Checking accounts are essential to those who are in business and to any individual who constantly need to make payments or large transactions. Business needs convenience and accuracy which is why it is important to get a checking account from a bank that prevents hassles and set backs. One bank people can count on when it comes to checking accounts is First Source Bank.

All About First Source Bank

First Source Bank was established in South Bend, Indiana in the year 1863. They have continued to provide their clients with a friendly and convenient banking system for almost 140 years. They understand and listen to the needs of their customers in order to give them the right services. Today, First Source Bank has proved that they are the largest controlled financial company on the local department. With regards to their assets, they have a whopping $4.49 billion and 75 banking operation centers in about 17 countries.

Today, one of the major offerings they have with regards to their checking account is the Portfolio checking. This kind of checking will help account owners to have earnings, convenience, and security. In terms of earnings, First Source Bank provides money market rates on the minimum and maintaining daily balance in the account. The higher the account’s balance is, the higher the possibility of earning more returns. Convenience on the other hand will allow the flexibility of unlimited writing of checks, online banking system since account owners can check anytime they want, MAX bill pay, and debit card usage. These will really provide convenience to owners because they can do this anytime they would want to. And the last is security because the Portfolio checking is FDIC insured.

In conclusion, if you want an easy access to checking accounts you should open and apply for the Portfolio checking account at First Source Bank for you to avail of the earnings, convenience, and of course security this type of checking account offers.

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