Looking for a place to store your money for the short term? Lone Star Bank in Texas is giving out a great deal on 1 month CD’s. With a rate of 0.65% APY, this 1 month CD beats even some provider’s 3 month CD rates.

Here’s what happens when you place your money in a certificate of deposit. Generally, you get to earn more with the higher interest rates, and with only a 1 month term, there’s no need to worry about having your money locked in when you need it the most. Plus, you can always opt to lengthen or continue the term if you don’t have any plans of using your money just yet.

Lone Star Bank gives the biggest return on a 1 month certificate of deposit, with other institutions giving only .15 to .30% interest. The minimum deposit for this CD is only $1,000 and with your money compounded daily, you get to earn more.

As the name suggests, Lone Star Bank is one that originates in Texas. Their claim is that they do banking in a personal, and Texan style way. Lone Star Bank originated in the 1920’s in Moulton, and has since gone strong. Branches can be found in Moulton, Shiner, Brazoria, Gonzales, Austin and North Austin. It’s FDIC insured and offers a wide range of banking services.

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