Earn More Than $600 with Perk Street’s Platinum Debit Master Card

Perk Street has always been known for giving out sassy promotions that allow their consumers to earn more with their accounts. This time around they have a checking account with a debit card that can give their customers potential earnings of up to $600 per year.

The Checking Account

First of all, you can get the Platinum Debit Master Card by signing up to Perk Street’s Checking Account. The account offers you the free debit card with many other features such as online banking and bills payment, free online money transfer from other bank accounts, free paper checks, 24/7 customer service and mobile alerts for transactions and balances. Also, there is no monthly fee to maintain and no overdraft fees. You also get to use over 42,000 ATMS located nationwide.

The Debit Card

Now that the checking account has already been discussed, how can you earn the $600? Basically the card offers a 2% cash back on every non-PIN purchase that you make. Meaning, you can earn money while shopping at your favorite stores and by purchasing things which you regularly do every month. Plus you can also get 5% cash back on rotating monthly categories at merchants. Points can the be redeemed for Master Card gift cards or any gift card from other leading retailers.

Some Fine Print

After the first 90 days, if your balance is above $5,000 for the start of the day, you can earn 2% in cash back for purchases. However, balances below $5,000 will only have a cash back of 1%. Starting current account balance is determined by the closing balance after all settled transactions on the previous business day. Instead of cash back perks, music and coffee perks are also available upon request.

Protection and Security

Perk Street Financial Debit MasterCard has a zero liability policy which ensures that you won’t be charged or held liable for any transaction that’s unauthorized. Online banking from Perk Street also uses a 128 bit encryption which is the banking standard. And of course, the online bank is FDIC insured, meaning every account you hold while be insured to the maximum of $250,000. Perk Street banking services are provided by The Bancorp Bank which is a publicly traded bank with over $2 billion in assets.

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