For people suffering from bad credit, there is still a way to enjoy the conveniences a credit card can give. Nowadays, credit cards are so essential in making business transactions such as purchasing airline tickets or booking a hotel. Aside from that, there are many goods and services available online that can be yours by simply typing in your credit card number.

Consumers who are currently suffering from bad credit need not find it hard to avail of a new credit card. Now, a bunch of credit card offers are on the table for those who have less than stellar credit records. One of these is the prepaid credit card.

What are Prepaid Credit Cards?

Prepaid credit cards generally have a lower credit limit than regular credit cards. It also requires cardholders to deposit a certain amount as a security. This security plus the credit limit makes it impossible for the card holder to sink deep into credit card debt. In fact, bills are unnecessary and late payments or interest charges don’t really happen.

Prepaid credit cards are different from debit cards because when a consumer pays with his card, the amount is not deducted from his available balance, rather, it is charged on credit. The cardholder will then have to pay off the amount he charged within the month. Should he fail to do that, that is when the security will be used by the credit card company.

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Best Prepaid Credit Cards 2011

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Prepaid credit cards are not only ideal for those who are suffering from bad credit scores, they are also useful for parents who are trying to expose their children to the financial world. It is a good scheme to use for students who may not have the responsibility or maturity yet to deal with a regular credit card.

The only disadvantage with prepaid credit cards is that payments that require monthly installments or institutions that forward bills may not accept these type of cards. The reason for that is because the security that was deposited may have already run out before the service or merchandise is fully paid for. However, prepaid credit cards still afford the convenience of making one-time purchases, without running the risk of digging yourself deep into consumer debt.

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