Grab the NuVision Federal Credit Union’s $150 Checking Account Promotion

Checking account promotions are often provided by many financial institutions such as banks and credit unions because they know these will attract people’s attention. There are many people who will get interested with opening their own checking account especially when they know they will be able to get something extra from it. One of the institutions that is offering such is the NuVision Federal Credit Union. What’s their offer? You get an instant $150 bonus just by opening an account and complying with the simple requirements.

All About NuVision Federal Credit Union

NuVision Federal Credit Union is one of the leading credit institutions in Southern California. They have estimated assets of more than $1.2 billion. This credit union aims to provide convenience for it clients in terms of easier banking. They offer banking services whether on phone, mobile or electronic channels, and of course with their branches. Those who will be making transactions will just have to choose among these services in order for them to be able to do what they want to.

The $150 Checking Account Promotion

First Step:
For the first $50, the customer or client will just have to open a free checking account with a direct deposit of $200 dollars or more within the given period of the first 90 days. When the direct deposit is made, the $50 bonus is deposited in the member’s or client’s account. This bonus will be tied in to the account for 90 days until the other requirements are met.

Second Step:
The next $50 will be given when the checking account is active for a minimum of 90 days. For it to be active there should be 5 minimum signatures based on the transactions per month for the first three months consecutively.

Last $50: And the last $50, the member will have to set up bills payment online. The minimum online transaction is three online bills per month. And this should be done for the first three months after opening the checking account.

What else is better than getting free money? Simply by opening a checking account with NuVision, it’s as if you’re getting an instant $150.

Totally Free Checking Account From Banco Popular

Banco Popular has done the impossible, it has opened a free checking account with absolutely no monthly fees. And that’s not all, there are some pretty good features that would mean absolute savings for those who transact often. Here is what comes with Banco Popular’s Totally Free Checking Account:

* FREE Access to AllPoint ATMs nationwide. That’s 35,000 ATMs that won’t charge you
* Unlimited check writing for FREE
* No monthly service charge
* No direct deposit required
* No minimum balance required

The Totally Free checking account also allows you to enjoy online and telephone banking, automatic fund transfers, combined statements, images of paid checks and a MasterCard debit card. If all this sounds too good to be true, there just has to be some fine print. And indeed there is.

If the account has fewer than five transactions every month for three months, then the banks get the liberty to convert the account into a Flat Free Checking account. This will allow the banks to charge you with a monthly fee. These transactions can be made in bank or via electronic or online transactions. People who are used to online banking may be able to meet these requirements much easier.

If you find yourself comfortable with the 5 monthly transactions, then this checking account may be good deal for you. Every checking account opening with Banco Popular is also rewarded with $125 plus a free gift. To avail of these, this is what is required:

* Bring in your old debit card and unused checks from another institution and they will pay you $25
* Deposit $100 or more to the ACH account within 60 days of opening to receive the $50 bonus
* Another $50 cash payment will be received once the first bill is paid with the Bill Service within 60 days of account opening

It’s possible to get the Totally Free Checking and enjoy the benefits, plus you can also get an extra $125. But to do that, there is some form of effort required. So basically, it’s like Banco Popular is giving you a checking account in exchange for your efforts.