How To Save Your Money

People are often faced with the burdening dilemma of not having enough money, or worse, getting into debt. No matter how much money comes their way, for some reason another, it just ends up somewhere in oblivion.

So what is a surefire way to save money, without killing yourself over it? Here’s the answer: percentage.

Every time you receive money, divide this into fixed percentages. The book, “The Richest Man In Babylon”, says that a man who keeps at least 10% of his earnings is surely on the path to wealth. This method is also endorsed by millionaire author, T. Harv Eker, in his book, “Secrets of the Millionaire Mind”.

So here’s what you need to do: think about your income, and immediately subtract 10% of it for your savings. If you can live comfortably with the 90%, then good for you! IF not, then try to see where you can but back on expenses. Be careful not to compromise with yourself by saving only 5%, because you just need to have that new pair of boots, or that gadget on sale. However, if saving 10% just isn’t realistic for you (or you don’t have the discipline for it yet), begin by saving 5%, or even 1%! The important thing is to start, and to never miss a “payment”.

Once you’ve established your 10% saving habit, you can also divide your income some more, such as another 10% for financial education. 10% for investments, and so on. challenge yourself to lessen the percentage of your living expenses. If this isn’t possible, make the effort to increase your income.

Financial freedom is all about the process of learning, saving, and definitely investing. Just know that one of the first steps to wealth is accumulating enough cash that you can use for future opportunities. Saving isn’t difficult, it’s just a matter of making a system and sticking to it.

The Coffee Addicts Way Of Saving Money

For some people waking up in the morning entails a cup of coffee, sometimes two cups of coffee. Starbucks drinks are not cheap but they are easy to get and with so many choices and flavors they can be addicting. Starbucks coffee is the fast food of waking up. Its fast, easy and convenient, but still not all coffee addicts realize how much money they could be saving just by following a few steps.

Starbucks makes it easier than ever to register their cards. Having a registered Starbucks card allows you to start earning rewards. Did you know that? It seems to me that many people I’ve talked to don’t even realize that by having a registered card they save money from syrups to free drinks. How much is your Quad Venti Vanilla White Chocolate Mocha? In the great state where Starbucks was founded (Washington, more specifically Seattle), a drink like that can run you past $6! By using a registered card you will save on the syrup, such as Vanilla which is an extra $0.40. Every time you buy 15 drinks you get one free.

Let’s do the math to see how much a true coffee addict could save if they bought one Starbucks drink each day for a month. (30 days).

  • We save $0.40 per drink for the syrup.
  • After 15 drinks we get a free drink

$0.40 x 30 drinks = $12 + 2 free drinks of $6/each, equals a total savings of $24/month.

Other perks to having a registered Starbucks card:

  • Free drink on your birthday.
  • Free refill on brewed coffee or tea.
  • Free drink with whole bean purchase.

If you drink coffee regularly and do not have a registered Starbucks card, then it would be beneficial to register one as soon as possible.

How Do You Register A Card?

Go buy a Starbucks card, create an account on and add the card number to your account. It’s that easy and the rewards and savings start right away. Plus as soon as you buy 5 drinks, you will receive the Starbucks Gold Card that you can use to pay for your purchases

Want to become a Millionaire? Its easy.

Becoming a millionaire may not be as difficult as you think.  If you can wrap your head around the fact that you are not going to “Get Rich Quick”, well about 99.9% of us won’t, you are on your way to retiring a millionaire. 

Becoming a millionaire takes time and financial awareness.  Investopedia has a great piece which lays out 6 Simple Steps to $1 Million.

  1. Stop Senseless spending – If you do not need it, don’t buy it.  That money can be saved and used to build wealth.  If you build wealth now you can buy whatever you want later.
  2. Fund Retirement Plans ASAP – Are you putting away in a retirement account? No, then start now.
  3. Improve Tax Awareness – Many very good tax deductions are available to those that seek them.  These savings add up to amazing amounts over all the years of your life.
  4. Own Your Home – There is no gain in renting a home.  And now with house prices bottoming out it is a great time to buy and build equity. 
  5. Avoid Luxury Wheels – Depreciation, that is all I really need to say.  If you avoid a huge car payment now, invest that money instead you’ll be able to pay cash for whatever car you want once your a millionaire.
  6. The Bottom Line – Saving is how you reach the 7 figure mark.  Start early and start now. 

I love how Investopedia concludes this article, they say, “Spend wisely and save diligently, your million-dollar dreams are well within reach.”

If you plan to start investing and saving now you can use our resources to help you along the way.  Check out our best CD rates and our Best Interest Checking Accounts.