bonus points of up to 5,000. This same reward can be yours if you add one authorized user of the card within 2 months from opening your account.

Once you qualify for this, the bonus miles will be posted to the account.

But that’s not all. Additionally, you can get 10,000 points whenever you spend a minimum of $25,000 and above annually.

Great Savings

There is no annual fee within the first year of use with this card. This means you get to save $95. APR is only at a low 15.24% APR.

Exclusive perks from United flights are part of the deal as well. On your first bag, you and a companion can check them in absolutely free. Again, this amounts to $50 worth of savings for a round trip flight.

You can also get access to the United club two times a year. And when you make purchases from United, every dollar you spend gives you 1 mile. Similarly, you earn 2 miles when you use the card to purchase tickets from United. As long as you’re a cardmember, your miles will never expire.

Chase bank assures your safety because they provide travel protection benefits exclusive to cardholders. It also includes full coverage of primary auto rental.

How to Qualify

To get your own Unite Mileage Card, you will be evaluated if you are eligible for a Visa Signature card. If so, you will automatically be considered for Visa Platinum.
Application can be done online just by filling out their forms and submitting documents required. Once you’re done and approved, you are free to use the new credit line from there on. Finally, a great way to earn more miles from each travel you make, and it’s only from The United Mileage Plus Card.