First Citizens Bank: The One Dollar Initial Deposit Free Checking Account Promotion

Finding a checking account promotion is quite difficult nowadays so instead of looking for a promotion that offers either cash or other incentives, customers may opt to look at other kinds of offers instead. For those looking for an interesting perk, you may want to check First Citizens Bank.

What they’re offering now is the free checking with a one dollar initial deposit checking account promotion. Let’s face it, a one dollar deposit is quite affordable. In this case, everybody can open and have their own checking accounts without any hassle. They want to make things faster, easier, and more convenient for their consumers. The other feature of this free checking account includes unlimited check writing, no minimum or maintaining balance for those who will go paperless with their e statements, no monthly fees, free online bill paying and banking, and the visa debit card is also for free. And with just one dollar to open, who would want to say no?

Those who want to open this free checking account can either do it online or they can visit a local branch. Those who will be having this kind of checking account will really have a safe place to save and keep their money especially when they will buy and make purchases or even when they will pay their bills. Having checking accounts is also very helpful especially to those who do not want to bring with them cash. For those who are interested, they can check this out at the website of First Citizens Bank which will then help them in deciding whether they want this special kind of checking account or not.