3.811% APR for 30-Year Fixed Mortgage from Crestline Funding

Most people don’t really know the difference between credit unions and banks, when in reality, even the smallest credit unions can give the banks a run for their money. This is because credit unions tend not to focus on profit, but rather on service. This is also the reason why rates at credit unions can be lower than conventional banks when it comes to mortgage.

This is exactly the principle that Crestline Funding, like most credit unions, adhere to. According to the Credit Union Mortgage Association, today’s 30-year fixed mortgage rate is fixed at an average of 4.143%. But Crestline Funding offers even lower rates than that standard. At 3.811% APR, you can significantly save hundreds of dollars in the long run. Any deal is a great deal when you get to save, so if you’re thinking of doing repairs in your home early this year, or even buying a new one at that, you might as well grab the opportunity now.

Rates Comparison

Here is a list of how competitive Crestline Funding’s APR rates are in terms of the standard given by the Credit Union Mortgage association:

Credit Union Mortgage Association

30-year fixed – 4.143%
15 year fixed – 3.750%

Crestline Funding

30-year fixed – 3.811%
15 year fixed – 3.358%

As can be seen, you can get more value for your money because of the very low APRs. Plus, Crestline Funding offers 96.5% financing, so you won’t have to worry about shouldering more than you can pay for. These low-rates are possible all because they are a direct lending group. Unlike banks or other real estate agencies, Crestline Funding eliminates third parties, so you won’t have to pay for the middle men.

In order to apply for a loan, you can ask for a free quote on all you mortgage needs on their site. An application form is also given where they can assess your needs, depending on which type of loan you prefer, and on your credit history. If you’re not satisfied with that, they offer live assistance from their online agents where you can openly talk to them regarding your concerns. Doing the deal online provides an avenue for a more convenient and hassle-free way of negotiation.

The Crestline Funding group offers no cost loans upon closing a deal, nor do they assign points for each loan you make. They only offer interest loans, making sure you have no extra surcharges in end.

Aside from fixed loans, they also offer refinance loans, purchase loans, reverse mortgages, home equity loans, jumbo loans, VA and FHA loans.

As with other credit unions, you know your money is safe as you are insured very much like banks do.

With these low rates and great service offers, you wouldn’t have to think twice about buying that new house again.

Mortgage Capital Associates Offer Nation’s Best Mortgage Rates

Mortgage rates are already at an all time low with the economy bringing the housing market down. This makes it the best time for home buyers and refinancers to avail of extremely low rates. Despite the nationwide decrease in housing loan rates, consumers should still be on the lookout for the best deals available.

Today, one of the nation’s best mortgage rates are being offered by Mortgage Capital Associates. Currently, they are offering a 3.875% rate on a 30-year fixed loan which is incredibly low as compared to the national average of 4.29%. Other rates from Mortgage Capital Associates is 3.250% for a 15 year mortgage and 2.75% for a 5/1 ARM.

Mortgage Capital Associates have been in business for 25 years and is one of the nation’s top 200 lenders. MCA has also been one of the first few lenders who used the Internet as a way of marketing the firm. They made it easy for consumers research mortgage rates and get the assistance that they needed. Today, MCA lives up to its mission by providing a quick quote feature on their website where only minimal information is needed for a quote to be obtained.

One of the best things about Mortgage Capital Associates is that it is currently operating and licensed in 38 states within America making themselves more available to their consumers.

To top it all off, it is possibly to apply for a loan online by simply filling up their online form. They also provide a number wherein you can call them anytime and they will have a customer representative assist you.

Mortgage Capital Associates surely beats other mortgage lenders in terms of rates. It also offers the usual online services that bigger lenders are offering. However, it is always best to keep researching for the right lender who can help make the loan or refinance process easy for you. Just make sure not to look too long since the current mortgage rates make it ideal to lock in now.

Aimloan.com Offers Lowest Mortgage Rates!

We all know that mortgage rates are dipping lower and lower with the current status of the economy. Although a bleak economy can mean bad things for individuals, one of the positive sides to it is the availability of low mortgage rates. If you’ve recognized the opportunity of getting a new mortgage or refinancing now, then these low mortgage rates are certainly good news for you.

One of the lowest mortgage rates available is from Aimloan.com. Currently, they are offering an extremely low rate of 3.625% on a fixed 30-year mortgage. This is much lower than the national average of 4.3% which is already down 3 points from last week. Aimloan also bagged the lowest mortgage rates for July, and is apparently remaining to be one of the best providers for discounted mortgage rates.

Aimloan.com was founded in 1998 as an Internet Direct Lender which was aimed to use technology in a way that will bring down costs, thus returning more to their investors through offering lower interest rates. Their system eliminates the need for a mortgage broker and a commissioned loan officer which are some of the highest cost components of the mortgage process. Up to this day, Aimloan has funded over 33,000 customers reaching a total of $9 billion in mortgages. It is also available in 46 states nationwide.

Other mortgage rates from Aimloan include:

* 15 year fixed mortgage at $417,000 – 2.875%
* 5/1 ARM at $417,000 – 2.00%
* 30 year fixed mortgage at $625,500 – 3.750%

Aimloan is also federal and state regulated and remains in good standing with regulatory agencies such as Freddie Mac, Fannie Mae and 46 other State Licensing Agencies. Finally, one of the best things about Aimloan is that it features a user friendly application that can be completed in just 20 minutes. Loan approval is also automated and can be seen in just 60 seconds.

Don’t miss out on the chance to get a loan at extremely juicy rates. With Aimloan’s low rates and fast approval, you’ll be getting a good deal on a home that would otherwise take you longer to pay off.

Mortgage Rates Expect More Volatility This Week

The roller coaster ride that is the US economy will be seeing more twists and turns this coming week. Last week, mortgage rates and treasury bonds experienced the lowest point last Wednesday, but picked up a few notches on Thursday and Friday. The low point came as a reaction to Standard and Poor’s change of rating. More volatility is expected this week and rate shoppers are just going to have to roll with the ride.

Mortgage rates are trending lower these past few weeks however, it has been noted to have its spikes especially when outside forces such as the Federal Reserve or the U.S. Government steps in. In the meantime, mortgage rate shoppers and interested real estate investors can have an early holiday with discounted rates much like Christmas sales.

Here is a list of banks with low mortgage rates to choose from:

1.Tri Counties Bank – 4.063%
2. Aimloan.com – 4.117% APR
3. Mortgage Capital – 4.125%
4. American Financial Resources Inc. – 4.125%
5. Aurora Bank – 4.170% APR
6. Investors Savings Bank – 4.172%
7. Rate Rabbit – 4.206%
8. American Interbank.com – 4.250%
9. Glendale Mortgage – 4.297%
10. Citizen’s Financial Bank – 4.359%

All rates are for 30 year fixed mortgages. The national average is 4.46%, so all rates presented above are below the average rates. Not all banks and rates are available in all states. Availability can be checked online. Although an economic turmoil generally spell bad news, this could also be a good time to buy investments such as stocks, and of course, real estate. Take advantage of these low rates while they’re still around.