American Community BankIn celebration of their 10th anniversary American Community Bank is offering free iPod Shuffles for new customers.

You can get a GPX Home Radio with iPod connector, 2 gig iPod Shuffle or a 4 gig iPod Shuffle.

Besides these bonuses ACB have some great banking programs and deals.  It is worth checking out.

Here is how to take advantage of the free iPod Giveaway happening now at ACB:

  • GPX Home Radio: Simply sign up for a new checking account with $100.
  • 2 gig iPod Shuffle: Sign up for a new checking account with $500 in Direct Deposit.
  • 4 gig iPod Shuffle: Upgrade from the 2GB Shuffle by adding free online banking and bill pay.

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All American Community Bank checking accounts are free.  They even offer completely free business checking accounts.

If you want to check out ACB click here.

A little fine print:

“Qualify for your GPX radio w/MP3 & iPod connection with a $100 minimum opening deposit. Get your Apple iPod Shuffle 2GB after you complete $500 in direct deposits; upgrade to the 4GB iPod Shuffle by choosing it instead of the 2GB shuffle when you add Online Banking and BillPay to our direct deposit offer and you complete three automatic bill payments. Accounts closed before six months are subject to a $25 early closing fee. American Community Bank reserves the right to substitute gifts of equal or better value. Visit us at for details. Gift values reported as interest on 1099.”

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