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Great Rewards with Capital One Cash Credit Card

Wednesday, August 22nd, 2012

Tired of using your old credit card? It’s time for you to shift to a new level. Why not try Capital One’s cash credit card? This card offers competitive rates plus refreshing features on its rewards system.

Capital One Cash Credit Card: Rates

Before anything else, let’s talk about the rates. In terms of the annual percentage rate or APR for purchases, it is 0% intro until August of the year 2013 and after that time it will then be 12.9%-20.9%. For the transfer APR, the intro rate is also 0% until 2013 with the same variable APR as the purchase rate. Annual percentage rate on cash advance is 24.9% variable and the grace period of this card is 25 days on all purchases. And lastly, there is no membership fee.

Key Benefits and Rewards

Those who will have Capital One cash credit card will be able to enjoy and make use of a 50% bonus on all the cash backs the owner will earn each year. He or she will also have 1% cash back on the purchases he or she will make. The best thing about this is that thon points earned will be unlimited and will not expire. And the most important factor to remember is their one-time $100 bonus when the account owner will spend or use $500 during the first three months. So those who are always using the card will really be able to earn the bonus and eventually spend it.

College is the best time for getting a head start in life. Parents with college kids often want to extend their help by assisting them in making the right financial decisions that will surely have a great impact on their future. That’s why Capital One offers its Journey Student Rewards credit card. This is essentially perfect for students since it’s designed to help them build credit through responsible use.

About the Card

This card was created for students with average or limited credit who are looking to build up a strong foundation in their credit history – all in effect while getting rewards for it. Students can gain access to their credit score every month online. This is made possible through the use of an interactive tracking tool. The credit scores are a means for students to make the right decisions, since this affects the creditor’s ability to give out loans or credit. At no additional cost, text alerts are also provided to keep students on track of their expenses.

Rewards are surely a thing of joy, especially for the busy college student who’s away from home. For every purchase you make, you get a cash back of 1%. This includes purchases on gas and textbooks among others. As an added bonus, you get a whopping 25% in cash back rewards every time you pay your bills on time every month. This way, you get rewarded for the good management of your card, further benefiting your credit history.

Once you’ve accumulated enough points, you can redeem them to make purchases from Capital One’s gift cards. You can also jut choose to add the rewards amount to your account, or cash it out so you can buy whatever you want. Redemption of these points can be done online or through a phonecall. To make things easier, you can pre-set a redemption threshold so that you will automatically get your reward the way you want it once it reaches that threshold.

Here’s another perk for you. When you shop at Capital One’s Perk Central retail network, you can get 15% more in cash back bonuses. Plus, this bonus has no expiration period, so just keep locking in those purchases for a greater return of your money.

Credit Card Rates

There is no annual membership fee for this card, but other fees and penalties may apply. The purchase and transfer APRs are both at 19.8%, while the cash advance APR is at 24.9% APR. You will be allowed a grace period of 25 days to pay off your bill in full.

While student credit cards normally doesn’t have as many perks as regular credit cards do, they provide a very good way for the younger generation to handle their finances effectively. Give them the Journey Rewards Student credit card, and they’ll be getting more than just the rewards. They will earn a lifetime of good money management.