Variable APY Rates Offer From Nationwide Bank Proves To Be Competitive

Nationwide Bank proves that with great investing power comes bigger rewards. Their latest offering on CD rates do not only have highly competitive rates, but it also showcases the rewards you can expect by just adding a bit more to your initial CD deposit.

About the CD Terms

Laddering CD rates are not new, but it offers consumers more options on what to do with their money. Most banks and credit unions that offer certificates of deposit terms only stick to one APY for any given amount of investment, depending on the maturity term. With Nationwide Bank’s ladderized program offer, you can choose three different APYs in each maturity term offered.

Maturity – APY

$0 to $9, 999.99

3 Month Term – 0.35%
6 Month Term – 0.55%
9 Month Term – 0.60%
12 Month Term – 1.05%
18 Month Term – 1.10%
24 Month Term – 1.20%
36 Month Term – 1.40%
48 Month Term – 1.65%
60 Month Term – 1.75%

$10,000 to $99,999.99

3 Month Term – 0.35%
6 Month Term – 0.55%
9 Month Term – 0.60%
12 Month Term – 1.05%
18 Month Term – 1.10%
24 Month Term – 1.20%
36 Month Term – 1.40%
48 Month Term – 1.65%
60 Month Term – 1.75%

$100,00 and above

3 Month Term – 0.40%
6 Month Term – 0.60%
9 Month Term – 0.65%
12 Month Term – 1.10%
18 Month Term – 1.15%
24 Month Term – 1.25%
36 Month Term – 1.45%
48 Month Term – 1.70%
60 Month Term – 1.80%

Based on the national average of 0.72% for a 1-year term, Nationwide Bank’s offering definitely looks good. It even proves itself to be better than Discover Bank’s 0.90% APY, as with a number of equally big and credible companies.

These rates hold true whilst during the maturity period, and any withdrawals made earlier than the fixed date is subject to penalty. For accounts with maturity period of more than three months but less than six, the fee is calculated as 30 days interest of the withdrawn amount. For a less than 24 month-maturity term but more than six months, 90 days interest is incurred as the fee. Lastly, a two-year or higher maturity period yields an interest equal to 180 days on the same withdrawn amount.

Applying For A CD Account

In order to open a CD account, a secure online application must be done. Personal, contact, and financial information will be asked from you. In addition, the initial deposit to open an account must not be lower than $500. If you have met the figures in the investment bracket, your APY rate can go higher.

You may then choose to roll over a new account with a different term upon maturity or withdraw the whole sum.

Each CD account is federally insured up to $25,000

Overall, Nationwide Bank is a great place to lock in your CD investment. With their ladderized program and variable APYs, you can enjoy the rewards that come with such flexibility.

California First Bank on the CD Rates Leaderboard with a 1-year 1.00% APY

Certificate of deposit rates certainly have been slow in increasing their APYs lately. No significant changes have been made in the leaderboard, although California First Bank has recently notched a bit higher with their current rate offer.

How the Rates Compare

CalFirst Bank’s best CD offer comes form their 1-year term. Although it lags far behind Doral Bank and KeySource Bank’s equivalent 1.15% APY, it certainly is ahead of some notable companies such as Virtual Bank and Discover Bank.

This maturity period is perfect for a short-term investment, without taking a big risk. And because you know that their current rate is competitive, you know you’ll end up with one of the best offers in CD rates today.

CalFirst Bank’s other CD rates fare less better than their 1-year term. For example, the APY for the 3-month maturity is fixed only at 0.40%, while a 6-month term is at 0.55%. If you look at this on a national level, the best 6-month rate offer comes from AloStar and KeySource Bank. Both are offering a 0.85% APY. The best 3-month term is being offered by E-Loan, with its 0.65% APY.

CalFirst also offers 2-year and 3-year terms. The APY for the former is fixed at 1.06%, while the latter is priced at 1.15% APY.

Nevertheless, most people find that the best CD deal comes from a 1-year term. If you think this is best for you, here’s how you can apply for a CalFirst CD account:

1. Fill up the online application form with the necessary data.

2. Once done, pass the application form by clicking the submit button.

3. CalFirst will need to review your application. This may take a few hours or days.

4. Once you’ve been approved, CalFirst will send you a new account opening kit through snail mail.

5. When you receive your kit, you will find several forms for you to review. A signature card is also included for you to sign once you’ve gone over everything.

6. Send back the forms through the enclosed postage envelope included in the package.

7. As for the opening deposit, you may send a check along with the documents.

8. For further inquiries regarding the process, you may log in to their website and direct your questions to the number they provided for customer concerns.

These easy-to-follow steps and great rates make your investment truly worthy – only from CalFirst Bank.

Beal Bank Offers 1.01% CD Rate Offer for a 1-Year Term

Due to their yield, rate, and stability, certificates of deposit are among the most popular forms of investment returns anyone can have. It’s relatively low-risk, plus you can get to choose the period of time for how long you want your investment to run for.

Beal bank offers really great and competitive rates these days. There are different rates for different states, but the best offer they have is their one-year APY of 1.01%. This amazing offer is open to residents from the zip code 72205.

To get this rate, an online application is needed.

Comparison of Rates

Aside form the 1-year term, they also offer other maturity periods. For their 3-year term, the APY and interest rate are both fixed at 0.51%. A 6-month term offers 0.61%, while a 9-month maturity yields 0.71% in both APY and interest rate.

The minimum deposit required to open a CD account in Beal Bank is $1,000. This amount should be kept in the account daily for the whole period of time. Otherwise, an amount lesser than this will be regarded as early withdrawal and penalty fees will be issued.

The penalty fee for CDs of less than 1-year is either 1% of the withdrawn amount or half of the total interest that would have been incurred throughout the whole maturity term. Penalty fees for early withdrawal for more than a year CD rate is either 1% of the withdrawn amount or the total replacement cost. The amount of this replacement cost is discerned only by the bank.

The APY for each given term is incurred only after maintaining the account for the whole period of time. The disclosed rate will be paid to you upon maturity of the certificate.

When the maturity period arrives, you will have ten days to decide whether you want to withdraw the total amount or sign up for another term. If nothing is done, Beal bank does automatic renewal. This renewal term will be the same as the original. However, the interest rate and the APY at this time may change.

There are a lot of fees for every different transaction, and these may reduce your total interest yield. Be sure to minimize unnecessary transactions so that you can get the most value for your money.

About Beal Bank

Beal Bank has been in service since 1988. Currently based in Dallas, Texas, it is one of the most stable financial institutions today. Total assets are estimated to be at a $3.5 billion in excess last year.

Northpointe Bank Offers a Special CD Term with No Early Penalty Fee

Low rates are often the reason why banks fail to attract customers. However, there are those which provide flexibility and great promotions in order to help one reduce the risk of falling into a low-earning CD term. But if you find yourself wanting to withdraw your investment during the term, you may be faced with more penalty fees to pay for than your initial investment. Northpointe Bank is an exception.

Special CD Term

Northpointe Bank’s most current CD rates are listed as follows:

CD Term – (Fixed) Rates – APY

7-91 Days – 0.30% – 0.30%
92-182 Days – 0.30% – 0.30%
6-11 Months – 0.50% – 0.50%
12-17 Months – 0.65% – 0.65%
18-23 Months – 0.85% – 0.85%
24-29 Months – 1.00% – 1.00%
36-37 Months – 1.19% – 1.20%
48-59 Months – 1.59% – 1.60%
60+ Months – 1.78% – 1.80%

All these CD terms require an initial minimum deposit of $5,000. This deposit must not come from an existing Northpointe Bank account. Although these rates have a fixed APY during their period of maturity, terms ranging from 6 months up to 5 years and above can have flexible agreements if one wishes.

It is interesting to note that for the 1-year CD term, Northpointe’s 1.00% APY is much higher than the national average of 0.76%. This competitive rate already assures potential customers that their money will work just right for them.

What makes the rates even more competitive is their special early withdrawal penalty feature. This means you won’t have to pay any fee for early withdrawals after the first 30 months for terms higher than the 24-29 month maturity.

For example, a 60-month CD term can allow you to make an early withdrawal between the 30-60 month time period of the term’s maturity. This is good news when rates continue to rise. By then, you’ll end up better off with the said 60-month terms as compared to the 30-month term.

Although the bank is located in Michigan, it accepts deposits from other states. This can be done either through wire or check transfer.

All deposits made to the CD account are federally insured up to $25,000. Once maturity is reached, there is a ten-day period during which you can withdraw the total earnings or renew for another term of your choice.

In conclusion, CD rates of Northpointe Bank places very well on the national scale, although it’s overshadowed by rates from Ally Bank and CIT Bank. Despite this, Northpointe compensates for its amazing no early penalty promotion. This is something unique for banks offering different CD terms, and certainly a very desirable option in the long run.

Special 16-month CD rate offer from Texas Security Bank

Promotions for CD rates are certainly a good deal, as saving up for a rainy day can give you sunnier days ahead. Texas Security Bank has been one of the few financial companies that continue to offer competitive rates. But now, it seems that this Dallas giant has its game face on. We’re talking about its special 16-month CD rate promotion.

How the Rate Compares

Think about it. The National CD rate average for a 1-year term is 0.77%. But with Texas Security Bank, an additional 4 months in your CD deposit can get you a relatively high yield of 1.60%. This is certainly a thing of joy for anyone who wants to grow money in just a short amount of time.

If you’re planning to head to the nearest branch to make that deposit, you better do it now. This offer is good only until March 31st. This special rate is applicable to new accounts with a minimum investment of $1,000, and only up to $2,500 maximum deposit.

Other CD Terms and Rates

If a 12-month term is more of your fancy, there really is no reason for you to worry still. With its regular 1-year APY of 1.00%, you will get higher than average returns for your investment. Here is a look at some of their other rates:

60 months – 1.60%
36 months – 1.05%
30 months – 1.00%
24 months – 0.90%
12 months – 0.65%
6 months – 0.35%
3 months – 0.25%
28 days – 0.15%

All accounts require a minimum deposit of not less than $1,000. This is also the amount that must be maintained in the account daily. Except for the 28-day and 3-month maturity, all account will bear interest on a quarterly basis. The aforementioned two short-term accounts will get the added interest upon its maturity.

Early withdrawals will naturally incur penalties. The penalty fee will depend upon the type of term applied for. For terms of below 6 months, the penalty fee will be
All the interest incurred. As for a 6-month terms, fee is equivalent to 30 days of interest. A 12-month term will incur 90 days worth of interest, while those terms of more than 12 months get the early withdrawal penalty of 180 days interest.

Texas Security Bank branches are located only in Dallas and Garland. As such, local bank’s great CD rate offer will benefit only a few, so if you’re qualified, grab the opportunity while you can.

1-year CD from Connexus Credit Union Earns 1.15% Growth Annually

Sluggish movement in the rise and fall of CD rates have sent many consumers asking, “Is putting away my money still worth it?” Actually, it still is. As long as you do your homework, you’ll be able to find a company with highly competitive rates.

In today’s national rate average of 0.45%, what could be more competitive than a 1.15% APY? It may sound to good, but it’s true. This rate is the current offer of Connexus Credit Union.

Rates Comparison

Already, Connexus CU has taken over Ally Bank’s early year’s lead. The former now sets their 12-month APY at 1.02%. In comparison with another credit union, Connexus falls just behind PenFed’s 1.16% lead, but a difference of .01% is hardly significant.

Connexus offers three maturity terms. These are the 6-month, 12-month, and 60-month or 5-year terms. With a 6-year term, you get up to 1.00% APY. Already, this is among the highest offerings from banking institutions. A 5-year term is fixed at a much lower rate of 2.00% – a figure that you can easily get with other bank’s mere 2-year of 3-year terms. That being said, if you plan to open a certificate account in Connexus, short-term rates are the way to go.

An important note is to keep an active checking account if deposits are higher than $10,000. This means you are required to have at least one direct deposit from wages, salary, pension, or government benefits made to your account. This also means having 10 checks and choosing to have bill statements delivered online. In addition, you must also secure your signature on transactions from debit cards, as well as do ACH withdrawals.

Opening an Account

Online applications abound these days, and this does not differ with Connexus. If any of their terms are unclear to you, you can ask assistance from their friendly customer service personnel.

About Connexus Credit Union

There is certainly an abundance of credit unions, but what makes Connexus different? For one, it has built up a strong and reliable foundation, and is now holding up a reputable standard amongst others. It also allows anyone to become a member – no special affiliations required. They also cater to all 50 states, ensuring customers that no matter where they are, they’re sure to find a branch near them.

Whether you’re saving for a new home, car, travel, or retirement, Connexus is your perfect investment partner.

Set-Up A CD Account under Self-Help FCU’s Competitive Rates

Do you have a certificate of deposit account that is due to mature this year? Are you expecting for another maturity period to invest your money in? Or are you a first timer in opening a time deposit account? If so, you may have already started your research on where to put your money in. Looking around can help you compare and decide which company to choose.

These days, it’s hardly possible to find banks that offer high CD rates. Fortunately, credit unions offer better deals. Self-Help Federal Credit Union has some of the highest, most competitive rates in the country today.

How Their Rates Compare

When you sign up for a term certificate from Self-Help FCU, you get to personalize your maturity scheme. Currently, their 1-year CD has an APR of 1.05%. Compare this with other credit unions and you’ll find that this figure alone is already competitive. For example, although it is much less than PenFed’s current rate of 1.16%, it’s much higher than three-fourths of a quarter of the listing for all credit union rates.

Here are other rates they offer:

3-month term – 0.75
6-month term – 0.75
12-month term – 1.06
18-month term – 1.06
24-month term – 1.26
36-month term – 1.51
48-month term – 1.77
60-month term – 1.77

All these rates apply to the standard type CD accounts, as well as to their special Green and Women and Children certificates. All accounts require a minimum deposit of $500 for opening.

Self-Help FCU offers applications online. This provides for an easy, fast, and secure transaction.

Once you’re approved for account opening, you will choose whether you want to receive your interest each month, or every three months. You can also opt for these dividends to be added to your account so you’ll have plenty of money to withdraw thereafter.

You will take on the APY on the time you open the account. Since this figure changes daily, better act fast if you want a certain rate.

If you do an early withdrawal, you will be fined the amount that is equivalent to 90 days interest, given your term is less than a year. For more than one year terms, interest worth 180 days will be charged.

Special Certificates

Aside from the standard term certificate, there are two other special arrangement which are catered to your different needs. These are the Women and Children Certificate and the Green Certificate.

The Women and Children CD account lets you create the opportunities for women to venture into. These may be in terms of homes, nonprofits, businesses and financial products. This is where the money you invest in will be used for.

On the other hand, the Green Term certificate will let you support projects for sustainable development. Your invested amount will be used for environmental businesses, recycling and other Earth-friendly measures.

By choosing these terms, you are not only making a profit for yourself, but you’re also reaching out to a greater audience as well.

1.05% APY from Ascencia Bank Secures CD rate Competency from Internet Banks

When you think of online banking, you may feel rather apprehensive about applying for an account. Traditional banking has always provided a sense of familiarity and security. Because of this, making transactions from an Internet bank may lead others feeling unsure and doubtful.

Comparison of Rates

Fortunately, Internet banks like Ascencia Bank has shown that it has what it takes to rub shoulders with the leaders in banking. Currently, they offer a 1.05% APY for 1-year CD deposits. This amount is almost comparable to CIT Bank’s 1.08% and Ally Bank’s 1.00% – both of which are operating in the traditional banking way.

The 1.05% APY offering of Ascencia Bank is higher than another Internet bank giant, Virtual Bank. The latter currently offers a 1.01% APY. However, it can be noted that while Ascencia Bank compounds monthly, Virtual Bank does so daily. Generally, daily compounding can yield higher interest, but only on a small-scale difference to the monthly compounding.

Opening a CD account under Ascencia Bank would only require you to deposit $500 at the least, and up to $97,000 at most. As with any other banks, they also offer different CD terms. For their 6-month CD, an APY of 0.75% is issued. Both 2-year and 2.5-year CDs get a 0.95% APY, while a 3-year term allows one to earn a 1.16% APY. Lastly, their 5-year CD scheme can allow up to 1.28% annual growth of your money.

In as little as 20 days upon approval of your application, your money starts to benefit from the APY offered. You start gaining interest when all fees are paid and documents are submitted or signed.

Because an APY assures you of the total percentage growth if and only if you maintain the account for the specified term, an early withdrawal will forfeit you for gaining the same benefit. In this case, penalty fees are drawn in accordance to the regulations specified by Ascencia Bank. Similarly, withdrawal is not allowed within 90 days from opening the account.

About Ascencia Bank

Ascencia Bank is among the first few online banks that started to mushroom out in the past decade. Established in 1999, Ascencia Bank was launched by Porter Bankcorp, Inc. as a subsidiary. Now, it is recognized as one of the most successful Internet banks in the country. Its headquarter is located in Louisville, KY.

Competitive CD Rates from CNB Bank Direct

It looks like the money market is on a steady ride. CD rates have been holding it out at rates of 1.18% on five-year jumbos, and 0.21% at six-month CD terms. The national average for 1-year CDs has remained unchanged at 0.34% APY.

With this stability, one might start to think that it’s high time to open a CD account. CNB Bank Direct offers a competitive rate of 1.00% on an annual CD.

The Rates

CNB Banks offers almost three times as much as the national average of 0.34% per 1-year term. As for other Cd terms, they can offer 1.05% APY on an 18-month CD, and a 1.20% APY for a 24-month CD. When you take things into perspective, any deal doesn’t get any greater than this.

In order to open a CD account, you must first have a CNB Bank Direct high yield savings account. This makes you eligible to open the certificate of deposit. As previously stated, you can choose any of the three terms they offer – the 12-month, 18-month, and 24-month. Once you’ve chosen the term that best suits your needs, you can get the initial deposit funding from your previous savings account. The bank requires $25,000 initial deposit, which is taken from that primary account. Once you start receiving monthly interest, you can either credit it to your savings account, or directly to your CD account.

As with other CD accounts, there is a penalty for early withdrawals. An exception is made when there is an eventual death of the depositor. Should there be any legal incompetence, a no-penalty withdrawal is issued as well.

To open your initial CNB Bank Direct high yield savings account, you must pass an application online. An email bearing the confirmation of your application will be sent. There will also be additional emails to guide you through the process.

The amount of time wherein you have to wait to get your CD account will vary. Multiple factors account for this, but you are assured that interest will start to come in once the transfer will be completed.

Insurance policies have been re-adjusted as well. An FDIC insurance can get you up to $250,000, which takes effect up until the 31st of December 2013. This is partly due to the current economic trends and concerns.

Although CNB Bank Direct only launched in 2008, it has proved its worth and credibility over the past few years. And with a good interest rate offering like this, who would even think twice of opening an account with them?

Montauk Credit Union leads the CD rate offerings

You may already be aware that opening a certificate of deposit account in credit unions may significantly yield higher interest rates than conventional banks. This is because both differ in their offering policies. Banks generally take higher risks in the money market game, and this is why they tend to hold on more to your money. Credit unions are generally smaller, and they are only able to use your money for other members of the union as well. Thus, they generate higher interest rates.

Ahead of Everyone

If you’re thinking about opening a new certificate of deposit account in a credit union, you might as well go for the institution that offers competitive rates. One such lending institution you can go to is Montauk Credit Union. Currently, they offer a 1.00% growth on your 1-year CD term.

As with other CD services, you can get to choose the type of CD offering. This means you can go either short-term, such as 12 months, or long-term leading up to 7 years. The APY rates for each term, is of course variable.

An 18-month CD yields 1.25% APY, while for a 2-year CD, you get 1.50% APY. For the 3-year, 4-year, and 5-year agreement, you have the following rates in respective order: 1.75%, 2.25%, and 2.50%. Its highest rate offering is at 2.75%, which comes upon opening a 7-year CD account.

Although Montauk Credit Union currently does not lead the CD rates pack, its rates are competitive nonetheless. If we take a look at Melrose Credit Union’s 1-year CD, it has an APY of 1.10%. Another well-credited company is First Jersey Credit Union’s 1.005% APY for the same term. Clearly, Montauk isn’t far behind, and you can still get high return for your money.

To start your account, it is important to maintain a minimum balance and initial deposit of $50,000. Allow your money to grow for the specified period of time, and you’ll be getting more than what you’ve paid for.

Once you decide to open an account with Montauk, you are first assigned a savings account. Membership is for free, but you will be required an initial deposit of $25 in your savings account. After this, you can then proceed to opening your CD account.

About Montauk Credit Union

Montauk Credit Union is primarily base din New York, but it offers membership to anyone, with its “open charter” policy. This allows them to greatly expand their services, giving their consumers more value and greater access when it comes to growing their money.

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