The most common long term certificates of deposit are 5 year CD’s, and often this term also gives out the highest CD rates available. Right now, one of the most competitive rates for 5 year CD’s come from Intervest National Bank. They are offering the 5 year term at a considerably high 2.00% APY. This is the highest nationally available among banks, and Intervest National Bank shares its seat only with First Internet Bank of Indiana.

Intervest National Bank CD Rates

6 months – .50%
1 year – .82%
18 months – 1.00%
2 years – 1.12%
30 months – 1.20%
3 years – 1.33%
4 years – 1.70%
5 years – 2.00%
6 years – 2.00%
7 years – 2.00%
8 years – 2.00%
9 years – 2.00%
10 years – 2.00%

As can be seen, Intervest National Bank also offers terms that are longer than 5 years, but at an interest rate the same as the 5 year term.

How Intervest National Bank Rates Compare

The current highest 6 month term is offered by OneWest Bank and Asencia of PBI Bank. Both banks give a rate of 0.85% APY. This is moderately higher than what Intervest is offering. Intervest National Bank also falls behind in the 1 year CD category since the Popular Bank and CIT are giving the 1 year CD at a rate of 1.15% APY. However, Intervest does lead in the long term rates with 2.00% APY for the 5 year CD which is again the highest nationally available among banks. Credit unions on the other hand are notorious for providing generally higher rates than banks, and currently Alliant Credit Union is giving the same term away for 2.20% APY.

About Intervest National Bank

The bank holds its headquarters in New York City but also has branches in Florida. Intervest National Bank is a subsidiary of Intervest Bancshares Corporation, which is a publicly listed company that is trading in NASDAQ. The bank offers the usual products and services, offering tools such as financial calculators to help calculate savings bond redemption, mortgages and rate of savings. The bank is also FDIC insured, insuring cash for a maximum of $250,000.

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