Investing in Bonus Interest Checking at Bank United

Bank United is the place to go to when people want to open checking accounts. This kind of account offers convenience to consumers since it allows them to transact in big amounts. With so many banks and financial institutions offering this service, why choose Bank United?

About Bank United

This bank was established on May 21, 2009 with the leading capabilities of John A. Kanas. Today, it is known to be one of the well capitalized banks in the nation with an investment of $900 milliion. Despite being a relatively new bank, Bank United has more than 90 branches in the whole country with a whopping $11 billion in total assets. With such credentials, their main focus is to establish good connections to their customer base. And today, one of their best offering in terms of their services is the bonus interest checking.

Bonus Interest Checking

When people decide to open a bonus interest checking account, they will be able to earn as much as $15 every month. This earning is possible because Bank United offers a 1% bonus when the account holders will pay via direct deposits monthly. Examples of these are pension payments, social security benefits, payrolls, and interest transfers. Some other features include competitive interest rates, free official and standard checks, traveler’s checks, free ATM transactions, free online bill pay and banking, and free Visa Check service. Aside from this, the monthly fee of $15 for its maintenance is waived once the minimum balance requirement is met. There are also 5 free non-Bank United transactions and for the exce ss of this, the charge is only $2. For those who want to open this checking account, holders will need to make a minimum deposit of $1,000. This amount is reasonable given the nature of the account.

Reasonable Certificates of Deposit Rates at Bank United

It is very important for people not just to save but also to invest their money. Why is this so? Investing helps create more money from what you already have, helping you in your goal to have a secure and financially stable future even upon retirement. For those who are financially savvy, certificates of deposit are a great way to invest while keeping your money safe. One place to grow your cash is in Bank United.

About Bank United

Bank United has proven to be competitive ever since it was established in 2009. Although it is relatively young, many Americans have decided to invest because of their great rates and other financial services such as loans, mortgages, checking, savings, and credit cards.

In terms of certificate of deposits, they have their CD specials. The rates they currently have in their site have been updated last July 12, 2012. These rates are competitive when compared to other financial institutions. Right now, the minimum balance one should have in opening a certificate of deposit is $5,000. For the terms, they have the 12 month period that has an interest rate of 0.65% with an annual percentage yield of 0.65% as well. Those who will pick the 18 month will have an interest rate and APY of 0.75%. 0.85% on the other hand is the annual percentage yield and interest rate for the 24 month term. And the last term they have is the 36 month period with an interest rate and an annual percentage yield of 1.000%. Some may find these rates slightly lower than usual but actually these are good rate already that can compete with other financial banks or companies. Those individuals who have not opened their own certificates of deposit should consult with Bank United in order for them to know what are its benefits and advantages.