These Discover Bank CD rates are out of date. Please check our CD Rates page for the most up to date rates from the top Banks.

You can always sign up for Discover Bank CDs.

Discover Bank is offering some of the highest CD rates in the nation. The current 12 month CD rate from Discover Bank is 1.50% APY, while the national average for the same term is around 0.83%. You can still find better rates with other lenders such as Ally Bank.

One of the advantages of going through Discover Bank for your CD is their Early Withdrawal Fees. Most banks charge hefty fees for withdrawing your money before the end of the term, such as Chase Banks Early Withdrawal Penalty. Discover Bank will only charge:

  • 3 months interest on any CD of less than one year
  • 6 months interest of terms from one year to 5 years
  • And 9 months interest of any CD greater than 5 years

Be careful for any bank’s Early Withdrawal Penalty.

Here is an example of Chase Bank’s early withdrawal penalty:

For terms of one year or more, the early withdrawal penalty is equal to $25.00 plus 3% of the amount withdrawn.

With Discover Bank the fee is pretty standard for most banks and institutions.

Here are the most popular CDs from Discover Bank

  • 3 Month CD Rates 0.65% APY 0.65%
  • 6 Month CD Rates 1.14% APY 1.15%
  • 9 Month CD Rates 1.14% APY 1.15%
  • 12 Month CD Rates 1.49% APY 1.50%
  • 18 Month CD Rates 1.59% APY 1.60%
  • 24 Month CD Rates 1.88% APY 1.90%
  • 30 Month CD Rates 2.03% APY 2.05%
  • 3 Year Bank CD Rates 2.23% APY 2.25%
  • 4 Year Bank CD Rates 2.42% APY 2.45%
  • 5 Year Bank CD Rates 2.96% APY 3.00%

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