Direct and Convenient Mortgage Rates at AimLoan

Mortgages rates and loans are crucial for people who are in great need of their own place. This is especially true today when hardly anyone can buy real estate for spot cash. Mortgages makes acquiring your own home so much easier. One of the best places to look for a suitable mortgage is AimLoan.

Families who are just starting up will be happy to know what AimLoan has to offer them. It is never easy for people to immediately trust any financial institution especially when it comes to important matters such as mortgages. However, Aimloan has provided great rates and offers with a good reputation. Aimloan is actually an Internet direct lender that was founded and established in the year 1998. They provide lower cost, direct, and convenient means and mortgages for their clients and customers. They have funded over 12 billion dollars all throughout the United States and up to now the companies assets and accounts continue to grow.

Mortgage Rates

The current rates they have as of June 6, 2012 are the following. For those who want the 30 year term, it a rate of 3.257 with an APR of 3.407 is offered. The 20 year fixed term will have an APR of 3.381 and a rate of 3.125. What makes the 30 and 20 year fixed rate mortgage good choices is the fact that the payments will remain the same all throughout the whole term. In this case, those who will be getting the mortgages will know what exact amount they will be paying. On the other hand, many people also like AimLoan because it is very easy for them to apply and wait for the approval of the mortgage. People can also check their website and easily track the current rates which are very important to consider when planning on getting a mortgage loan. Offers Lowest Mortgage Rates!

We all know that mortgage rates are dipping lower and lower with the current status of the economy. Although a bleak economy can mean bad things for individuals, one of the positive sides to it is the availability of low mortgage rates. If you’ve recognized the opportunity of getting a new mortgage or refinancing now, then these low mortgage rates are certainly good news for you.

One of the lowest mortgage rates available is from Currently, they are offering an extremely low rate of 3.625% on a fixed 30-year mortgage. This is much lower than the national average of 4.3% which is already down 3 points from last week. Aimloan also bagged the lowest mortgage rates for July, and is apparently remaining to be one of the best providers for discounted mortgage rates. was founded in 1998 as an Internet Direct Lender which was aimed to use technology in a way that will bring down costs, thus returning more to their investors through offering lower interest rates. Their system eliminates the need for a mortgage broker and a commissioned loan officer which are some of the highest cost components of the mortgage process. Up to this day, Aimloan has funded over 33,000 customers reaching a total of $9 billion in mortgages. It is also available in 46 states nationwide.

Other mortgage rates from Aimloan include:

* 15 year fixed mortgage at $417,000 – 2.875%
* 5/1 ARM at $417,000 – 2.00%
* 30 year fixed mortgage at $625,500 – 3.750%

Aimloan is also federal and state regulated and remains in good standing with regulatory agencies such as Freddie Mac, Fannie Mae and 46 other State Licensing Agencies. Finally, one of the best things about Aimloan is that it features a user friendly application that can be completed in just 20 minutes. Loan approval is also automated and can be seen in just 60 seconds.

Don’t miss out on the chance to get a loan at extremely juicy rates. With Aimloan’s low rates and fast approval, you’ll be getting a good deal on a home that would otherwise take you longer to pay off.

4.488% Mortgage Rate From AimLoan This July!

We’ve just arrived at the start of July and it’s always interesting to see what a new month holds for mortgage rates. At the close of last month, our leading contender was Ever Bank with a low rate of 4.238% on a 30 year fixed mortgage. Now, Ever Bank’s rates have risen to nearly 3 points with a 4.500% rate on the same mortgage.

With Ever bank out of the lead, a new contender for low mortgages arises with 4.488% from Sure it’s still higher than last month’s 4.2, but nevertheless, it’s still the lowest we’ve got at this start of the month.

Aside from the 4.488% with the 30 year fixed mortgage, Aimloan provides a 3.250% rate on a 15 year fixed mortgage, and 2.250% rate for a 5/1 ARM. These rates do vary depending on the amount of loan you decide to take on. Finding out just how much (or how little) your rate will be is convenient since a rate calculator is available at their website. is an Internet direct lender using technology to provide lower rates and more convenient service to their customers. It’s system eliminates the mortgage broker and the loan officer, allowing consumers to save on costs. Plus, automatic underwriting services further decrease costs. Since it’s beginnings in the ripe year of 1998, has since funded over $9 billion to about 33,000 customers. It is federal and state regulated and is licensed with Freddie Mac, Fannie Mae and 46 state licensing agencies. is available to almost anyone nationwide, serving a good 46 states with just a few clicks of the mouse. Service is unbelievably fast as it only takes 20 minutes to complete an online application, plus approval comes in just 60 seconds! Talk about speed.

Since recognizes the need for quality service, customer service is dedicated in helping you get the loan that you need without the added hassles. With their competitive rates and ease of use, Aimloan can be every American’s answer to their dreams.