Grab the NuVision Federal Credit Union’s $150 Checking Account Promotion

Checking account promotions are often provided by many financial institutions such as banks and credit unions because they know these will attract people’s attention. There are many people who will get interested with opening their own checking account especially when they know they will be able to get something extra from it. One of the institutions that is offering such is the NuVision Federal Credit Union. What’s their offer? You get an instant $150 bonus just by opening an account and complying with the simple requirements.

All About NuVision Federal Credit Union

NuVision Federal Credit Union is one of the leading credit institutions in Southern California. They have estimated assets of more than $1.2 billion. This credit union aims to provide convenience for it clients in terms of easier banking. They offer banking services whether on phone, mobile or electronic channels, and of course with their branches. Those who will be making transactions will just have to choose among these services in order for them to be able to do what they want to.

The $150 Checking Account Promotion

First Step:
For the first $50, the customer or client will just have to open a free checking account with a direct deposit of $200 dollars or more within the given period of the first 90 days. When the direct deposit is made, the $50 bonus is deposited in the member’s or client’s account. This bonus will be tied in to the account for 90 days until the other requirements are met.

Second Step:
The next $50 will be given when the checking account is active for a minimum of 90 days. For it to be active there should be 5 minimum signatures based on the transactions per month for the first three months consecutively.

Last $50: And the last $50, the member will have to set up bills payment online. The minimum online transaction is three online bills per month. And this should be done for the first three months after opening the checking account.

What else is better than getting free money? Simply by opening a checking account with NuVision, it’s as if you’re getting an instant $150.

Horizon Bank Offers $150 Checking Account Bonus

Horizon Bank is currently offering a free $150 for customers who open a checking account with them. In order to get the bonus, consumers must complete the following tasks: open a new checking account, make a direct deposit, and complete 10 debit card purchases.

Horizon Bank has four checking accounts to choose from. They have Free Checking, Student Checking, 55+ Checking, and Prime Checking. Each account has slightly different features depending on what the consumer needs. They also have an account called Fresh Start Checking however, this type of checking account is not included in the promotion.

For all the accounts, no minimum balance is required. Plus, each account also has $0 monthly fees with the exception of Premium Checking which imposes an $8 fee if the balance falls below $2,500. The only advantage with the Prime Checking is that it offers interest to the account balance.

The best offer would probably be Free Checking unless you are above 55 years of age, then the 55+ Checking would be the most agreeable choice because of interest.

About Horizon Bank

Horizon Bank first started in 1873 and has stood the test of time. It survived the Great Depression up until the current recession, and is still maintaining its service until today. The bank belongs to the Money Pass ATM network that gives its consumers access to over 1000 surcharge free ATMs. The bank is also insured by the FDIC, having been a member since 1934. This gives consumers a guarantee for money up to $250,000 per account.

In order to open an account, a bank visit must be made in their branches at Indiana and Southwest Michigan. Indiana Branches can be found in the cities of Elkhart, Michigan City, South Bend and Valparaiso. Michigan branches are in Saint Joseph and Buffalo. The promotion first had a deadline of October 31, 2011, however the deadline of opening a new checking account has been extended up to November 19, 2011.