For some people waking up in the morning entails a cup of coffee, sometimes two cups of coffee. Starbucks drinks are not cheap but they are easy to get and with so many choices and flavors they can be addicting. Starbucks coffee is the fast food of waking up. Its fast, easy and convenient, but still not all coffee addicts realize how much money they could be saving just by following a few steps.

Starbucks makes it easier than ever to register their cards. Having a registered Starbucks card allows you to start earning rewards. Did you know that? It seems to me that many people I’ve talked to don’t even realize that by having a registered card they save money from syrups to free drinks. How much is your Quad Venti Vanilla White Chocolate Mocha? In the great state where Starbucks was founded (Washington, more specifically Seattle), a drink like that can run you past $6! By using a registered card you will save on the syrup, such as Vanilla which is an extra $0.40. Every time you buy 15 drinks you get one free.

Let’s do the math to see how much a true coffee addict could save if they bought one Starbucks drink each day for a month. (30 days).

  • We save $0.40 per drink for the syrup.
  • After 15 drinks we get a free drink

$0.40 x 30 drinks = $12 + 2 free drinks of $6/each, equals a total savings of $24/month.

Other perks to having a registered Starbucks card:

  • Free drink on your birthday.
  • Free refill on brewed coffee or tea.
  • Free drink with whole bean purchase.

If you drink coffee regularly and do not have a registered Starbucks card, then it would be beneficial to register one as soon as possible.

How Do You Register A Card?

Go buy a Starbucks card, create an account on and add the card number to your account. It’s that easy and the rewards and savings start right away. Plus as soon as you buy 5 drinks, you will receive the Starbucks Gold Card that you can use to pay for your purchases

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