Sometimes the best CD rates come from local Credit Unions. Most Credit Unions only allow local residents to join their union, making it difficult on finding the best CD Rates.

We have found two credit unions who offer the top rates nationally on 3 month up to 5 year certificates of deposit.

Most credit unions if they are not only open to local residents require you to qualify for their membership. For instance Boeing used to be only opened to Boeing employees and most local teachers credit unions where only opened to teachers. Many credit unions have been laxing their restrictions to gain the business of others.

To join the Fort Knox credit union all you have to do is join the American Consumer Council right on their website. Follow the instructions on becoming a member. For “Eligibility Criteria,” use the menu to click on “American Consumer Council/Kentucky Chapter.”

Joining this credit union is simple in terms of qualifying for their membership. Once you have completed the application process you will be automatically enrolled into the consumer advocacy group which will give you access to their best CD rates.

The cost for joining their credit union is $15.

The Melrose Credit Union allows all U.S. residents to join their membership and the cost is only $1

All deposits at Fort Knox and Melrose are federally insured by the NCUA (National Credit Union Administration).

You can compare these CD rates from a list of the top CDs currently being offered and see why they are on top of the list for best CD rates so far this month.

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