Checking Account Promotion Package at Wells Fargo with their PMA Premier Checking

Wells Fargo is one of the leading financial institutions in the whole nation as of today. Many individuals have invested with this company because they know their money is safe and secured. Wells Fargo provides some of the best financial solutions for people through the different services they offer such as checking, savings, credit cards, loans, commercial businesses, and more.

Right now the major choice for many is specifically the PMA Premier Checking account. Why is this so? It is because of the high level of advantages as well as the benefits that account holders can gain. Those who are looking for the best checking account will certainly find satisfaction in this one. So what are its benefits? First and foremost, this checking account can earn bonus interest rates for other linked accounts within Wells Fargo such as savings account and CD’s under the same account holder’s name. If have a good checking account record then the company will give them bonuses through the other accounts they hold. And not just that, there will be no monthly service fees for the other linked accounts. There will also be discounts in interest rates which will definitely be of great help to those who have loans.

In terms of rates and fees, those checking accounts with a balance of $0- $4,999.00 will have an APY of 0.01%. Accounts with $50,000- $99,999.99 will have an APY of 0.05% and a balance of $10,000 or more will have an annual percentage yield of 0.15%. These are huge already because there are some banks that do not have APYs and interests which discourage a lot of people to open checking accounts with them. On the other hand to those who are concerned with the service fee, it is actually $30 monthly but it will be given for free when owners meet specific requirements such as having more qualified bank link deposits within Wells Fargo.