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Better Mortgage Choices and Rates from Amerisave

Wednesday, May 9th, 2012

Americans can greatly benefit from the best mortgage rates so that they will be able to get and acquire the house of their dreams. As we all know the United States is currently facing many financial problems from unemployment, lack of retirement funding, tight medical budgets, and depressed housing markets. Because owners simply could not come up with mortgage payments, many houses have headed for foreclosure.

But everybody needs a home, and low real estate markets may actually be a good thing. With low prices and affordable mortgage rates, things are looking up for those who want to acquire a new home.

One company that is offering the best deal in terms of mortgage is Amerisave. This is one insurance and financial organizations in the United States that is considered to be a fast growing company, providing affordable financing for many families today. Their main goal is to provide accurate and low mortgage rates and exceptional or outstanding services to its present and future customers. So what are the rates given by Amerisave? For those who are interested in getting the best mortgage rate, here’s a sample computation.

Borrowers who will be getting loans of more than $417,000 will have a 30 year fixed rate of 3.250 and an APR or an annual percentage rate of 3.391. These are the rates if they do choose the 30 year fixed period. Those who will be choosing the 15 year fixed, will have a rate of 2.750 and an APR of 2.888 while the 7 year ARM will have a rate of 1.750 and an APR of 2.922. These are just some the Amerisave mortgage rates that will really help a lot of people get more affordable financing schemes for their homes. What makes this company a good choice is the fact that they have a lot of options that interested individuals can select from and these options will surely be of big help to many people.

The Best Mortgage Rates and Deals at Loan Depot

Saturday, May 5th, 2012

It’s a fact that the real estate industry in America has been hit badly by the recession in the past few years. Many families had to give up their houses simply because they could no longer pay for the heavy mortgage. But on the other hand, there are still many people who are in need of a good home, and in order to keep paying for the houses they dream of, it’s strategic to get a mortgage with the best mortgage rates.

When people make loans, the deciding factor will usually depend on the lowest mortgage interest rates so that they can adjust to the payments that their monthly financial assets will be able to cover. One of the companies that offer the best deals in terms of mortgage rates is Loan Depot. This lending company has been doing transactions for over twenty five years, and they have helped many families acquire their own houses to transform into a home. They offer mortgage loans with affordable rates, and will surely be of big help to those who are interested.

Mortgage Advantages from Loan Depot

First, they offer a thirty year fixed mortgage which is a good option for those who are just starting out. The longer the term, the easier the monthly responsibility will be. On the other hand, they also offer other choices such as the 10 year, 15 year, and the 20 year period options. It will just be up to the borrowers to get what type of mortgage they prefer.

Another advantage with Loan Depot is that the mortgagor can place as little as 5% down payment, this is a great deal for those who don’t have a lump sum in hand, but who do have enough monthly income to cover the payments.

Finally, loan depot have federally insured FHA fixed rate loan programs with as little as 3% down payment only.

If you are looking for the best mortgage interest deals then you should be checking out Loan Depot. Application forms are available online for your own convenience; they also have a hotline that will provide all necessary information needed when getting a mortgage loan.

Homebuyers this year are in for much better advantages than prospective buyers in the past. This is because the market in homes now enjoys lower rates and prices. If you’re thinking about making your first purchase this year, then you’re in the right track. And Seckel Capital Mortgages will help you through the process by their current rate offers.

Competitive Rates for Your New Home

This week’s national average climbed to 4.04% for a 30-year fixed mortgage. At Seckel Capital, you’ll be getting one of the best deals in town. At a rate of 3.875% and an APR of 3.965%, this definitely places SC mortgages among the top lenders out there. This is also the best rate Seckel Capital provides among the other mortgage terms it offers.

For a 15-year fixed mortgage, the rate is placed at 3.250% and an APR of 3.409%. This is applicable for loans that amount to a maximum amount of $417,000.

Adjustable rates are available for those who are looking for more volatility in their monthly payables. A 5/1 ARM has a rate of 3.375%, while its APR is at 3.462%. The adjustable rate for a 7-year term has a rate and APR of 3.500% and 3.588% respectively.

FHA loans are a great way to obtain a loan that consumers would otherwise be unable to afford. These is backed-up by the government and is a great way to allow people reach their housing goals. Seckel Capital has 30-year and 15-year FHA loans. The rate for the former is at 3.875% while its APR is fixed at 3.966%. On the other hand, 15-year FHA loans set a rate of 3.250% and APR of 3.409%.

Loans of up to $625,500 are also available. The terms and their corresponding rates are as follows:

Rate APR

Super/Conf 30 4.125% 4.161%
Super/Conf 15 3.750% 3.814%
Super/Conf/5/1 3.375% 3.552%

For your specific mortgage needs, you can make use of the mortgage calculator found in their website to determine your monthly payments. Application is very easy as you need to do is set-up an online account to have your loan processed. Once everything is set in order, your desired housing loan can be approved in as early as 21 days.

Seckel Capital is very confident that they have the lowest rates available because they challenge the consumers to find a lender with a much lesser quote than what they offer. If the customers are successful in doing so, SC mortgage might even lower their own offer.

If that doesn’t sound like a good deal, then we don’t know what is.

Get Low Mortgage Rates with Provident Credit Union

Wednesday, February 1st, 2012

Mortgage rates are expected to remain low. This is due in part to the volatility of politics and economic factors. Forecast has it, rates will be steady at 4.00% to 4.30% Thus, keeping an eye out for high-interest deals is very important, as this can help you move your money wisely.

One lending institution that offers significantly lower interest Mortgage rates is Provident Credit Union. Currently, they provide an interest rate of 3.500% to 3.875%, and an APR of 3.699% to 3.910%. These variable rates depend on the type of discount you will incur.

About the Rates

Provident Credit Union has several mortgage schemes to offer. The most striking feature for each type is what they call the “hybrid” loan. It works like a combination of a fixed rate loan and an adjustable rate loan – all in one mortgage plan.

For example, you set yourself up for a three-year mortgage. In this regard, you are expected to pay the fixed interest. After this time period, you can then convert the mortgage plan into an adjustable rate, and earn a new APR and interest rate at that.

Why is this payment scheme better than the conventional? It is because the flexibility of being able to change into a different mortgage plan may help in saving you a lot of money. In other lending firms, once you choose a fixed interest rate, you are expected to pay the same APR until you fully pay the loan. ARM loan-types typically carry the risk of rising or falling along with the economy, so if you choose a pure ARM type loan, you have to take the risks that come along with it.

However, with this hybrid loan, you can have the chance to pay less. Let’s say after three or five years the mortgage economy will be at its peak. Then switching to the ARM type is really a good deal. However, if it has been continuously down in the money market dumps, you can still save your mortgage and continue to pay lesser-than-average rates at that time.

If you check their website, you can see that their rates are lower than the national average. You might also notice that there is a table for discounts. This determines the variability of your rates. In order to get lower rates, you must pay a certain amount of money upon your loan closing, upfront. Even if you get to pay a large amount of money at the closing, you will enjoy lower rates thereafter.

Even when predictions state that mortgages are facing a dim future this month,Provident Credit Union remains steadfast, and from the looks of their competitive rates, it clearly knows what it is doing.

Mortgage rates are already at an all time low with the economy bringing the housing market down. This makes it the best time for home buyers and refinancers to avail of extremely low rates. Despite the nationwide decrease in housing loan rates, consumers should still be on the lookout for the best deals available.

Today, one of the nation’s best mortgage rates are being offered by Mortgage Capital Associates. Currently, they are offering a 3.875% rate on a 30-year fixed loan which is incredibly low as compared to the national average of 4.29%. Other rates from Mortgage Capital Associates is 3.250% for a 15 year mortgage and 2.75% for a 5/1 ARM.

Mortgage Capital Associates have been in business for 25 years and is one of the nation’s top 200 lenders. MCA has also been one of the first few lenders who used the Internet as a way of marketing the firm. They made it easy for consumers research mortgage rates and get the assistance that they needed. Today, MCA lives up to its mission by providing a quick quote feature on their website where only minimal information is needed for a quote to be obtained.

One of the best things about Mortgage Capital Associates is that it is currently operating and licensed in 38 states within America making themselves more available to their consumers.

To top it all off, it is possibly to apply for a loan online by simply filling up their online form. They also provide a number wherein you can call them anytime and they will have a customer representative assist you.

Mortgage Capital Associates surely beats other mortgage lenders in terms of rates. It also offers the usual online services that bigger lenders are offering. However, it is always best to keep researching for the right lender who can help make the loan or refinance process easy for you. Just make sure not to look too long since the current mortgage rates make it ideal to lock in now.

6 Smart Tips To Get The Best Mortgage

Monday, April 25th, 2011

Home mortgages can stick around for as long as 30 years. Don’t regret the mortgage you got yourself into because of lack of research. Here are six smart moves you can do before getting a mortgage. These steps just might save you thousands of dollars.

1. Scrutinize Your Credit Report

It’s common knowledge that a good credit score can lead to lower mortgage rates. So before applying for a loan, make sure your credit score is accurate. You can do this by scrutinizing credit reports from the three major credit-reporting bureaus and check the information that they have recorded. It is possible that some discrepancies could be present that can affect your credit score. Checking and verifying just might get you that lower rate.

2. Look for the best mortgage rate

Aside from getting your credit score ready, a big chunk of getting a good mortgage is from the rate that the lending institution can give. There are thousands of lenders and banks that can give you a loan, don’t be shy to look for the best rates. Start by checking online reports of the best mortgage rates available in your state.

3. Get Pre-approved

Getting yourself preapproved from your lending institution of choice can give you a clear idea of just how much you can borrow. The institution will evaluate your information and they will give you how much they can give you. Plus, getting preapproved can establish your credibility with sellers and real estate agents who will look at how you can get financing.

4. Find out how much you can afford

Most people can get drawn by beautiful houses they just cant afford. Be realistic when shopping for homes and be aware of external factors such as association fees and maintenance costs. This could greatly affect your monthly budget and there’s no way to cut down on these costs once you’ve got yourself into it.

5. Decide if buying down the interest rate is practical

One way to get the interest rate down is by paying discount points on the mortgage. What happens here is that you pay money up front in exchange for a lower interest rate for the rest of the loan term.

One point equals 1% of your loan. If you’re borrowing $200,000, then a point would cost you $2,000. Each point can take off one-eighth to one-quarter of a percentage point off your rate.

Buying down the rate is only useful if you plan to stay in that home for the long term. Also this is feasible if you do have the extra cash at hand.

6. Strike a deal with Sellers

Another way to bring down your interest rate is by negotiating with sellers to let them pay the points. Paying points can cost less for sellers than reducing the price of their home. This can be an effective way to solve negotiations on pricing. It’s both advantageous to the buyer and the seller as well.

Doing a little extra work can mean major savings. And for something as big as getting a home loan, taking that added measure should be well worth your time.