The best place to get a student loan is always with the feds. However, federal student loans such as Stafford loans are often not enough to cover the rising cost of education. Because of this, most students need to get an additional private student loan to cover the rest of the expenses. Choosing your lender may prove to be a difficult choice, however lower fees and interest rates are always a good place to start.

PNC Bank announced earlier this year that PNC Solution Loans are no longer charging origination fees. Aside from that, they are offering a 0.50% interest rate reduction for students who opt to use automatic payments. These two deductions can result in large savings especially since origination fees are usually at a hefty 3%.

Other perks from PNC Solution Loans include the ability to decide whether to pay off the loan after graduation or to start paying as soon as possible in order to save on interest. The loan repayment term is also long, as lengthy as 15 years, giving you less stress about heavy payments. PNC Solution Loans can also cover all your college needs, minus financial aid.

The qualifications include:

- The student must be enrolled for at least half-time in a degree program at an approved school
- Creditworthiness must be established. If the student cannot offer a credit standing, he may opt to bring in a co-signer with good credit to co-sign his loan. Creditworthiness can be established by satisfactory credit history or employment history for 2 years, proof of current income, and being a US citizen or permanent resident for at least 2 years.

The minimum loan amount is $1,000. Aside from undergraduates, PNC is also offering loans for graduates or professionals, health professionals, and those who are studying and taking the Bar exam.

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