Ever Bank Gives Competitive 30 Yr Fixed Mortgage Rate at 3.964% APR

The New Year is almost upon us. In a couple of days we’ll be staring up to the sky witnessing the explosion of colorful fireworks, while reminiscing the good days this 2011. But with a New Year comes new things, and what better way to start the year than to buy that home you’ve been planning on for years.

If you feel that it’s time to purchase your first home, or relocate to a bigger house, then one of the things you must do is find a reliable mortgage provider with low interest rates. Thank your lucky stars, because Ever Bank is offering some pretty good rates for their mortgages. Below are some of their rates:

Ever Bank’s Mortgage Rates:

30 year Fixed – 3.974%
15 year Fixed – 3.421%
5/1 ARM – 3.248%

How These Rates Compare

One of the best ways to assess the competitiveness of a mortgage provider is by comparing their rates to the national average. As of today (December 27), the national average for 30 year fixed mortgage rates is at 4.12% which is higher than Ever Bank’s rates. Aside from that, the national average for 15 year fixed mortgage is at 3.77% which is again higher than Ever Bank’s rates. However, past data shows that on December 23, the rates were 3.91% and 3.21% for the 30 year FRM and 15 year FRM respectively.

Ever Bank’s rates are competitive today, and may continue to be so if the mortgage trend is going up. However, these rates are already good enough to lock into also considering the reputation of the bank who is offering it.

About Ever Bank

Ever Bank has origins back in the 1960’s and since then has been growing strong. Since 2002, the bank has demonstrated an asset climb of 500% over the decade and it continues to be one of the most financially secure banks in the country. The bank has been rated 4 stars by Bauer Financial.

Ever Bank Offers $60 Bonus on Checking Account

Ever Bank is currently offering a $60 bonus for customers who will open a Yield Pledge Checking Account. That is the same amount that Bank of America will be charging their consumers for a year of debit card use. To encourage other depositors to switch, Ever Bank is still charging no fees on debit card usage, and is even giving a cash bonus.

Ever Bank’s Yield Pledge Checking Account Features:

* Minimum opening balance of $1,500
* Minimum balance to earn interest -$0
* Debit Card Fee – $0
* EverBank ATM Fee – $0
* Unlimited ATM Reimbursements
* Free online and mobile banking
* Free to make deposits at home
* Online security
* $50 satisfaction guarantee

Basing on the features above, this checking account is certainly competitive. What’s nice about it is that there are no fees to debit card usage, as well as ATM use. Also, there is no minimum balance required for your money to keep on earning interest. Aside from the regular features, EverBank also offers a $50 satisfaction guarantee, meaning if you’re unsatisfied with the Yield Pledge Checking Account for three months of use, the bank will send you over a $50 reimbursement as a way of valuing your try with them.

The Requirements to Qualify for the $60 Bonus:

* Open a Yield Pledge Checking Account before November 30,2011
* Minimum balance of $1,500
* Account must be either an individual account or joint account
* Account must receive at least one direct deposit of $500 before January 31st 2012
* Maintenance of $1,500 minimum balance for the months of December and January statement periods
* Account must remain open until February 29, 2012

Ever Bank’s Rates

Ever Bank is currently offering a 0.61% APY on their checking account, as compared to 0.20% from ING Direct, 0.10% from Bank of America, and 0.05% from Wells Fargo. Although this rate isn’t the highest available for checking accounts, it still manages to go beyond other large financial institutions.

Since the offer is good until November 30, there’s still time for you to decide whether or not to switch to Ever Bank’s checking. With a bonus of $60, and a promise of free debit card usage, would you consider switching?

4.488% Mortgage Rate From AimLoan This July!

We’ve just arrived at the start of July and it’s always interesting to see what a new month holds for mortgage rates. At the close of last month, our leading contender was Ever Bank with a low rate of 4.238% on a 30 year fixed mortgage. Now, Ever Bank’s rates have risen to nearly 3 points with a 4.500% rate on the same mortgage.

With Ever bank out of the lead, a new contender for low mortgages arises with 4.488% from Aimloan.com. Sure it’s still higher than last month’s 4.2, but nevertheless, it’s still the lowest we’ve got at this start of the month.

Aside from the 4.488% with the 30 year fixed mortgage, Aimloan provides a 3.250% rate on a 15 year fixed mortgage, and 2.250% rate for a 5/1 ARM. These rates do vary depending on the amount of loan you decide to take on. Finding out just how much (or how little) your rate will be is convenient since a rate calculator is available at their website.

Aimloan.com is an Internet direct lender using technology to provide lower rates and more convenient service to their customers. It’s system eliminates the mortgage broker and the loan officer, allowing consumers to save on costs. Plus, automatic underwriting services further decrease costs. Since it’s beginnings in the ripe year of 1998, Aimloan.com has since funded over $9 billion to about 33,000 customers. It is federal and state regulated and is licensed with Freddie Mac, Fannie Mae and 46 state licensing agencies.

Aimloan.com is available to almost anyone nationwide, serving a good 46 states with just a few clicks of the mouse. Service is unbelievably fast as it only takes 20 minutes to complete an online application, plus approval comes in just 60 seconds! Talk about speed.

Since Aimloan.com recognizes the need for quality service, customer service is dedicated in helping you get the loan that you need without the added hassles. With their competitive rates and ease of use, Aimloan can be every American’s answer to their dreams.

Ever Bank Rocks 2.5% in Long Term CD this June 2011

Certificates of deposit allow you to make more of your savings by putting it away for a fixed term, and for a fixed interest rate. Naturally, the longer you keep your money tied to the bank, the higher the interest they will give you. If you’ve got some extra cash which you know you won’t use for some time, why not place it in a long term certificate of deposit? After all, interest rates certainly beat that regular savings account.

One of our highest scorers in long term CD’s for the month of June is Ever Bank. Currently they are giving away their 5-year CD for a high interest rate of 2.5%. Coming close after is Melrose Credit Union at 2.42%, followed by Penfed at 2.25%, and finally Capital One Bank’s 1.75%. These rates apply for 5 year certificates of deposit. 5 years is the longest term that Ever Bank can accept for certificates of deposits. Other terms are 3 months, 6 months, 9 months, 1 year, 1.5 year, 2 year, 2.5 year, 3 year, and 4 year CD’s. Another good thing aside from the high interest rate is the fact that there is no account fee.

Ever Bank has been in business since 1961 and ever since then they have continuously shown growth in their company. It is one of the highest rated banks and it also boasts of a 5 star health rating. Ever Bank also shows consistent stability and expansion of assets, starting from 3 billion dollars in 2002, and increasing that to an astounding 12 billion dollars in the year 2010.

Ever Bank is a member of the FDIC, ensuring the safety of your deposits for up to $250,000.00 for each account category. Accounts protected by the FDIC include checking accounts, money market deposit accounts, certificates of deposits and savings accounts. You can even choose to increase your coverage by applying for enhanced FDIC Insurance Coverage that can go as high as $5,000,000.

Ever Bank also provides customer support and online banking services, making banking easier and more convenient for you. With the highest long term CD rates from Ever Bank, looks like people from the West Coast have something to celebrate. Ever bank is located in eight locations in Jacksonville, Florida.