Financial Independence Day Sale: ING’s Electric Orange Checking Account Promotion

ING Direct is a financial company that aims to help people save money in any means they can since they know people and families would want to save enough in order for them to be at least prepared for the future. People have become aware of the possible financial difficulties they face which is why many are looking for good deals when it comes to new accounts. Opening a checking account in ING Direct is very easy and simple just as long the minimum amount is met.

Fortunately, ING direct has something in store for Independence Day. The bank calls this the Financial Independence Day Sale with the Electric Orange checking account. They are offering this to people who are looking for free checking accounts or no checking fees. Those who will be opening an electric orange checking account will get or earn a bonus $76 and another $76 reward if ever there will be a switch. So in this case, a total of $152 dollars will be accredited for just opening a new checking account. Other features in this promo are no fees for overdrafts and monthly payments.

How This Works

For a person to avail of this promotion, he or she should open an electric orange account from June 30th to July 3rd of this year. The first $76 bonus will be rewarded when the account owner will make five total purchases using the electric orange card within the first 45 days. The purchases can be PIN based or signature base. Once the five purchases are done, the $76 reward will be deposited to the owner’s account by August 22, 2012. The next $76 is for switching. What is this then? The holder of the checking account should set up a Direct Deposit. After opening one, he or she should have two direct deposits amounting to at least $250 by August 31st. When this is successfully done, the bonus will then be deposited directly to the same account by September 10, 2012. This is how simple one can earn $152 and thus people should hurry opening this checking account now before it ends.

Get A $50 Bonus at ING Direct Electric Orange Checking Account

Banking transactions have evolved from having to go to brick and mortar banks to getting the transaction done online. One of the online services many people are enjoying right now is the electronic orange checking account by ING Direct. Before anything else, who is ING Direct?

ING Direct is a financial company in the United States that was purchased by Capital One on February 17, 2012. This is a company that offers online transactions for people and members to save time and effort in their banking transactions. The website and customer service is available 24/7 whether on phone or through email providing convenience to their members. ING Direct is also FDIC insured.

Their services range from loans, mortgages, savings, and electronic checking accounts. And right now, they are offering a $50 bonus for those who will be opening an ING Direct electronic orange checking account.

ING Direct Electric Orange Checking Account

One advantage of the ING Direct Electric Orange Checking account is that it offers a good interest rate. It also does not have fees minimums. You also get to make use of over 35,000 ATMS making sure you can withdraw anytime, anywhere.

So how do you get the $50 bonus after opening a checking account? The process is simple. Just make three card purchases or person to person payments or whatever combination between the two, and make sure to do this within 45 days of opening the account. Once these transactions are done, you can expect the $50 bonus to be automatically credited to your account on day 50. This how easy the whole process is. Try it now.

Best Online Savings Account – November 2009

CD rates have constantly been dropping over the last several months but online savings accounts have somewhat stabilized. Some banks have even seen their savings rates increase from all time lows. Etrade, had a yield of 0.60% APY for the last few months but since has seen its interest rate increase to 0.95% APY, not a huge increase but still an improvement.

An online savings account functions the same way as a money market account but the main notable benefits of the online savings account are their flexibility, lucrative returns and FDIC protection. Most of these online savings accounts can be managed from anywhere nationwide, which makes them even more noticeable. Many people, who have large balances in their checking account, tend to opt for these high interest savings account or checking account in order to earn some extra interest on their idle cash.

Here are the Best 3 Online Savings Accounts For November 2009:

  • EverBank – Has a promotional 2.51% APY interest rate for all balances for the first 3 months. After the first 3 months the rate drops to 1.77% APY and will be paid on balances up to $50,000. There is a monthly fee of $8.95 if your account balance falls below the $5,000 mark. A minimum opening balance of $1,500 is required.
  • WTDirect – Online savings account yields 1.51% APY on balances above $10,000. WTDirect is out of Baltimore, Maryland and is a subsidiary of Wilmington Trust Bank, which has been in business for 100 year. The yield from WTDirect has been consistently higher when compared to competing banks.
  • ING Direct – One of the first online banks around and knows the business better than most other banks. Not only did they not need a brick and mortar business, but by saving money from not having one, they are able to pass the savings to their customers. Their online savings account yields 1.30% APY. ING Direct is known to have one of the best online interfaces around.

If you know of a bank that has better online savings account rates, then please let us know.