Generous 4.25% APY from Florida Central Credit Union

When opening a new checking account, a high interest rate is the first thing people usually look for. And what’s not to love? Getting the highest growth and return for your money is what we’re all after.

This is exactly what the Florida Central Credit Union had in mind when it introduced its Ultimate Checking Account. Ranking on top of the rewards checking trend these days with its whopping 4.25% APY, it provides the best in checking account offers.

The Ultimate Checking Account

The 4.25% APY is applicable to balances of up to $15,000. This is a far cry from Southern Bank’s 4.01% and First Federal Bank’s 3.50% APY on the same balance amount. These runners-up are trailing far behind the Ultimate checking account, which also offers considerable APY rates for the following conditions:

2.75% APY – If only three qualifications meet the $15,000 balance
1.00% APY – If balance is over $15,000
0.10% – If no qualifications are met

Qualifying for it

What do you need to do in order to get the optimum interest rate of 4.25%? First off, you must meet several requirements, which you should comply to qualify monthly:

 12 debit card purchases post and clear at the least
 1 Direct Depositor or Automatic Payment post and clear
 Loan balances should be no less than $5,000
 Have paperless eStatements

If you fail to meet all qualifications, you can still wait out for the next cycle, while enjoying the 2.75% APY. And while waiting, you can still have unlimited debit card and check transactions, whilst maintaining the 0.10% base rate. As for the total $5,000 loan balances, keep in mind that these should not include market mortgages and credit cards. Plus, you are not required to have a minimum balance just to earn rewards.

Along with these, you also get to have free check cards, receive paperless bank statement, online banking, plus a round-the-clock telephone banking. Great returns and convenience all at once?That’s the Ultimate checking account.

About Florida Central Credit Union

Since its birth in 1958, the Florida Central Credit Union rapidly expanded to carry out its mission of creating a better community charter that caters to the banking and financial needs of people. Over the years, it has grown exponentially. With its recent revamp in the year 2006, stronger credibility became its new cornerstone. This led to the merging of several credit unions in the area under the flagship of the Florida Central Credit Union.

$100 in Gas Up For Grabs With U.S. Bank Cash Bonus Check Card

With the rising prices of gas, it’s absolutely wonderful to get a certificate or card that offers you some gas freebies. Right now US Bank is giving away a $100 Cash Bonus Check Card that you can use to get free gas.

The Promotion

The Check Card can be obtained by applying for it with a US Bank Checking Account. You can also get a Business Cash Bonus Check card if you have a business checking account. You also just have to link it to a Speedpass key tag which is an easy way to buy gas at Mobil and Exxon pumps. When you spend your first $100 on gas at any Exxon and Mobil gas station, this amount will be credited right back to your account. And the rewards doesn’t end there. Every time you gas up in Exxon and Mobil stations, you get to have 1% cash back on every gas purchase. Sounds great right?

More Details

The $100 cash back will be available to you in two gives. The first $50 can be obtained upon purchase of the first $50 in an Exxon and Mobil station. You can then use your cash bonus check card to redeem your $50 right back.

The second $50 however, can be obtained by signing up and activating your Speedpass key tag and linking it to your Cash Bonus Check card. Then, spend another $50 at Exxon and Mobil pumps using the key tag. At that moment, you can get the other $50 back.

About US Bank

US Bank, or US Bancorp is one of the largest banks in the United States. It currently holds $321 billion in assets and it is the 5th largest bank in the whole of America. It currently has over 3,000 branches all over the nation, with more than 5,000 ATMS at your disposal. The bank is FDIC insured, making sure that your money is safe for deposits up to $250,000.