Grab First Citizens Bank Select Checking Account

Checking accounts are one of the most popular accounts you can apply for in the bank. The benefits of checking accounts vary from payment convenience, to receiving your salary straight to your account. One bank that offers a stable checking account is First Citizens Bank.

About First Citizens Bank

First Citizens bank is a North Carolina state chartered commercial bank that has been providing quality services to its clients. Its main headquarters is in Raleigh, North Carolina which is also owned wholly as a subsidiary of the First Citizens BancShares, Inc. The bank provides financial assistance and help to those who need it. They are certainly committed in making sure their clients get everything they need and they assist theor clients all throughout the process of applying for any accounts, cards, loans, and mortgages.

Select Checking Account

First Citizens Bank have different kinds of checking accounts that people can apply for. They have the free, premier, military, and select checking accounts. The select checking account is a convenient choice for many because it does not have monthly service charges as long as there is a direct deposit made or when the account owner will be able to maintain the minimum average balance. The initial deposit for this is only $1 and unlimited check writing is provided. A free VISA debit card and free online bill pay and banking is also given when people will have this kind of checking account.

With the Select checking account, account holders can enjoy the conveniences of writing unlimited checks plus they can open an account for as little as $1. These are good enough reasons to apply for a checking account in First Citizens Bank.

High Rates at First Citizen Bank’s Certificates of Deposit

Any smart saver will know that interest rates make all the difference when it comes to saving your money. Not all of us are fond of risk which is why many of us choose to keep our money safe in a place that not only guarantees security, but also guarantees fixed returns. For those who want the best growth for their money but still with the assurance of security, one place to keep your hard earned cash will be at certificates of deposit. And where can you get a CD with great rates? One place would be First Citizen’s Bank.

First Citizen Bank was opened in 1898 with its headquarters in Raleigh, NC. The bank offers and provides complete financial services and products that do no only include certificate of deposits but also personal and business banking, insurance and investment services. First Citizen Bank is also one of the biggest controlled banks in the United States making them stand-out among other famous banking institutions. Since it is the biggest, it operates on more than 430 branches nationwide.

Certificate of Deposits

The rates they have right now are of the latest in the market which a lot of people who are interested can surely take advantage of. One choice for those who want to put their money on a CD is the 12 month term with an interest rate and an annual percentage yield or APY of 0.15%. Next is the 24 month CD with a rate and APY of 0.25%. And the last is the 36 month CD with an annual percentage yield and rate of 0.45%. The minimum amount to open a certificate of deposit account is $500 which will mean that almost anybody can simply open one. For those who are planning to do so, they should certainly do it now.

Grab First Citizen Bank’s Free Checking Accounts

Need a hassle free checking account? First Citizen’s Bank is offering a checking account that doesn’t require you to keep a maintaining balance nor does it charge monthly fees. If this sounds like a checking account that fits your needs then it may be time to see what First Citizen’s Bank has to offer.

First Citizens bank was established on March 1, 1898 and was formerly called as Bank of Smithfield. With its lengthy history, this bank is known for its integrity especially in dealing with their clients. They provide financial services to those that need it.

Free Checking Account

If you want a hassle free account, it would be best for you to apply for the free checking account at First Citizen bank. This kind of checking account will fit anyone. Why is this so? It is because the free checking account is easy and convenient to use that will also help in managing the holder’s money efficiently and securely. It does not have any monthly fees and has no minimum balance requirement once the account holder or owner will sign up with e statements. As the name itself suggest, it is a free checking. It also has free VISA debit card and free bill pay online banking with an option of getting an overdraft protection. In terms of deposit, the initial amount to getting such a checking account is only $1. This will then allow anybody to open the account if they really want to.

For those who badly need a new checking account then this is the answer they are looking for. It is not just about the free features of the account but it is also about getting an account with the smallest amount of money as possible.

First Citizens Bank: The One Dollar Initial Deposit Free Checking Account Promotion

Finding a checking account promotion is quite difficult nowadays so instead of looking for a promotion that offers either cash or other incentives, customers may opt to look at other kinds of offers instead. For those looking for an interesting perk, you may want to check First Citizens Bank.

What they’re offering now is the free checking with a one dollar initial deposit checking account promotion. Let’s face it, a one dollar deposit is quite affordable. In this case, everybody can open and have their own checking accounts without any hassle. They want to make things faster, easier, and more convenient for their consumers. The other feature of this free checking account includes unlimited check writing, no minimum or maintaining balance for those who will go paperless with their e statements, no monthly fees, free online bill paying and banking, and the visa debit card is also for free. And with just one dollar to open, who would want to say no?

Those who want to open this free checking account can either do it online or they can visit a local branch. Those who will be having this kind of checking account will really have a safe place to save and keep their money especially when they will buy and make purchases or even when they will pay their bills. Having checking accounts is also very helpful especially to those who do not want to bring with them cash. For those who are interested, they can check this out at the website of First Citizens Bank which will then help them in deciding whether they want this special kind of checking account or not.