Today the highest 3 month CD rates are sitting around 1.22% APY, which is almost half of what they where back in January. Throughout this year and over the last few months the 3 month CD rates have taken a huge slide downward.

As for a national bank that offers the highest interest rates on CD, Imperial Capital Bank from Beverly Hills, California offers the 1.22% APY with a minimum deposit of $2,000. This CD can be opened from anyone nationwide, online and takes about 15 minutes for the application process. It is easy to open this account as all you need is standard personal information such as your social security number, your address, employment information and your bank information from where you will be depositing the funds from.

Excel National Bank has the second best rate available nationally at 1.20% APY. They also have a similar application process as with Imperial Capital Bank. Excel National Bank has a much higher minimum deposit of $10,000 and also has a number of business CDs with similar yields to their personal account. They are also located in Beverly Hills, California and are open to customer nationwide.

The third best CD rate we could find for a 3 month CD is 0.75% APY and is from Danvers Bank. This bank has been around since 1850 and they specialize in online banking. With online banks, most of their customers are scattered throughout the nation. Danvers Bank controls roughly $1.70 billion in assets. They used to hold the number one spot for the 3 month CD, but since have dropped. The minimum deposit required to open this 3 month CD is $500. Danvers Bank also offers an exceptional high interest checking account with is currently paying 4.01% APY.

Each of these institutions are federally insured by the FDIC. If you know of a better 3 month CD rate that we have not covered then please let us know as we are always trying to find the best rates available. Please keep in mind that CD rates are always changing, so you will want to refer to the date of this article for accuracy. You can always find the most up to date CD rates from our CD Rates page.

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