Cash Back Offers with Chase Freedom Credit Card

Credit cards are now good as cash especially since the number of establishments who accept this mode of payment is now steadily growing. Being able to pay for purchases such as groceries, gas and entertainment with just one swipe has proven to be so convenient that consumers are clamoring to have not just one but multiple credit card accounts. If you’re looking for another card to add to your wallet, you may want to consider getting one from Chase.

Right now Chase is offering the Chase Freedom credit card that features a lot of cash back rewards that are truly enticing. How do the credit card holders acquire or gain the cash backs? The first is the 5% cash back which can be earned by acquiring 4% on bonus categories and 1% on all purchases. Any cardholder can have this as long as the card account is not in default. This cash back can be spent up to $1,500 bonus in any categories offered by Chase. Next is the $100 cash back. When owners of the card will earn 10,000 bonus points or will make a total of $500 on all purchases for the first three months of opening the account then he or she will be able to redeem it into cash. This is another great benefit for those who love to shop.

On the other hand, the pricing and terms are very agreeable. For the first 15 months, a 0% introductory APR is offered on all balance transfers as well as the purchases. After the introductory period, 12.99%-22.99% is the variable APR. There are also no annual fees which makes the card easy on the pocket. There’s a lot to love with Chase, so why not go get one now.

Chase Disney Premier Visa Credit Card Makes Magical Dreams Come True

The newest credit card offering from Chase will surely bring smiles to everyone. Partnered and backed-up by no less than the Walt Disney Company, their latest premier visa card lets members enjoy the perks and the magic that comes exclusively with it.

Incredible Benefits

• New and first-time card members will surely get the most out of this card’s special cash back promotion. After using your card for any purchase or balance transfer for the first time, you will earn $100 which will be credited to your account.

• When you use your card for purchases at any grocery stores, gasoline stations, restaurants, and Disney locations, you automatically earn reward dollars of 2%. For example, spending $100 worth of purchases at any of these establishments will give you $2 in cash credits.

• All purchases of different categories than those mentioned get 1% cash back on every purchase.

• An introductory APR of 0% will be rewarded to you once you apply for any Disney vacation packages. The package must be valued between $101 to $10,000. This limited introductory APR will only last for 6 months. After this time frame, the APR will be placed at a variable rate of 14.24%.

• Enjoy super savings when you use your card at any Disney store. For purchases amounting to $50 or more, a 10% discount can be offered to you at selected Walt Disney World Resorts, as well as at the Disneyland Resort. You can also enjoy up to 20% discount on guided tours at any of the establishments mentioned.

• When you dine at the Disneyland resort, use your card to earn you 10% off on your total bill.

• Aside from discounted vacation packages, the cardholder may also choose to redeem Disney reward points on toys, DVDs, books, games, accessories, clothes, resort stays and dining.

• When you purchase airline tickets using your Disney premier visa, you get dollar rewards through redemption from your statement credit.

• Being a private cardmember, you get to enjoy exclusive meet-and-greet opportunities with some of the most beloved Disney characters.

• The credit card comes in eight unique designs for you to choose from.


• Annual maintenance fee for this card is $49.

• To receive the $100 statement credit, you will have to wait for 6-8 weeks.

Despite the cons of owning this card, the benefits will certainly appeal to those who are fans of Disney products, theme parks, or those who have children who share the same passion for them as well.

Business as Usual with Chase Ink Bold Credit Card

Every successful business idea needs to have good business plan. And an important part of that plan is having a good business credit. The new Chase Ink Bold Charge Card offers just that, plus more in terms of rewards, bonus points, and benefits from which you can be sure to use in the expansion of your business.

What’s in it for you?

Imagine faster reward accumulation with every business transaction. The Chase Ink Bold Charge Card lets you earn not just one, but 5 times more points with every $1 you spend annually on wireless and cable services, supply stores for your office needs, plus landline communications. All these should be within the first $50,000 you spend yearly on such items.

Dealing with foreign transactions can be such a headache. However, this credit card offers savings of up to 3% on all purchases from outside the country because of their zero foreign transaction fee. Just like popping an aspirin for that migraine.

Getting around to those weekly meetings and out-of-town trips can be exhausting, but the Chase Ink Bold Charge card lets you forget all the hassle. In fact, the more you travel, the more you earn points. You get up to 2 times rewards points for on the first $50,000 you will have spent yearly, exclusive only to gas purchases and hotel stays.

As for your other purchases, you still get to earn 1 point for every dollar you spend – without limits.

Other Perks

Having an excellent credit record lets you have a financial fallback for when your own business need extra money. The no overlimit fee from the Chase Ink Bold card becomes handy in such unexpected times of financial need. You get to have flexibility with your spending limit, without having to worry about interest charges – because there aren’t any. Just make sure you pay your balance in full monthly, and you’re all set. Keep in mind however, that they require penalty fees for late or return payments.

The offer comes with employee cards – for free! This way, you can customize the spending limits for each individual, while you earn even more points.

You are also entitled to unrestricted travel anywhere from any flight. You are also assured that there are no blackout dates, so you can stay on schedule with all your business appointments.

Once you get to any of the affiliated airport lounges, you are given exclusive privileges such as complimentary drinks and snacks, conference rooms, Internet access, and so much more. You can keep an eye on the business matters you left behind with their complimentary phone and fax services as well.

Staying on the business track has never been this easy.