Law of Attraction: Can You Attract Money?

Recently there have been scores of books and personal development gurus that have been endorsing the same mantra that claims any human being can get what they want. This theory has been around for generations but it was popularized during our time by the book “The Secret” by Rhonda Byrne.

“The Secret” isn’t an original concept by Byrne, it has just been copied, compiled, and repackaged to bring forth a message that has been said to be the treasure of all great men of previous times. So what exactly is the secret? Well, it comes in the form of “The Law of Attraction”.

Basically, the Law of Attraction states that “like attracts like”. Expounded, this means that if we think positive thoughts, we attract positive results. Whereas if we think negative thoughts, what we get will be negative as well. In fact, the law of attraction proceeds to explain that anything we think and believe in our mind, can manifest itself in the physical world. Napoleon Hill, the author of “Think and Grow Rich”, has a popular mantra that goes “what the mind can conceive and believe, it can achieve.”

So how does this work for money? The Law of Attraction although universal in nature, has been used most often as a way of reconditioning our thoughts with regards to money. Gurus say that as long as you have a mindset that attracts money, cash can flow easily and freely. On the same note, no matter how hard you work and try to achieve money, if your thoughts about money are negative, you will never be rich.

The last statement may sound drastic but there does seem to be some truth to it. Some people have a subconscious belief that “money is evil”, or “rich people are greedy”, or “if you’re rich, you’re unhappy”. These beliefs have been rooted to our minds either from what our parents tell us, or what we see on television. We may not realize it, but these thoughts are what dominate our brains causing us to have a negative mindset with regards to money. Because we think of money negatively, we also attract negative results thus the reason why most people remain poor or broke.

If we do believe in the Law of Attraction, this only means that we should begin to throw away any negative cliches about money. We should reiterate to ourselves that money is good and money comes easily and freely. They say that money only comes to those who have the mindset of the rich. Apparently with this small step of thought reconditioning, we can begin to attract the financial status that we’ve always wanted to have.

Some people believe, while others don’t. The thing is, what have you got to lose? In fact, even if the law of attraction is purely false, it still encourages us to think positively and have a better attitude towards the things we want to achieve. True or not, it may be the beginning of achieving success financially.

5 Surefire Ways NOT to have Money

You must be rubbing your eyes right now and wondering if you’ve read the title right. 5 surefire ways NOT to have money? Who would want that? Would it surprise you if I said that this person could be YOU. That’s right, unconsciously many of us engage in behavior that totally repel money instead of attracting it. Find out how you manage NOT to have money, and what you can do to change it:

1. Settling for less – First, think about the amount of money you would like to have every month. And not just the amount you’ll be able to live with, but an amount that would make you gasp with amazement, sing with joy, and dance with jubilation. I’m sure your basic salary doesn’t even come close to that amount. Now let’s say by some miracle, you receive half of that amount. I’m sure you’d be happy. Then the next month it’s only a quarter of the amount, then an eighth, then a sixteenth…. until you find yourself back to the same amount you’ve had before. What does this say about us? It means we’re all too content to settle for less, not knowing that we end up right where we once were.

The Cure:
Don’t settle for less! If you have a financial goal, make sure to achieve it. If you missed the mark at first, persist until you get it.

2. Believing the rich are “evil” – Money is evil. How many times have you heard this before? And do you believe it? Chances are if you think money is evil, money won’t come to you at all! After all, you wouldn’t want to be evil would you? The thing is, money isn’t evil. It’s what you do with it. If you use it for charity and good works, that would hardly be evil would it?

The Cure: Think that money is good. It’s just in the way you use it.

3. Sour graping – “Oh, I don’t need that kind of money anyway.” Sometimes, a good money making opportunity passes us by and this is our response.

The Cure:
Instead of sour graping, turn the situation into something positive such as, “I will get it next time!”

4. Saying “I can’t afford it” – Oh yes. The ever resounding words “I can’t afford it”. You say it, your parents say it, your friends say it, everyone says it! If it gets grilled to your system then your brain will be trained to think that you just can’t afford it!

The Cure: Instead of saying those debilitating words why not say, “I choose not to buy it yet”, and this isn’t lying because you know you have other priorities as of the moment.

5. Thinking about what you don’t want versus what you do want – A classic example of this is, “I will no longer be in debt, I will no longer be in debt!” what exactly is that person thinking of? That’s right – Debt! Because of the repetition in your thoughts, you are actually attracting debt instead of repelling it.

The Cure: Instead of thinking about what you don’t want, think about what you do want. Like “I’m going to be financially free”.

Try to assess yourself if you’re guilty of these money repelling thoughts and habits. Notice how much it’s embedded in your thoughts and behavior and be conscious in taking the steps to change. Sooner or later, you’ll attract more money than you ever did.