Visa Black Card: The Premier Credit Card For The Elite

Not all credit cards are created equal. And not all credit cards possess the ultimate buying power of money. This is certainly true for the Visa Black Card. Widely known as one of the most prestigious – if not mysterious – credit cards around the world, the Visa Black card offers very exclusive benefits to the owner.

The High Life of Credit Cards

The Visa Black Card caters to those people with higher levels of income, higher credit rating, and higher spending. It’s pretty clear that membership isn’t for everyone. This rarely seen, but easily recognized elite card is rumored to have members of only 1% of the American population.

Getting the Visa Black card may be costly but it does offer amazing perks. As a card member, you get to book a vacation, rent a vehicle, or purchase household and personal items with just one swipe. But take note – since this card is for the elite, affiliated companies come from the elite as well.

With great purchasing power comes great responsibility. But worry not. This card offers zero accountability, which means that no liability will be made for any purchases made by someone other than the cardholder. It’s this kind of service that can put your mind at ease and your wallet far from empty.

One of the best features of this card is its 24-hour concierge. At any time of the day, you can ask assistance for restaurant and hotel information, reservations, gift arrangements, and most desirably, purchase of hard-to-find and exclusive items. Whether it may be the first publication of the next JK Rowling novel, or a rare Picasso painting, this service helps you out.

And the perks just keep coming. For an event of trip cancellation or interruption, a reimbursement of $1,500 will be given to the cardholders. Black card can also insure your baggages for up to $3,000 during any trip in cases where the baggage is lost or stolen. In cases of baggage delay, a reimbursement of $500 will help wipe that frown on your face. The Visa Black card also covers your medical and legal services whether you’re out on a business trip, or you’re chilling on the shores of Hawaii.

The Rates

Undeniably, the rates and maintenance fees for this card are way over any regular Joe’s salary. But hey, if you got the money, it doesn’t hurt to spend a lot in order to earn a lot. Here’s a look at some of their fees:

APR for Purchases: 14.99%, based on the market prime rate and credibility

Balance Transfer APR: The first fifteen months offer a 0% introductory APR rate, after which this can be increased to 14.99%

Cash Advance APR: 25.24%, based on the market prime rate

Other penalties and fees can be seen at their official website.

If you’re thinking of getting into this exclusive circle of elite privileges, then you might want to start building up a good credit history. After this, it won’t be long before you receive an invitation to enter the world of the Black Visa Credit Card.

Best Business Credit Cards 2011

Traveling for business or for pleasure? Why not make it both with the best business credit cards 2011 can give. Business can be challenging so get a card that suits your every need. With the Visa Black Card, you can travel in style while taking care of your business.

The Visa Black Card can offer you a 24-hour concierge catering to all your entertainment, travel, business and lifestyle needs. It also gives you access to over 600 airport lounges worldwide. The Visa Black also gives you an Exclusive Rewards Program, giving you liberty to redeem points for 1% cash back or have the ability to redeem points for airfare on any airline, with no blackouts or restrictions. Beginning at only 25,000 points, you can get a ticket worth up to $500.

And when you travel for business, this card knows that sometimes business entails having to traverse the globe. This is why the Visa Black Card is accepted in over 170 countries worldwide. Plus, security is no question as their zero liability feature gives you complete protection against unauthorized purchases, keeping you safe. And finally, the card is made with a sleek black design with classy gold letters, matching your look as you dress to impress. And the Visa Black isn’t made of just plastic. It keeps its durability with its unique carbon content, creating a durable card that is meant to last.

The Visa Black also understands the lure of exclusivity, this is why Visa Black Card holders are considered to be one of the elite. Annual fee is at $495.

Don’t let your credit card get your activities down. When it comes to business, it’s the Visa Black.

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Best Frequent Flyer Credit Cards in 2011

Love to travel? Treat yourself to a free vacation without having to purchase a ticket. If you’re wondering how to do this, all you have to do is keep up your habit of charging purchases on your credit card. But before using anymore of your card, be sure to switch to the best frequent flyer credit cards in 2011. These cards can give you the travel rewards you deserve.

Here are the Best Frequent Flyer Credit Cards for 2011

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Travel in style with these credit cards that allow you that vacation you badly need. Earn points without having to do anything more. Don’t let those purchases go to waste!

As you can see there is a nice variety of features and benefits that you can get from these Air miles credit cards. Starting with great sign up bonus miles, to in some cases 2 miles for ever dollar spent.

If you travel a lot for work or for pleasure then finding the best frequent flyer card is important. This card will save you loads of money on your travels and other travel related expenses.

So take advantage now and grab one of these air miles credit cards.