This April, Aurora Bank leads the pack as they offer the highest interest rate for a 12-month CD. With a 1.25% APY, Aurora Bank is giving the best rate yet for this month.

12 month CD’s gives you the most sensible comparison on just how much you can earn when you put your money in a CD rather than in a savings account. Right now, Aurora Bank savings account rates gives a 0.90% APY, a far cry from the 1.25% they can give you with a CD.

For a 12 month CD, Aurora Bank requires a $1,000.00 minimum deposit. However, if you deposit bigger amounts, higher interest rates are adjusted accordingly. Other CD terms offered by the bank are 6 month CD’s at 1.07%, 18 months at 1.38%, 24 months at 1.5%, 36 months at 1.81%, 48 months at 2.05% and 60 months at 2.39%.

Other banks that are also giving away high CD rates at this time of the year is Ally Bank at 1.24% APY, Discover Bank at 1.20% APY, Ever Bank at 1.01% APY, and SallieMae at 1.00% APY.

Aurora Bank has been into consumer banking for 85 years, with headquarters at Wilmington Delaware. The bank services over 340,000 customers and offers a wide range of services from checking accounts, savings accounts, money market, certificates of deposit, loans, and many more.

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